Maxiclimber Review 2018 – Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is the Maxi Climber?

In the last couple of years, we have probably witnessed the craziest fitness industry of all time. The demand for fitness equipment has shot up, and the industry has just gone insane trying to keep up with the ever-rising demand. This has led to the innovation of some of the most unimaginable equipment ever. It’s even becoming impossible keeping up, and one of the unique equipment right now is the vertical climbers. These are extraordinary machines, and we have to admit, we never thought any fitness goals could be achieved by them. It appears like a simple ladder-like machine but doesn’t let the looks deceive you. Our research into this equipment showed us just how beneficial and effective vertical climbers can be and there’s in fact, enough user reviews to testify this.


Maxiclimber is one of the best vertical climbers right now that can deliver a wide variety of fitness benefits from cardio workouts to muscle building.

Due to the massive gap in customer knowledge about vertical climbers, it’s only fair that we first give you an overview of what these machines are and how they work.

What are Vertical Climbers?

Have you ever gone to rock or mountain climbing? How intense was the experience? Rock climbing helps to work out various muscle of your body including the core, upper and lower body parts. This is why muscle aches and other similar issues are usually the immediate effects felt after a long day of rock climbing. Vertical Climbers are designed on a concept similar to this. They help you to work out all these body parts as you would when climbing up the rocks except now you are doing it right from your home. They burn just as many calories, and if you get yourself a decent machine like the Maxiclimber, you are likely to burn a lot more calories in a much shorter time than you would when rock climbing or track running.

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These machines have helped dozens of beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts. Using a climber like the Maxiclimber should have you enjoying:

  • Reduced Impact

Rock climbing and track running work out your body quite well but one of the most prominent limitations associated with them is the impact your joints have to sustain. Take running, for instance, even with the right pair of shoes it is still very possible for you to end up with problems such as Plantar Fasciitis and all this is due to the impact suffered. Vertical Climbers such as the Max Climber offer you the perfect opportunity to achieve faster results without harming your joints in the process. In fact, the workouts here will promote joint alignment, and improve mobility keeps you not just fit but highly flexible.

  • Works out all major muscle groups

Looking at the machine, it’s easy to assume that only the upper body part is likely to benefit from any workouts performed, but this is very wrong. The motions performed on this machine are designed in a manner that moving your upper body requires the support of the midsection and the lower part, and hence, in the end, the whole body is worked out. A perfect example is when you are trying to exercise the muscle of your legs, the core, and upper body parts will have to keep up with the lower section effortlessly. Your fitness goal could hence be more focused on any part of the body but using a machine like Maxi Climber, the entire body will be exercised resulting in a more wholesome result.

  • Burns Calories

Imagine for a second how much calories you could burn when working out on a machine that offers both muscle building and aerobic exercises! The result is usually immense, and it’s precisely what vertical climbers deliver. These machines work you against your own body’s resistance meaning your body is forced to work more intensely than it would on a treadmill or other equipment. Your cardio performance will receive a massive impact, and weight loss will be inevitable.

  • They are Home Gyms

As we are going to see, vertical climbers like the Maxiclimber are sleek and compact making them very home friendly. You won’t need to dedicate an entire room just for this equipment. The Maxiclimber can easily be used any time you want in almost any room and then swiftly tuck it away.

Another fantastic thing about these climbers is how they are so quiet. You could be going super hard on this machine 5 in the morning, and not a single soul will find out.

Maxiclimber Overview

The Maxiclimber is an affordable vertical climber focused on giving you the best and most fit version of your core, lower and upper body parts. It is arguably the best vertical climber on the market right now, and this is attributed to its exceptional features that deliver quick results. This machine is so effective that the manufacturer explains that 20 minutes of workout three times a week is more than enough to give you the benefits you are looking for. According to data released by the manufacturer, 60 minutes on the climber can burn up to 500 calories!

One of the reasons why we loved this climber and perhaps why it’s so popular is how it works your entire body. Exercising on this machine is like climbing up a wall or rocks where your upper, midsection and lower body parts are all working out as a group flexing all the muscles while burning as many calories as possible. Your heart will get pumped like never before giving you the best cardio results ever.

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What sets the Maxi Climber apart?

You are probably wondering why or how is this climber any different from other vertical climbers in the market. The Maxiclimber comes with advanced features that are fitted to ensure that almost anyone can use and benefit from it. Some of the best ones include:


Of all the climbers we’ve gone through the Maxiclimber is probably the sturdiest of them all. It is very well built with a firm and non-slip base that strongly anchors it on wood, tile or rug surfaces. This construction allows you to go full throttle on the machine without worrying about whether it’s going to sway or wobble. It’s also thanks to its solid nature that users weighing as much as 275 pounds can comfortably workout without crashing it.

Adjustable Height

Maxiclimber has five height settings to choose from. These settings will make sure that you are as comfortable on the climber as possible and have also helped in making sure that even the tallest of individuals can work out on it.

Ergonomic Design

Comfort is a useful aspect of any workout machine. No one wants to come out of an equipment with soreness and muscle aches because this can not only slow down your progress but can even go as far as destroying your motivation to workout. To this end, the manufacturer has made sure that the foot pedals and hand grips are well covered for comfortable grips and also to ensure that you are safe on the machine. The hand grips, for instance, are fitted with some non-stick cushioning to keep you comfortable and also prevent any slipping cases. The foot pedals are also well-finished for a firm grip and are also reasonably sized to fit different foot sizes comfortably.

Smart Workout Timer

The machine has a small counter that helps you to keep track of how far you’ve climbed, calories burned and the time spent on the machine. This is a useful feature that helps you to monitor your progress and keep your fitness goals on track.


When fully assembled the Maxiclimber is already more compact than most other climbers. The folding option makes it even smaller for convenient storage. It’s also lightweight making it easy to move from one room to another.

90% Pre-Assembled

The Maxiclimber comes 90% pre-assembled making it much easier for beginners (who probably don’t know much about fitness equipment) to get started. You won’t need any help or waste too much time finishing up the assembly. The only major thing you’ll have to do is to fit the support legs at the base, and this shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.


  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Foldable
  • Smart timer for tracking your progress
  • Affordable
  • Offers complete body workouts
  • Extremely quiet
  • Ergonomic design


  • The calories counter is slightly inaccurate because it doesn’t consider weight, gender or height of the user
  • Difficult to look at the console during training

Conclusion on the Maxiclimber

The Maxiclimber is a great choice for anyone looking for a full body workout without hurting their joints. Its design is the most thoughtful compared to other climbers because it doesn’t just give you the results you are looking for but does so in the fastest way possible while making sure that you are safe and free from any potential injuries. The Maxi Climber is a fantastic home fitness equipment that’ll be extremely useful, and the best part is you enjoy all its benefits without paying crazy amounts of money for it.

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