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Monster Muscle X Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this Testosterone Product

A short summary on Monster Muscle X

Testosterone is the star actor in the show known as men’s health and fitness. However, as celebrities are accustomed to, their time with us is fleeting. During puberty, more and more testosterone is produced in the teenage boy’s body and reaches peak levels during his twenties. The hormone then levels off, and as he attains thirty, they begin to drop gradually. Notably, they may reduce at the rate of 1% per year after thirty.

Enter testosterone and muscle boosters. The likes of Monster Muscle X are a new generation of dietary supplements intended to help men build muscle rapidly, especially if your testosterone levels are down. Some elixir of youth of some sort.

However, talk is cheap, and a horde of products in the supplement industry make claims to which they do not live up. As a result, we’ve compiled a comprehensive review regarding Monster Muscle X that will help you make an informed decision, whether or not it is the best product for your goals.



What is Monster Muscle X?

This product may best be classified as a bodybuilding supplement. This is because, despite its claim to boost testosterone, the manufacturer rarely promotes it as a testosterone booster, and even as you can tell from its name, it was intended to increase muscle growth.

This product is a dietary supplement for individuals who wish to bulk-up but r unable, owing to inadequacies and inconsistencies in their everyday diet.

Despite its muscle building and testosterone boosting potential, this product should not be mistaken for an anabolic or androgenic steroid. As you know, those compounds are illegal. Therefore, Monster Muscle X can be referred to as the legal substitute for such esters and steroids.

It is primarily targeted towards men, and while it is not a testosterone booster, it has a significant positive effect on libido. While it may not seem to pander to the female fitness enthusiasts, the product’s formula indicates no harm towards ladies.

Unfortunately, there is very scarce information regarding how this nutritional supplement was developed or even the manufacturer’s background. Regardless, it is currently listed for sale on its official website and also includes a free trial. Without much info on the manufacturer’s history, it is hard to determine whether there exist other products from the same company.

You will love to know that this product boasts an all-natural formula without any synthetics or steroids to increase the formula’s potency.

What Are the Benefits of Using Monster Muscle X?

The potent formula behind used in this nutritional supplement avails numerous benefits to men who want to get in shape.

Enhances Strength and Endurance

For starters, it increases their strength, stamina, and explosive power. Intensive workouts daily can lead to fatigue. Moreover, burning out is a common occurrence among powerlifters and people undergoing a rigorous bulking up or cutting cycle. This Supplement is intended to provide the additional energy required to propel the body further, to work out for longer and with increased intensity.

Promote Muscle Recovery

Each man has their endurance threshold. Exercising past that verge can prove daunting. What’s more, strenuous workouts inflict significant tear on the muscles, and during downtime, the recovery may be slower. Monster Muscle X helps the torn muscles to recover faster and also prevents you from burning out.

Contains 100% Natural Ingredients

The ingredients utilized in the product’s formula have high bioavailability, which means that they are assimilated into the body fast, and their action is almost immediate. Most of the ingredients used are natural or herbal extracts. While it has a positive effect on the free testosterone levels in the body, this dietary supplement has zero negative impacts on any hormone in the body. As a result, post cycle therapy is entirely unnecessary after using performance enhancer.

Boost Libido

Boosting libido can be termed as one of the side effects or an indirect consequence of using Monster. As the free testosterone levels impact energy and strength, so do they influence sex drive. The hassles of day to day activities combined with the declining testosterone levels may take a toll on a man’s libido. However, when taking this supplement, your sex drive will be as if you were 23. 

Promote Muscle Growth

This is perhaps the most significant benefit of this nutritional supplement, as you can even tell from the name. If you are trying to bulk up, this product has the potential to boost protein synthesis, which contributes to muscle growth.

Preserves Muscle Loss

This product is especially beneficial for those people who experience muscle wasting during a cutting phase. In a bid to get shredded, some people end up losing unnecessary muscle mass. However, this supplement can help you preserve your lean mass while you focus on your weight loss goals. When you start a weight loss program while using this supplement, you will realize that all your lean muscle mass will remain intact while all the body fat will be gone.

Monster Muscle X Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, all the ingredients contained in this formula are 100% natural, sustainably sourced, and backed by science. Here are the ingredients used to create the Monster formula.

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This is an essential amino acid that forms part for the three branch chain amino acids (BCAA). This amino acid plays a crucial role in bodybuilding because, according to a study published in the Journal of Physiology, it is by far the most anabolic (with muscle-building potential).

Like its BCAA counterparts, this substance is metabolized directly in the muscles as opposed to being broken down in the liver. While Leucine can be found in virtually any source of protein, taking Leucine separately or together with other amino acids can offer a wide range of muscle-building benefits to bodybuilders. This is because the leucine contained incomplete foods may take longer to become bioavailable as opposed to its already extracted counterpart.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine has been termed as the consensus most effective supplement for enhancing strength and muscle mass. As a result, it is crucial in the fitness and bodybuilding community. Studies have revealed that Creatine can double one’s performance and results in terms of strength and lean muscle gains as opposed to training without supplementation.

Creatine increases the body’s ability to store phosphocreatine, which helps to create new ATP during high-intensity workouts.

Moreover, it may help to prevent muscle breakdown, eventually leading to the preservation of muscle during exercise. Overall, it leads to increased muscle in the long run. It also signals muscle cells to develop new muscle proteins, hence growing muscle mass.


L-Valine is an essential amino acid. This means that it cannot be synthesized naturally in the body, and must be obtained through diet. The most prevalent use of valine in bodybuilding supplements is to promote muscle synthesis and maintain the muscle, given that it improves recovery and reduces fatigue and muscle soreness.

However, Valine can also help with stress management, muscle support, healthy growth, and supporting the immune system.


This is a vital sugar molecule in the body and is usually part of one’s DNA, particularly the part that contains all the information regarding all the proteins produced in the body. It also makes part of the ATP, the cell’s primary source of energy.

There are five renowned benefits of D-ribose:

  • Aid recovery of energy stored in the cells
  • Improve heart function in the sick
  • Alleviate symptoms of pain disorders
  • Boost exercise performance
  • Promote muscle function

Side Effects

Are there any side effects associated with Monster Muscle X? Frankly, there have been no reports of any side effects after using this nutritional supplement. However, there are several contraindications provided.

First, this product is not fit for anyone below 18 years.

Secondly, anyone under medication or with a pre-existing illness must consult their physician before taking this supplement.

Thirdly, breastfeeding mums, and pregnant women are not allowed to use this legal steroid.

There are no notable side effects for healthy adult males, although you may experience gastrointestinal discomfort during the first days of use before the body acclimatizes with the supplement.

Overall, one may experience different side effects given the distinctiveness of the human form. However, the impact may depend on the individual’s level of tolerance towards the ingredients.


How should you take Muscle Monster X? Well, it is recommended that you take two caplets of the dietary supplement consistently for the best results.

How much is a bottle of Monster Muscle X? One tub of this supplement costs $87. As always, the best place to purchase the product is on its official website. However, they offer a 14-day free trial, although you can avoid all this by buying directly from Amazon.


So, what is the bottom line regarding Monster Muscle X? Well, when it comes to benefits and safety, this supplement’s got it. However, its tad costly, which makes you wonder whether you can find a cheaper alternative. What’s more, none of the ingredients seem to have any testosterone boosting capacity.

Arguably, the product’s name states muscle, and if building muscle is what you want, this supplement has the right ingredients to do that for you. Anyway, what’s your stance? And how badly do you want to rock that incredibly muscular physique?

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