MRM Veggie Elite

MRM Veggie Elite Review 2018- Worth buying? (Updated July 2019)

What is MRM Veggie Elite?

When we are doing bodybuilding it is very important to take care of the protein intake in the body since while working out the muscles in our body tend to tear off, proteins have amino acid which helps in the repairing process of the body.  The more protein-rich diet we have the sooner we will be able to see the results.

There are many popular options when it comes to proteins supplements however most of them are for non-vegetarians.  There are very few options for people who are vegetarian or vegan.  While other protein supplements use egg protein, casein etc., MRM Veggie Elite Uses soy, plant-based proteins and hemp to make the protein supplement.  It is an excellent alternative for people who want to stay vegetarian.

MRM Veggie Elite
MRM Veggie Elite

The proteins used in making the MRM veggie Elite are sourced from different plants and are mentioned below

  1. Organic hemp protein powder
  2. Flaxseed powder
  3. Pea protein isolate
  4. Whole chia seed powder
  5. Organic brown rice concentrate

When putting together, these plant-based combinations give a unique and effective combination of Amino acid and other nutrients.

Additionally, this protein powder contains digestive enzymes which help to ace the digestion process of all these proteins and helps the users with bloating and gas.

Additionally, MRM Veggie Elite is a very good source of antioxidants.  The following ingredients in MRM Veggie elite make it score quite high.

  • Bilberries
  • Blueberries
  • Cherries
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • and others…

These ingredients make the supplement full of nutrients along with the power of protein powder.

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Mr. Veggie Elite  Key Facts

  • 100% Natural
  • Non-GMO
  • Price per serving: $1.30
  • 3000 ORAC Units per serving
  • 15 single-scoop servings
  • Chocolate mocha and vanilla bean flavors
  • Product weight: 23 ounces


Users get 25 grams of soy-free protein with each serving.  The supplement provides all the nine amino acids required to build muscles in the body.MRM Veggie Elite is vegetarian and vegan-friendly.  On the plants used to make this protein supplement are non-GMO.  The supplement is free of cholesterol, gluten, and allergens.

This product is highly unique since it contains Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9.  There aren’t many supplements that provide such a wide range of fatty acids.  Additionally, the supplement does not use any coloring, flavoring or sweeteners.  In fact, it is 100% natural. Despite the fact that MRM Veggie Elite is plant based it provides a strong muscle synthesis thanks to beta-alanine and arginine present in it. More MRM veggie Elite has the minimum carb content possible and its highly low-glycaemic supplement. MRM veggie elite is highly recommended for people suffering from high blood sugar levels and diabetes.

Benefits of MRM Veggie Elite

Following are some of the positive reviews from the users

  • Pleasant Taste — There are not many plant-based proteins that taste decent.

However, people who use MRM veggie elite fell the taste is pretty pleasing. The product comes in two flavors chocolate mocha and vanilla bean. It also contains soy milk, almond milk and coconut milk in it that helps to enhance the taste of the drink.

  • Mixes Well –– plant-based protein powder is a good option for those people who make their drinks in a blender. When the users using a blender to make the drink, it leaves very little grittiness or dryness.
  • Nice Balance of Nutrients —MRM veggie elite is highly recommended by its users because it doesn’t just serve the protein needs of the body, in fact, it also contains omega three fatty acids, Iron, arginine and beta alanine. Overall it takes care of many nutrients needed by an athlete on a daily basis to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Nicely-Priced — MRM Veggie Elite is competitively priced as compared to other protein supplements available in the market that is for the vegetarians. In fact, this the most inexpensive supplement around.

Disadvantages of MRM Veggie Elite

There are some drawbacks of MRM veggie Elite which are as follows.

  1. Disagreeable Aftertaste — it is common with protein powders to leave an irksome taste after finishing the drink. The same is the case with MRM Veggie Elite.  The taste of the drink is quite tolerable or even pleasant to some white having it but many users complain of an unpleasant taste after having finished the drink.
  2. Tastes Chalky — many people complain that the supplement is very chalky.  One has to use a blender to make it mix properly or else it leaves a gritty or sandy feeling. Some people also complained that if the mixture is not mixed right away that it leaves lumps which have to be taken out.
  3. Dreadful Taste —where some people enjoyed the taste of MRM Veggie Elite some others find it disgusting. A lot of people on Amazon have complained about the taste and have scored it the most disgusting drink ever.  They complain of a foul smell in the drink.

Other Options to Consider

Following are some of the other options that the users can try

Plant fusion Multi Source Protein

Just like MRM Veggie Elite, this drink is also 100% natural.  It is also plant-based and It also contains BCAAs and amino acids.  However, Plant fusion Multi Source Protein is priced higher than MRM Veggie Elite for the same quantity.  It needs to be noted that Plant fusion Multi Source Protein does not contain any of the omega fatty acids but users surely like the taste of it and call it the best-tasting plant-based protein powder. The users claim that it mixes really well with both a blender or with a blender bottle.

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Sun Warrior Blend Raw Vegan Protein Powder

This is another option for people who are vegetarian or vegan and who are looking for a good protein-rich supplement.  However, it is very expensive.  It is priced two times more than MRM Veggie Elite for the same quantity.  As per the reviews, this product is very easy to digest.  As compared to the other protein powders this product is totally raw. People who do not like processed protein powders can opt for Sun Warrior Blend Raw Vegan Protein Powder.  It contains no animal products and is 100% free of GMO.  It is packed with nutrients

Vega Sports Performance Protein

This is the most expensive protein-rich supplement of all.  It is a good option for those people who dislike the aftertaste of protein powders as the Mocha-flavoured of Vega Sports Performance Protein is very strong and leaves very little if at all taste of the protein powder after consuming.  It is filled with lots of nutrients.  It includes Glutamine and 5 grams of BCCAs.  It isn’t very good option for vegans and vegetarians.

Is MRM Veggie Elite a Worthy Supplement?

The only thing that is not to like about MRM Veggie Elite is its taste.  If you do not care much for the flavor either chocolate mocha or vanilla bean, then this is perfect for you.  As it’s not just from the nutrients it is also very nicely priced.

The fatty acids present in MRM Veggie Elite are very good for the brain health and additionally, it helps with inflammation that may be caused by the workouts.  Additionally, it is packed with proteins and is a wonderful option for vegetarians and vegans.


MRM Veggie Elite comes in three flavors, Chocolate, Vanilla, and cinnamon. Chocolate is the most admired flavor of the three soon followed by Vanilla. Cinnamon is the least favored option of the three. The protein powder made by MRM Veggie Elite not as sweet compared to the other Brands making the same kind of products.  However, it is said to have a better taste compared to many others like Sun warrior blend. MRM Veggie Elite tastes great when mixed with almond milk or coconut milk.The texture of the moment is considered average.  There are many Brands that offer protein powders with a very silky and smooth texture.  But same is not the case with MRM veggie elite.  It is complained as very chalky and grainy.  The taste is not all that bad but it does take some kind for the users to get used to it.


Despite the fact the MRM veggie elite is a Vegan diet, it is filled with proteins from brown rice, sacha inchi, and pea. Moreover, it’s packed with amino acids.

MRM Veggie Elite is highly appreciated by a lot of users because of many factors like no artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavors.  Moreover, the fact that its gluten-free, soy-free, allergen-free and non-GMO, supplement. It derives its sugar content from natural sources of mushrooms like trehalose, stevia and monk fruit and trehalose.

MRM Veggie Elite also has a digestive enzyme in it called Digest-All.  This enzyme is of great use as it helps the body in breaking down the food and makes it easier for the body to absorb more nutrients easily.  Many people complain of feeling bloated and gassy when they take a protein supplement, however, this is not the case with MRM veggie elite.  It, in fact, improves your digestion process.


The pricing of MRM Veggie Elite Performance Protein is such that it is very difficult for the competitors to compete with.To make an informed buying decision it is essential for the customers to take into consideration factors like the price of the product, the weight, the serving size and how many Grams of protein are there in one serving.

Customers reviews on MRM Veggie Elite

The product has got a very good rating in the reviews. MRM veggie elite gets a score of 9.6 over 10.

Some customers review that they have been using the products for more than a year now and are in love with it.  They say that this plant-based protein powder is the best-tasting powder ever.  It is very difficult to find a product that delivers this kind of quality at this kind of price.  It works wonders for people who have allergies.  The high amount of proteins is easily digested in my body.  I highly recommend it as quoted by stack dude.

“Jenny charts say- she absolutely loves this protein powder.  She says she had a high sensitivity to dairy products so every time she used any other protein powder she would have a bloated belly.  Her situation totally changed when she got introduced to MRM veggie elite.  She no more feels bloated.  She, in fact, uses the protein powder in baking and cooking and makes protein waffles and the taste really good.  She also likes to mix it with water.  It mixes very nicely and leaves a frothy texture which I like she says.”

“Roger Beckett says –I love this stuff.  This is a nice and clean protein powder with no controversial sweeteners and ingredients.  The price is pretty reasonable in you can handle it then it’s a good protein powder.  I highly recommend.”

“Jorge Serrano says it is the best veggie protein powder on the market for me so far.  The ingredients are simple and the enzymes are really nice and it is easy on my stomach.  I love the Mocha-flavoured and I enjoy it every day with water.  I use the vanilla flavor for my protein pancake as it is not very good to drink straight.  I’ve been using this product for more than a year and I feel like the quality is getting better.  The product mixes better with water.”

“Denial says I’m allergic to milk so I take it with water.  It is the most reasonably priced and best tasting plant-based protein powder I can find. I wish they made the powder in a bigger pack.  I highly recommend MRM the people looking for a plant-based proteins powder.”

“Nate says I’m fond of the vanilla bean.  By using MRM veggie elite I realized that even plant-based protein powders can get great results.  I highly recommend this product to people who want to keep a clean healthy diet while they’re trying to increase their muscle mass.”

Robert GS– I’m highly impressed by this product the chocolate mocha flavor is absolutely awesome.  I wish the product came in a bigger size.  I take a lot of it every day-one the morning after waking up and the other post work-out.  I’m glad to use this product as it leaves no feeling of discomfort.

“Eggert says –it is the best protein powder I have ever used.  I love the fact that there are many types of plant proteins in it.  It doesn’t taste chalky like many other protein powders.  I like to have the chocolate mocha flavor in the morning and vanilla flavor when I make an ice cream.”

“I’m using a protein powder for the first time and it tastes great.  I like to have it with water most of the times.  I also like it with the milk and cashews it gives it a thicker consistency.  I don’t make smoothies but I’m sure it will taste great, says Rachel.”

Should you buy it?

Here is a quick recap of the product

  • Taste: MRM veggie elite has a good taste.  It sure is sweet but not as sweet as a candy.  The powder can feel slightly chalky to taste and the texture feels somewhat grainy and sandy.
  • Sources: MRM veggie elite provides a good amino acid profile.
  • Cost: MRM veggie elite is not as attractively priced on its own website but if you go to the Amazon website the users can get a nice deal.
  • Overall it is a good idea to buy the product. It is highly recommended.

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