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Naturewise CLA 1250 Review 2018- Is it a scam? (Updated July 2019)

What is Naturewise CLA 1250?

Losing weight has always been a major challenge for most of us. Not everyone’s body is responsive enough to start shedding off the excess fat after a simple change in diet and inclusion of a workout regimen. For other people, fat can be extremely stubborn making it difficult for them to achieve their desired waistline. So, what’s the way forward for such people? For these people to lose the extra weight, they need to include a robust diet supplement that helps to enhance and fasten the weight loss process. With companies out there fully aware of the desperation and demand for such pills, they have produced hundreds of such supplements. You should know that not all of them give the benefits they claimed by their manufacturers. In fact, the effectiveness of the majority of the diet supplements out there is hugely debatable making it increasingly difficult for a buyer to make a decision. Naturewise CLA 1250 is an example of a weight loss dietary supplement but does it work?

Naturewise CLA 1250 is a supplement that promises to enhance your weight loss program while improving your wellbeing at the same time. According to the manufacturers, this product is formulated to help you shed off the extra stubborn pounds as it also develops your muscles. These pills are supposedly designed to promote your metabolism which will consequently result in faster burning of fats and an increase in energy levels. The supplement, therefore, claims that metabolism will be boosted focusing on breaking down fat in all the storage sites leading to a uniform weight loss outcome.

For optimal results, it is recommended that this supplement is taken alongside a regular workout plan and a healthy diet.

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Who makes Naturewise CLA 1250?

This dietary supplement is manufactured by a well-established nutritional company known as Naturewise. The facility is registered and based in the United States. Shopping supplements from a registered company is an essential thing, especially for safety purposes. Naturewise is a company committed to making quality products that promote not just weight loss but overall health too. Is Naturewise CLA 1250 one of such quality products?

Naturewise CLA 1250 Ingredients

When you take a look at the ingredient’s list of this product, you will notice that it has a very limited number of compounds used. This could be a good thing especially for people that are allergic to most compounds. Unfortunately, the shortlist has also missed out on some incredible and well-proven chemicals that we are used to seeing in other weight loss diet supplements.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

The primary ingredient of this pills is Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) supplied through safflower oil extracts. CLA makes up 80% of these soft gel capsules. CLA is a polyunsaturated fatty acid which naturally occurs in dairy products and beef. According to a 2017 meta-analysis research of this chemical, it was shown that adequate amounts of CLA provide outstanding weight management properties. Lots of other studies have supported these claims. The fatty acids can be ingested through a proper diet, but unfortunately, this never provides sufficient amounts of the fatty acids to make the sort of weight loss impact people seek. For this reason, it is recommended that CLA is supplemented through diet pills.

Benefits of CLA

There are sufficient studies to support CLA’s claim on its efficiency in promoting weight loss, and this is why the chemical is in many dietary supplements. The acid is thought to enhance biochemical reactions in the body improving basal metabolic rate. This decreases body fat and raises your energy levels which will be used when engaging in your workouts. Clinical trials done on both animals and humans have indeed proven that daily supplementation of CLA leads to fat reduction.

CLA has also been associated with an increase in muscle growth. As it helps your body to shed off the excess fat, the chemical will improve the development of your muscles which means that the fat to muscle ratio in the body is altered. It is for this reason that use of the chemical may not directly lead to a noticeable change in weight. Instead, Naturewise CLA 1250  claims that its users will witness a decrease in fat which is replaced with muscles. The users will hence be more built up, fit and healthier than they were before using the supplement.

Several studies show that CLA can also assist in the reduction of blood pressure, glucose levels, and insulin sensitivity. This is supported by studies done in 1994 by Kritchevsky and 2003 by Brown et al. The chemical is, therefore, said to be ideal in helping prevent cardiovascular and atherosclerosis diseases.

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CLA Problems

While the benefits of this chemical are widely supported, its biggest shortcoming, particularly in this supplement, is its dosages. The clinical trial did that proved its usefulness as a weight loss compound had used 3.2 grams daily. The other study that looked into its ability to reduce blood glucose and cholesterol levels had used daily dosages of 0.5 grams. Now, guess how much CLA is supplied in this supplement? It’s just 250mg. This, therefore, makes us question the chemical’s ability to achieve any of the discussed benefits above.

The other issue with the conjugated linoleic acid is about its side effects. Although they rarely occur, in some cases users of this acid complained of severe stomach upsets and nausea. These side effects are common in quite a significant number of weight loss supplements. They make it extremely difficult for people to use these products because after all, what’s the point of using a pill that will make you too sick to do your workouts and even your day job? Scientists, however, claim that these problems can be reduced if the supplement is consumed alongside a balanced diet.

The other minor ingredient used in this supplement is the Soft Gel.

Benefits of Naturewise CLA 1250

According to Naturewise, their “high potency” pill offers the following benefits:

  • Improves metabolism
  • Enhances muscle development
  • Blocks and burns fat
  • Boosts energy levels

Potential Side Effects of Naturewise CLA 1250

Naturewise CLA 1250 being a supplement made 80% of a single chemical increases the possibility of experiencing the adverse effects of that one ingredient. Some people are also discouraged from using this supplement. This includes people with diabetes, individuals with bleeding problems and people expecting a medical procedure. In the end, therefore, it is best if you avoid using the supplement unless you are allowed by a physician.

User Testimonials

As it stands, due to its low CLA dosages (which is the primary ingredient) we are not very convinced about this dietary supplement. The problem gets even worse when we take a look at the user reviews online. Negative reviews are just as many as the positive reviews, and this leaves at an awkward position, on the fence. Here are a few samples of what users are saying online:

“It’s making me more hungry than I was before. It does make you exercise regularly, which is nice….but I don’t see the hype at all.” By Sandra

“These pills are ridiculously huge, hasn’t helped me at all…I noticed nothing.” By Clare

“I started taking this slowly at the minimum consumption rate which was one pill three times a day. Half an hour after I took it I would start burping, and the taste was very distinct. My family would say it smelled like melted lipstick. So a week after and I started to take the maximum dose which was three pills, three times a day and I started getting horrible headaches and lightheaded. At first I thought it was just due to me not sleeping much those few days but eventually, I thought of just not taking the supplements for two days and noticed a difference and no more headaches. Then I continued to take them for two days and got those headaches again. The burping was just worst at this point. Maybe it worked for other consumers but not for me. Will not be purchasing it again.” By Axlrdgz

“This product is wonderful – other CLA supplements I’ve taken before I had to take six capsules a day for it to be effective. I’ve noticed myself leaning out on this product while only taking 2-3 capsules per day.” By Kari Scott

“Seems to be working out. Will get another bottle to confirm. Pills are huge and can be hard to swallow.” By Jo Jo

Taking NatureWise CLA 1250

There is not enough information regarding the amount of this supplement that one should use. Some people take one people in their initial stages and increase a pill or two as they continue using it.

Where Can I buy NatureWise CLA 1250?

The supplement is available on various online retailing platforms including Amazon and the Naturewise webpage. The retailing price of a one month supply is around $21.99.

Verdict on Naturewise CLA 1250?

To be honest, for a product to achieve fat loss while improving muscle growth is just brilliant. NatureWise CLA 1250 claims to be capable of doing this, but it is tough to believe they can achieve all this from CLA alone. It is always a great idea for a supplement to use only one ingredient because it significantly helps to reduce chances of adverse effects on people with sensitive bodies. Unfortunately, this means that the entire supplement relies on one thing and since NatureWise CLA 1250 has underdosed the recommended amount of CLA it becomes very hard for us to believe that it works. The last thing you want is to include a diet supplement to your weight loss regimen and still fail to notice any changes in body weight. This can be a moral and confidence killer. We will, therefore, recommend that you look for a more proven supplement whose effectiveness isn’t speculative.

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