Neuropeak Review 2018 – Does it work-? (Updated July 2019)

Introduction to Neuropeak

Neuropeak is marketed as a potent nootropic product manufactured by Zhou Nutrition. What is a Nootropic? Nootropics are products or supplements that are formulated to stimulate and improve the functioning of your brain. By enhancing your brain’s performance, these supplements help to reduce your anxiety and boost your concentration, clarity and overall memory. Brain performance is a very crucial part of our day to day lives. Unfortunately, as the years go by we age and this massively affects how our brains work. Memory loss becomes a rampant condition which not only affects one’s lifestyle but also poses dangers to their life. It’s interesting to know that memory loss, isn’t just a condition for the old. Cases of relatively young individuals suffering from this condition are common. Nootropic products including Neuropeak and many others are designed to solve such situations. So, how does Neuropeak perform and is it as powerful as claimed by Zhou Nutrition?

This Nootropic product is made of purely natural ingredients that the manufacturers claim are proven to be capable of boosting mental performance. This is a good thing because lack of synthetic compounds significantly reduces the chances of users to experience adverse effects.

According to Zhou Nutrition, this supplement works by boosting the health and functioning of your brain cells. Aging and other factors are known to cause a degenerative effect on one’s brain. This damages your brain cells making them incapable of functioning optimally. Neuropeak is believed to be formulated with ingredients that enable the smooth flow of blood into the brain. Enhanced blood flow means that your brain cells and neurons will be fed with oxygen and nutrients that promote their development and functioning. This makes sure that the cells are healthy and full of energy to meet your daily demands.

Zhou Nutrition goes further to explain that this supplement does more than just boosting mental focus and clarity. They claim that it has all the right ingredients to fight anxiety, stress and bad moods. If indeed this supplement can combat these problems then it could be ideal for depressed patients. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers will print anything on their product’s bottles just to maximize on sells.

Neuropeak claims to deliver all of these benefits by using the following compounds:

Neuropeak Ingredients

The first positive thing when you take a look at this supplement’s list of ingredients is they have provided dosages of compounds used. This rarely happens in the current supplement industry where every manufacturer seems to be hiding behind a proprietary blend to sell us ineffective products. By giving us details on how much of each ingredient is used it is possible for us to assess whether they are adequately supplied to elicit the associated positive effects (if there are any).

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These compounds include:

  • St. John’s Wort (250 mg)

St John’s Wort is an herb that has been used for years for various medicinal benefits. Some people claim that it is exceptional to people with various mental health issues. Studies conducted on the herb, however, show conflicting results. A few clinical trials have not only proven it to be incapable of providing any mental health benefits but also associated it with some severe side effects. The herb is believed to cause anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, etc. Some of these complications are so serious that some countries including France have banned its use in medical products. If you are living in France, therefore, it may become hard to possess Neuropeak due to the presence of this compound. For other people in countries where the mixture isn’t banned, it’s advisable that you just do your best to avoid it.

  • N Acetyl L Carnitine (50 mg)

This compound is thought to be useful in reducing dementia, but there aren’t any studies to conclusively confirm it. When manufacturers make supplements based on speculations, then the entire products becomes potentially useless, and this is very frustrating for us users. One ambiguous study which seemed to give promising signs on the use of this compound as a brain functioning booster used over 500mg in daily supplementation. In NeuroPeak, there is only 50mg! So, even if the study was to be relied upon, Neuropeak hasn’t supplied enough of it for you to witness any results.

  • Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate (DMAE – 50 mg)

DMAE is associated with elevated mood, heightened intelligence, and improved memory all of which makes it quite popular in memory supplements. A few clinical trials done on animals point out the possibility of the compound to provide these benefits, but they also warn against some severe side effects that it can cause. Scientist says that it is a potential teratogenic which refers to the ability of a compound to cause congenital disabilities. As such, it makes the ingredient very risky to use especially in women.

  • Phosphatidylserine (125 mg)

It is probably the best ingredient used in this supplement. Phosphatidylserine is one of those ingredients that you should be looking for every time you are shopping for a Nootropic supplement. Studies have proved its ability to promote cognition, attention, and memory when consumed sufficiently. It is an amino acid derivative compound essential for cognitive functions in the brain.

  • L-Glutamine (150 mg)

L.Gutamine is a strange addition to this Nootropic supplement. It is produced by the muscles where it is used to maintain healthy muscles as one loses fat. It could, therefore, be useful in weight loss supplements, but there is no evidence to show its efficacy as a Nootropic.

  • Vinpocetine (2 mg)

A decent addition that has undergone various clinical trials confirming its ability to enhance brain performance. The problem we have with its presence here is the dosage. Most studies show that you need at least 6 mg of vinpocetine daily yet Neuropeak provides just 2mg in each tablet. Low dosages mean that the ingredients cannot function as intended which makes its inclusion in the supplement pointless.

  • Gingko Biloba Extracts (50 mg)

This nutrient was believed to be useful for enhancing mental performance, but new studies proved otherwise. Its inclusion in the supplement could, therefore, have zero impact on your cognitive capabilities.

  • Bacopa Monnieri (100 mg)

One of the few excellent Nootropic ingredients used in this supplement. Bacopa Monnieri has undergone several clinical trials all of which have shown decent improvements in memory and cognitive performance. Additionally, the compound is known to be useful in reducing anxiety and foul mood. This ingredient works alongside your serotonergic system and dopamine improving the development of nerve endings which results in better mental functioning. The manufacturer should have added more of this compound in place of the other ineffective ingredients.

Claimed Benefits of Using Neuropeak

According to Zhou Nutrition, Neuropeak users will enjoy:

  • Healthier brain cells
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved mood
  • Enhanced clarity and focus
  • Better memory

Potential Side Effects of Using NeuroPeak

Compounds such as DMAE and St. John’s Wort are very harmful. You hence have to be careful when using the supplement, or you can consult your doctor before you start taking it. Potential side effects of using Neuropeak include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Congenital disabilities
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headaches
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User testimonials

Here are a few comments on what people who have already used this supplement said about its performance:

“Great nootropic! I was surprised to find how much it helps with my concentration and ability to stay on task and get work done.” By Julian P

“Hasn’t worked for me. I haven’t noticed any significant difference, and I’ve taken these daily. The first week twice a day, now once a day. I have one week supply left. Still not focused. I’m gonna try a new brand next.” By Paul Brannigan

“I stopped using this after a few weeks. It was giving me headaches and making me edgy at night. I took the pill in the morning with breakfast. I will be trying a different brand that hopefully doesn’t give me headaches.” By Rob

Taking Neuropeak

The recommended dosage is one tablet taken daily. Some users are allowed to take two pills per day served separately with a meal. At the given dosages, essential ingredients such as Vinpocetine won’t be adequately supplied yet if you increase more than two tablets you risk experiencing severe side effects.

Where can I buy Neuropeak?

Neuropeak is considered as one of the most affordable Nootropic supplements in the market. This can be attributed to the lack of sufficient dosages of the known useful nootropic ingredients used and also due to the addition of some irrelevant compounds such as L-Glutamine. The supplement is available on various online retail stores including Amazon with a bottle containing 30 capsules going for $22.

Verdict on Neuropeak

Neuropeak is an affordable Nootropic supplement, but it isn’t the best you can get in the market. If you are on a tight budget and feel like experimenting, then you could give it a shot. However, several aspects make us recommend that you try a few other supplements. In the entire formula, for instance, only two compounds Bacopa Monnieri and Phosphatidylserine are proven cognitive improving nutrients. Vinpocetine is an excellent addition, but its low dosages make it rather useless. The side effects are also too dangerous to ignore. With such concerns, don’t you think it could be advisable to try other better and safer supplements?


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