Noopept Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

 What is Noopept?

There is no question that life in the modern world requires brain power, yet many people are experiencing an overwhelming sense that they are not performing as well as they should. Workloads are greater, hours are longer, aspects of social interaction are becoming more complex. It follows that an enhanced ability to ignite the executive functions of the brain can equip people with more cognitive tools to tackle life well.

This is the primary reason behind the explosion of Noopept on the market. Nootropics are designed to specifically enhance higher brain functions like memory, problem-solving ability, creative thinking, and overall motivation and wellness. The United States nootropic supplement industry alone generates more than $1 billion annually. This means that an interest in supplements that do not enhance the body but power the brain is gaining interest.

One of the most prominently lauded nootropic supplements available worldwide is Noopept. This is the brand name for the synthetic molecule N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester. It is a prodrug of cycloprolylglycine. This means that Noopept is an active supplement that only needs an introduction into the body’s digestive system to produce a strong metabolic effect, and requires no accompanying enhancers to work. The fact that Noopept is a powerful prodrug explains it’s immense popularity.

In short, unlike protogenic mental enhancers of the past, it creates noticeable effects within a very short period of time. Most nootropic supplements are designed to work over time. Some must be used as a type of therapy over a period of weeks, or even months. This product is extremely powerful and proven to begin influencing brain function within minutes after ingestion. This is due to its composition as a peptide, which aromatizes immediately in the body. Hence Nootropic+peptide=Noopept.

What Company Produces Noopept?

This peptide was originally synthesized in Russia more than two decades ago. It was relatively misunderstood in regard to its true effects on cognition until Health Naturals, a subsidiary of Live Oak Nutrition, refined its form. This North Carolina company was founded in 2003. It specializes in helping the health and fitness community discover products that are affordable and devoid of misleading labeling. Noopept is just one innovative product that has helped this company become a leader in the young nootropic supplement market.

Many times, consumers will have questions regarding the use of products, a Noopept review, or payments. Health Naturals is extremely proud of its formulation and offers access to a great customer service department. It readily provides contact information to customers who are looking to get info about the best nootropics available, and want to secure a steady source of supplements.

Delivery System

Noopept is quite bitter to the taste, so it is taken through easily digested capsules or in liquid form. Once the capsules come into contact with digestive acids, the peptides react with enzymes and are immediately delivered to the bloodstream. Since an immense amount of blood is cycled through the system that provides the brain with nutrients, the brain is adequately stimulated by its presence.

The capsules are easy to swallow and can be taken along with other multivitamins and fitness supplements. They do not, however, require other supplements in order to work. This peptide is so powerful, it takes effect with the normal cycling of blood throughout the system, which in most people is only a few minutes. This is true of people with normal brain function and capacity, and for those people who have experienced some type of traumatic brain injury.

Once the best nootropics are transferred into the blood system, they are free to affect the function of the brain. Its specialized molecular composition allows it to pass effortlessly across the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB). Very little is truly known about how the BBB works, but it is proven that cognitive function relies heavily on these pathways. Both memory and higher thought processes are supported through the “firing” of glutamatergic receptors. This nootropic stimulant crosses the BBB immediately and enhances neurotransmitter efficiency. This interaction can be felt by people as soon as Noopept reaches the important areas of the brain.

Benefits of Taking Noopept

There are primary and secondary benefits to taking the best nootropics on a regular basis. The primary benefits obviously have to do with brain performance. The executive functions of the brain are intertwined with the regulatory functions. Executive functions include non-physical aspects like problem-solving, emotional, creative, and memory-based functions. Regulatory functions include the brain’s ability to control all glandular, organ, and nervous occurrences in the body.

The immediate executive benefit of this supplement is a feeling of renewed clarity. When the neurotransmitters in the brain are “opened up,” a person will notice an increased sense of awareness. Brain fog is cleared, and easier analytical views of surroundings happen. In some ways, taking this supplement is like having a “brain reset.” With continued use, people notice that their stress in analyzing the world around them is diminished. This is due to the brain working as it should.

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Secondary benefits mostly include body performance acceleration. Since the brain controls all aspects of the body, it naturally follows that better brain function equals better body function. For instance, bodybuilders often come to a point where they cannot focus in the gym. Whether it is due to stress, worry, or the inability to resolve both, not having focus sabotages workouts. With the inclusion of this peptide, bodybuilders can focus on their lifts, thereby increasing the ability of their lifts to produce muscle growth responses. Brain clarity and mental vividness also tend to provide confidence. Any athlete who approaches their workouts with greater confidence will achieve better physiological results.


Recommended Noopept Dosage

The makers of Noopept are explicit in their warning to consult with a physician before starting a regimen of this supplement. This is true for people who are unfamiliar with how the best nootropics can radically affect the brain and those who have had previous brain trauma. Noopept is extremely potent. Its formulation is not regulated by FDA testing but is safe for those who adhere to dosage recommendations.

In general, is taken in dosages ranging from 10-30mg. Doses are to be taken once each day for a maximum of 56 consecutive days. This is the optimal dosage for most adults possessing healthy brain chemistry. The half-life of this supplement is 30-60 min, which means in less than one hour, its effects can be perceived fully. In order to digest well, it should be taken with an ample amount of water, or with a supplemental meal replacement shake. Since its action in the body is intimately tied with amino acid and glutamine responses, combining it with other supplements is absolutely acceptable.

Other Noopept review supplements that are often combined with the best nootropics include,

  • Alpha GPC: accompanies acetylcholine as an important brain neurotransmitter and is responsible for the transfer of neurons in vital nervous system complexes.
  • Aniracetam: stimulates the specific AMPA receptors and other racetams actions in the brain.
  • CDP Choline: one of the best nootropics that convert to choline, cytidine, and uridine in the body, and is proven to be cognition-enhancing.
  • Centrophenoxine: nootropic that was specifically designed to treat Alzheimer’s patients, and to increase memory functions in healthy individuals.
  • Piracetam: mild nootropic that is considered to be the parent compound of most other modern brain function enhancement supplements.
  • Sulbutiamine: a synthetic derivative of vitamin B1 that passes through the Blood-Brain Barrier easily.

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Noopept Testimonials

“Stress, age, and life itself has gotten me down in the past few years. My workouts are great, but my focus has been off. The first time I tried Noopept I noticed a substantial difference in the way I approached my day.”

– Sean, 45

“I have a long history of fighting mental problems like depression and anxiety. While Noopept doesn’t take care of some of my deeper issues, it does help me tackle my problems with what seems like a full mental fuel tank. This type of powerful non-prescription supplement is rare.”

– Annelise, 32

“It’s hard to believe that a supplement this powerful isn’t under lock and key. I’m glad Health Naturals is around to provide the best nootropics because I can’t always afford to have prescriptions. It is evident that Noopept truly does help with the brain performing at its peak.”

– Mike, 35

“I don’t have Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, but I do worry about those times when I can’t seem to see my way through a confusing issue. It’s more than forgetting where I put my keys. Some days, I really feel lost when it comes to memory. I have taken Noopept for about a month. Each day now starts with what seems like a more youthful outlook and clarity that I haven’t had in years.”

– Eddie, 72

“I have a Spartan race coming up next month. There is no way I can complete 14k and 30 stations without an exceptionally high degree of mental focus. If I lose the ability to convince myself I can excel, I know the race is lost. So far, every grueling training session has been better than the last. I know it is from my religious daily use of Noopept.”

– Eric, 26

Are There Side Effects Produced by Noopept?

This peptide is proven to be extremely powerful and more potent than any similar compound. Not only do the effects create a more optimal environment for mental processes, but can accentuate mental states. This means it can create mild and moderate psychostimulatory effects. As the term suggests, all functions of the brain can be affected by its use. This includes physical and psychological functions.

Some people can experience side effects from taking the best nootropics that seem different or contributing to slightly adverse changes in their behavior. These changes can include excitability, which is obvious since this peptide increases mood levels and restores a sense of wellness. Other obvious things like restlessness, irritability, and agitation can occur but should be associated with a general restoration of nervous function.

In very rare cases, people taking this supplement will experience what seems to be heart palpitations, dizziness, and asthenia. These side effects are indications of health conditions that are present before taking this supplement. This product’s manufacturer is absolutely explicit in recommending that anyone with a pre-existing condition attain the permission of a supervising physician before beginning a supplementation regimen.

Some people will experience the onset of nausea and headaches while taking the best nootropics products. This is not unreasonable considering the powerful formulation is designed to affect the blood and electrical performance of the brain. Persistent headaches are often an indication that the Noopept dosage is too large. Adjusting doses from 30mg to 10mg often alleviates headaches.

Overall Noopept Review

It is absolutely clear that concrete science regarding brain health is new at best. Fitness and health supplement companies understand that mental health is determined by things like blood flow, neuro connectivity, and the presence of key compounds in the body. Without the ideal combination of nutrients and conditions for each person, the brain begins to diminish in its capacity for sharp thinking and controlling the body’s vital functions.

This is one of the only supplements available that uses proven science to address the reasons behind decreased brain function. This peptide doesn’t allow digestive functions to diminish potency. Its ingredients are absolutely metabolically fluid, and they are proven to provide an instantaneously noticeable change in the way the brain behaves.

The best nootropics like this supplement address the concerns of modern people who are looking for ways to combat decreases in perceptible mental performance. With minimal side effects and multiple applications for people with extraordinary brain trauma, this Noopept review identifies an extraordinary product. From people who are concerned about age-related mental conditions to bodybuilders needing ultimate focus for contest preparation, this supplement is a breakthrough in brain health supplementation. The formulation is affordable and can be used with other products. It is an easy addition to a supplementation schedule geared toward body and brain health.

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