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Omni Drops Review 2018– Benefits & Limitations (Updated July 2019)

About Omni Drops

Everyone at some point or the other, even if just for a fleeting moment, has fussed over their weight. More commonly, losing weight. Weight loss is tough, especially when you want to keep it off and stay on a healthy weight goal. Many diet plans and fitness plans out there are temporary fixes that get the journey going, but often dieters find themselves fluctuating and rarely happy with their body. The secret to keeping the weight off is not a big secret; it just means you need to pick a diet and lifestyle you feel comfortable committing to in the long run. It means you can’t go back to your previous eating habits, after all, that’s what started the problem. The weight loss industry is a giant that is saturated with diets, fitness plans, workout programs, weight management tracking tools, supplements and many other products that aim to help you lose weight “fast,” Omni Drops is one such product. Let’s take a closer look to see if it’s the real thing or a scam.

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omni drops

What is Omni Drops and how does it work?

Omni Drops is a supplement in the form of drops that have to be taken as a supplement and a part of the Omni Diet or more commonly known as the HCG Diet. Although we will be looking mostly at the product itself, it would be challenging to go into detail without talking about the Omni Diet that the drops are meant to compliment because the diet plan comes with the drops and they are very much intertwined.

Omni Drops are weight management drops that use certain natural ingredients to help users lose weight quickly. The drops must be used in tandem with the Omni Diet which allows the dieter to only consume 500 calories per day.

Omni drops claims to work by providing the body with a proprietary blend of essential nutrients that help with weight loss. The drops must be taken before each meal, and they also contain a hormone called HCG as the active complement to the Omni diet. HCG is said to help facilitate weight loss, and in combination with the diet that allows only 500 calories every 24 hours, is said to help initiate weight loss so that the dieter loses about one pound a day.

Who makes Omni Drops?

Omni drops is from Omnitrition, the company distributes through distributors and appears to have very little useful knowledge available on the website. The company was founded in 1989, so they have been around in the market for some time. The company is well known for selling nutritional supplements, most of which are aimed at weight management. While some trouble with former employees has tarnished the reputation of Omnitrition, it is still up and running today.

Ingredients in Omni Drops

The website didn’t carry any helpful information on the product. The only real information on the site is about the owners of the company and how they can go about becoming distributors for the product, which isn’t very useful for a consumer who is looking to research the product and its ingredients. Nevertheless, a little digging helped turn up the list of ingredients in Omni Drops –

  • Vitamin B12 – known for providing the body with extra energy and helping boost metabolism. Since this is a naturally occurring ingredient, it is safe to take. However, there is no proof that Vitamin B12 helps facilitate weight loss.
  • Magnesium – Another important nutrient for the body, and one of the most common deficiency. Magnesium helps control insulin and blood sugar levels. It can help reduce bloating and water retention but other than that there is no proof that this ingredient will facilitate weight loss. Like Vitamin B12, magnesium is also safe to take.
  • Phosphate – Another safe ingredient that while a good nutrient for the body to have, is not known to affect weight loss.
  • HCG – The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone claims to reset metabolism and help lost close to a pound of weight per day. The FDA however strongly recommends against using any product with this as an ingredient in most homeopathic HCG products are considered illegal, and the claims are unsupported by actual proof. HCG is a hormone produced by women during pregnancy and is said to help kick-start metabolism toward the end of the pregnancy to help the woman lose the excess weight. It is highly unlikely to work in the form of Omni Drops.

The ingredient list is short, but it does raise more doubts than it does lay them to rest.

More about the Omni Diet and what to expect

Most of this review talks about the restrictiveness of the diet. At 500 calories per day, many dieters reported feelings of hunger and hunger pangs. The problem with this is that when dieters are kept hungry, they are more likely to fall off the wagon and indulge in foods that make the problem worse.

The Omni Diet is a plan that works in 2 phases. Phase 1 is a loading phase where dieters eat a lot of nutritionally dense food and are even encouraged to eat high-fat foods. This is most likely to create stores of fat in the body that will burn as energy once you begin Phase 2. Phase one works for two days and then followed by eight days of 500 calories per day. This cycle repeats itself until the end of the diet.


There aren’t many benefits to taking Omni drops and following the Omni Diet, but one good thing is that there have been no reported side effects of taking Omni Drops.

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Another benefit, if you can call it that, is that the diet does work to lose weight, but it might not be a recommended way to do so, more on this below.

If you are looking for a simple, quick fix, then maybe this low-calorie diet plan and the Omni Drops might be an option for you.

Things to watch out for:

There are so many red flags that pop up with this product. The primary source, of course, being the diet itself. To some, 500 calories per day would be the same as starvation, although it is a diet GUARANTEED to work, there is no way this is a healthy way to lose weight. Yes, you will see quick results, but they will be at the cost of nutrition. The drops claim to have essential nutrients to help facilitate weight loss. However, when you look at the ingredients, you realize it is nowhere near enough to make up for the loss of nutrition from eating only 500 calories per day. Doctors say that a common side effect of eating a low-calorie diet for prolonged periods could cause gallstones.

Many lab tests have shown that the HCG hormone that is so central to this diet and the drops have no effect on the weight loss. The weight loss comes from starvation alone. You can be sure, that as soon as you decide it’s time to get off this diet (After all, how long can you starve yourself for?) and go back to eating the right amount of calories for your body, you’ll notice you’ll balloon right back up.

Additionally, their website is incredibly frustrating to visit. Outdated, their website offers little information about the product or what goes into it. This lack of transparency makes the company come across as slightly sketchy. Adding to the sketchy is the fact that HCG as an ingredient is considered illegal in any over the counter medication or supplements and it isn’t supported by the FDA.

Knowing all this, it seems obvious that the drops alone are unlikely to do anything, they seem more like a supplement to help cover up nutrients that you might miss out on, and even then those nutrients are not enough. The only way Omni Drops is likely to work is if it is taken while following the Omni Diet.

If you think Omni drops are still the right choice for you, there is one more discouraging factor – price. For 120 ml, Omni Drops is priced at around $90, which makes it pretty pricey for what it is, but it does come with the Omni Diet plan, so maybe it is worth it.

Final Say

While it is difficult to recommend a product that doesn’t seem to have much proof of good, healthy results, it is hard to deny that the highly restrictive diet will provide weight loss. It is important to be careful when following such diets as the lack of nutrition in a 500 calorie diet is likely to cause health problems. If you have your heart set on trying the HCG diet, there are other supplements with proven ingredients to help facilitate weight loss. After all, you want to lose weight, not health.

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