Oxaloacetate Review 2018-Top 5 Health Benefits (Updated July 2019)

What is Oxaloacetate?

Oxaloacetate is a salt/ ester of oxaloacetic acid. This crystalline organic compound is usually formed by replacement of hydrogen in an acid by a metal or a radical which acts like a metal. Oxaloacetate is a conjugate base for Oxaloacetic acid and is metabolic medium in a lot of processes in animals. You can find it taking part in a lot of cycles such as urea cycle, glyoxylate cycle, citric acid cycle along with gluconeogenesis, amino acid synthesis, fatty acid synthesis, etc.

C4H4O5 is the formula for Oxaloacetic acid and has a molar mass of 132.07 g/mol and C4H2O5^-2 for Oxaloacetate & molecular acid 130.055 g/mol.


A Few Chemical and Physical Properties:

  • Molecular Weight: 055 g/mol
  • Complexity: 147
  • Formal Charge: -2
  • Hydrogen Bond Donor Count: 0
  • Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count: 5
  • Rotatable Bond Count: 1
  • Heavy Atom Count: 9
  • Isotope Atom Count: 0
  • Covalently-Bonded Unit Count: 1
  • Defined Atom Stereocenter Count: 0
  • Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count: 0
  • Defined Bond Stereocenter Count: 0
  • Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count: 0


Oxaloacetate Health Benefits

  • It can reverse and also prevent the brain damage which is caused by the exposure to pesticides

Organophosphates are present in pesticides which are responsible for causing high glutamine levels in one’s brain. Furthermore, high glutamine levels in one’s brain may lead to severe brain damage. But Oxaloacetate helps in reducing the levels of glutamine in your brain and hence reduces the damage too. A study showed that it can also prevent & reverse neural damage caused by organophosphates in one’s brain.

  • It can help you to protect your brain from any traumatic Brain injury

After a traumatic brain injury, one’s glutamine levels may rise up further leading to cell death in a lot of brain cells. But after a study, it was proven that rise in the levels of Oxaloacetate can help in reducing the levels of glutamine leading to decreased cell deaths after a traumatic brain injury.

  • It can help you in reducing the neurodegenerative effects due to strokes

According to a study conducted on rats using Oxaloacetate, it showed that Oxaloacetate helps in reducing glutamine levels in the brain which eventually permits cells to survive and also get recovered after a stroke.

Due to decreasing amounts of mitochondria in one’s brain, Alzheimer, Parkinson, etc types of diseases can be caused.  According to a study conducted for Oxaloacetate effects, it showed that Oxaloacetate also helps in encouragement of making new mitochondria in one’s brain which can help in the prevention of these types of diseases.

  • It can also help you in the reduction of aging

Organelle and cellular dysfunction caused by Methylglyoxal can lead to being one of the main causes of the aging of your skin. According to a study for Oxaloacetate done with worms revealed that Oxaloacetate can help in decreasing the levels of Methylglyoxal and hence reduces aging effects along with it.

It can also help in reducing aging by protecting the mitochondrial enzymes from the oxidative damage which is also responsible for aging.

  • It may help you to increase your life efficiency

Oxaloacetate works similar to a caloric diet. Furthermore, according to the same study on worms revealed that supplements containing Oxaloacetate help in increasing lifespan.

  • It may help you in the treatment of brain cancer

Oxaloacetate is good to be used as a complementary treatment which can be used along with the chemotherapy. High glutamine levels can increase the brain cancer growth along with decreasing patient prognosis.

According to a study, Oxaloacetate showed that it can help in reducing levels of glutamine in one’s brain and hence can also decrease the growth of the brain tumor.

The life expectancy of the subjects used for the study was also prolonged.

  • It may help you with cancer too

For growing pancreatic cancer cells, glutamine is an essential element. As the studies reveal that reduction of levels of glutamine can help in stopping the growth of various forms of cancer.

Furthermore, you must be familiar with how Oxaloacetate can help in reducing levels of glutamine along with decreases growth rate of cancer cells. Hence it makes both chemotherapy and radiation treatment more efficient and effective.

  • It may help you in reducing your blood glucose levels

A study conducted on humans using Oxaloacetate revealed that Oxaloacetate can help in reducing blood glucose levels in both diabetic and healthy study subjects. The study also showed that Oxaloacetate can also help in improving insulin resistance. Therefore, this may help in reducing the risk of type II Diabetes.

  • It may help you in increasing the regulation of blood glucose levels

The blood glucose levels can be different and vary from every individual and can also affect their productivity levels on a daily basis.

Furthermore, a study on effects of Oxaloacetate revealed that Oxaloacetate can help in reducing the variation in the levels of glucose & eventually help in maintaining productivity.

  • It may also help in reduction of risk of heart diseases

According to the study conducted for Oxaloacetate, it showed that it can help in reducing the heart disease risks by reducing the intake of calories. Furthermore, this process of reducing calorie intake is done by increasing the NDA+ levels that are responsible for the production of protein and eventually reduces the heart disease risks.

  • It may also help in reducing the risk of kidney diseases

As you already know that it can help in increasing the NDA+ levels which are responsible for the protein production, similarly this can also help you by reducing the risk of kidney diseases.

  • Low levels of it in the early months of an infant can cause death

If the level of Oxaloacetate is low in infants during their early months then it can lead to the failing f nervous system which eventually will be responsible for their death.

  • It may help you in increasing energy levels

According to a study done on rats using Oxaloacetate, it revealed that Oxaloacetate may help you in improving levels of energy in your body. Furthermore, the energy levels are increased by activating the mitochondria to increase the production of energy. Hence, using Oxaloacetate can be really helpful for elderly peoples who do have low energy levels.

  • It may also help in increasing endurance levels

Studies show that Oxaloacetate can help in regulation of blood glucose levels along with can help in increasing your energy levels too by activating the mitochondria to produce more energy. Therefore, it was also revealed that it can also help in increasing your endurance levels.

  • It can help you in reducing the effects of diet rebound

If you think that after dieting you can easily lose fat then you are wrong. As when you do dieting, then after a little while your metabolism levels in your body changes which can lead to increased weight.

Furthermore, Oxaloacetate can help you in reducing the effects of this diet rebound as it can reduce the ability of your body to store fat.


In some food, you can easily find Oxaloacetate. But the levels of Oxaloacetate which can be found in foods can be too low and hence can’t make any difference. Furthermore, you may require at least doses of 100 mg per day for the effectiveness of the supplement towards heart diseases, kidney diseases, endurance, aging, lifespan, etc. In addition, you may have to take immediate large doses of 1000 mg for effectiveness towards brain trauma, brain cancer, and various types of cancer during their treatments

Side effects

 Even after so much research and study on animals using Oxaloacetate, no side effects were found. Though there can be a few side effects depending on the people who consume it and their body. It doesn’t have FDA compliance yet.

Top 3 Oxaloacetate Products & Supplements


You can find this name anywhere on the internet when you look for Oxaloacetate. This is because it is considered as an original supplier of Oxaloacetate.

It is sold by the name “beneGene Oxaloacetate supplement” and can be found on Amazon easily. The manufacturer of this product is Terra Biological LLC and this company has a goal to supply neurological protection basing upon glucose supporting supplements.All their products are available on their website after a strict quality control and check procedure to make sure that the products are safe along with being effective.

You can trust their products as the customer service is their priority & their always increasing standards make this brand stand out from other companies and brands for a nutritional supplement. There’s a pack of 30 capsules beneGene product available which can provide 100 mg of Oxaloacetate along with Vitamin C in 150 mg. Furthermore, this quantity is formulated to act like the caloric content of a fasting diet and doesn’t reduce the intake of calorie. Well, fasting showed that it can benefit the neurological health along with overall well being.

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The product works by allowing your body to have a more efficient metabolic process along with allows the cells in one’s body to reach their optimum functionality. Hence, it provides more Oxaloacetate in one’s body in addition to the already occurring levels in the body and eventually results in increased levels of energy for the rest of the day ahead.

Oxaloacetate is involved in various functions of the body which includes synthesis of amino acids such, utilization of citric acid, the process of metabolism, synthesis of fatty acids along with the urea cycle in one’s body. This product works specifically to build up Oxaloacetate in the body over with time. Though the burst of energy is not immediate and nor the effects can be seen in a short period but definitely with a long-term usage, one can see that there’s better efficiency of Oxaloacetate in the body which leads in promoting longer and healthier life ahead.

Specifications of beneGene

  • Considerable dosage is 100 mg which comes with Vitamin C of 150 mg
  • Has a month’s supply (30 capsules for 30 days)
  • It needs to be taken every day at the same time along with food


  • Coated capsules which are easy to swallow
  • The dosage is enough for promoting better neurological & metabolic functions
  • No negative side effects are yet reported regarding the product or dosage
  • The product intake can be stopped whenever you prefer as it is not habit forming
  • No artificial colors are used and no unwanted fillers are added during the production of the product

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Life Extension Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQ

The aim of the company of this product, Life Extension is to supply products which are pure, effective and is of high quality. Furthermore, the raw materials used are of high quality and are processed without the use of artificial ingredients or chemicals or unwanted fillers.

Every capsule has Oxaloacetate of various Vitamins, Minerals and amino acids which help in a lot of different metabolism processes of the body. Therefore, the aim of the product is to boost your metabolism which leads to weight loss and increased energy levels.

Specifications of Life Extension Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQQ:

  • Low dosage which provides enough for effectiveness
  • The dosage has no side effects
  • Every dosage will provide 100 mg of Vitamin B6,!00 mg of Carnosine, 230 mg of Calcium Carbonate, 25 mg of Sodium, 150 mg of R-Lipoic Acid, 675 mg of Argino Carn Acetyl-L-Carnitine arginate dihydrochloride, and finally 10 mg of BioPQQ Pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt.
  • Each bottle has 120 capsules
  • The dosage recommended is 4 capsules at a time
  • The supply is of one month ( 120/4 = 30)


  • Some ingredients is specifically formatted and are only available through Life Extension
  • The product is designed to help people who want to lose weight, increase their energy levels & their alertness and promotes health as well as well-being.
  • The product comprises no alcohol, artificial ingredients or colors, no additives and no high fructose corn syrup.
  • It contains natural anti-inflammatory which can help in the anti-aging process of the body.

Bulletproof Keto Prime High-Performance Brain Food

This product is formulated to provide energy at a cellular level and also shows effectiveness in a short period of time. It is made with a lot of beneficial ingredients which help in absorption to help your body receive at least 90% from the supplement you consume. It is easy to consume as well as to carry it around on the go.

Furthermore, the product works by reducing the build-up of glutamine in your body which results in prevention of excessive brain fog. You can check the product reviews by the consumers and the explanations too, they say the product is both effective and impressive and is created using high-quality ingredients.

Specifications of Bulletproof Keto Prime High-Performance Brain Food:

  • The product comes with a monthly supply
  • It can be consumed at any time of the day
  • It can be taken with or without any food
  • The supplement has to be melted slowly for a duration of 10 minutes which makes it chewable and you can easily swallow it.
  • If you feel tired or weak then you can consume this product at that time
  • It not only improves your energy levels and provide energy but also improves your ability to focus the energy for a better result.
  • The product is also used by athletes in order to get a boost of energy levels during their performance.


  • This product doesn’t form any habit
  • The product also comprises Vitamin C which helps in absorption
  • If you follow a Keto Diet along with this product then you can increase the effectiveness.





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