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P6 Extreme Review 2019 -Benefits & Side Effects

What is P6 Extreme?

P6 Extreme is a testosterone booster manufactured by Cellucor. If you are a fan of bodybuilding supplements, then Cellucor must be a familiar company to you. They are specialized in producing a wide variety of supplements including pre, post and intra workout products. Their supplements have for the most part been quite successful helping to make gym sessions not just more natural and productive but also fun. P6 Extreme is one of their testosterone boosters made for people who are tired of the problems associated with low T-levels. Is this product added to the line of successful supplements though?

p6 extreme

P6 Extreme is a naturally made supplement formulated to work in conjunction with your body chemicals towards ensuring that testosterone levels are at their peak. When introduced into your body, these organic ingredients try to accelerate production of testosterone while simultaneously decreasing your estrogen. If the product can successfully achieve doing this, then your body is likely to enjoy enormous benefits such as an increase in energy, more muscle growth, endurance, and enhanced libido.

According to Cellucor, the product is also blended to boost your cognitive performance. Efficient mental functioning is crucial for any athlete. You see, the big, healthy and attractive muscles are not just as a result of excessive gym work and a useful supplement. Mental focus plays a vital role in the generation of such muscles. For you to reap the benefits in the quickest time possible, you need to have your body and mind in tune with one another. This ensures that you are always motivated to do your workouts stress-free. Enhanced cognitive functions will also contribute to better productivity and faster results.  If indeed P6 Extreme can deliver this then it’ll be beneficial for its users.

The p6 line of supplements, including P6 Extreme, do not contain any steroids or active hormones. It is hence purely natural, and this has been vital in making the supplements safe and usable to most people.

Cellucor market the P6 Extreme supplement as a 3-in-1 formula that works to improve your testosterone levels and muscle growth on three fronts:

  1. Boosting your natural testosterone levels – according to its manufacturers, the natural compounds added in this supplement help to stimulate your pituitary gland into promoting the production of natural testosterone. This will increase their levels, and as a result, you will experience changes such as better metabolism, enhanced sex drive, increased strength and stamina and better development of lean muscles.
  2. Preventing formation of estrogen – estrogen levels have been a challenge to most testosterone steroids and oral supplements. An increase in testosterone stimulates chemicals in the body to convert it into estrogen. If this is not stopped, therefore, all the testosterone, you are bulking up could end up being turned into estrogen. P6 Extreme is believed to have used organic elements that will inhibit this conversion. Too much estrogen in the system is known to cause an increase in fat deposits in the body. This is what causes enlarged breasts in men. Man breasts are common among bodybuilder who uses potent testosterone supplements that are not designed to deal with the sudden increase of T-levels.
  3. Decrease DHT in the body – Too much DHT has some crazy effects like baldness, oily skin, acne, etc. People hate this and P6 Extreme has tried to solve the problem but looking at the ingredients used we don’t think that has worked out well.

P6 Extreme Ingredients

Coming to the P6 Extreme ingredients lists you will see something that is a trend in most supplements. A proprietary blend. These are used by many bodybuilding products and they are quite unpopular. With such a blend the manufacturers don’t give you any information about what dosages of each ingredient are used. They can also decide to change some of the ingredients and continue selling the supplement under the same name. This is why a lot of athletes usually decide to stay away from such products. Some of the compounds in P6 Extreme formula include;

  • Diindolylmethane

Also referred to as DIM, is known to be capable of preventing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Several studies have shown that the compound is capable of doing so and it’s, therefore, a great addition in the P6 Extreme formula. It, however, only works if there is too much testosterone in the body but if the supplement isn’t powerful enough to cause huge T-levels then it is possibly useless.

  • Fenugreek Seed extracts

This could be the best t-boosting compound available in P6 Extreme. Research has shown that Fenugreek extracts can influence your body to secrete more testosterone. Furthermore, some claim that it can also increase your sexual desires and performance. The herb is very common in testosterone supplements mostly because there are studies to support its claims. Every supplement user feels a lot safer and confident using products whose contents are backed by research. Its addition to the proprietary blend, however, raises eyebrows. Unless there is enough of the extract in the supplement there is no way you are going to enjoy its benefits. Lack of information about how much is contained here could hence mean that there is too little of it to make an impact and thus ultimately it’ll be useless.

  • Nettle Root Extracts

Extracts from this stinging herb are another known t-booster whose benefits are supported by research. Unfortunately, it is also included in the proprietary blend.

  • Tribulus Alatus

The herb belongs in the same family as Tribulus Terrestris. The latter is more common in testosterone supplements than Tribulus Alatus. Tribulus Alatus is also the only compound whose dosage we are told and its 250mg. The herb is thought to be useful in boosting the production of testosterone in the body. Most clinical trials done on this herb do however show that you are going to need dosages much higher than the 250mg in this supplement for you to enjoy its benefits. Another problem with this herb is that it is not well researched. Most supplements prefer Tribulus Terrestris because there are more studies backing up its claims than Tribulus Alatus yet P6 Extreme manufacturers opted to use the latter.

  • Ashwagandha

It’s a common herb that was traditionally used to treat libido. Cellucor has added the compound in this supplement claiming it can enhance your physical energy, sperm count and sex drive. There is very little evidence linking this herb with an increase in testosterone though.

Other ingredients added in P6 Extreme include Saw palmetto, Arginine Silicate stabilized by Inositol, Agaricus Bisporus Extracts, Ovine Placenta, Bayberry Bark Extract, and Salvia Sclarea Extract. These are some weird additions, to be honest. Most of them are not common in the t-boosters arena because very little is known about them and have few studies to support their efficacy. Unresearched compounds are also quite dangerous because you even don’t understand how it can harm your body. They are, therefore, experimental and this reduces the chances of the supplement to deliver results.

Benefits of using P6 Extreme

The manufacturers of this supplement are confident that the formula used will deliver the following benefits:

This list is long, and I’m sure Cellucor could have continued to add even more items to it. In the end, however, the only way to estimate the benefits of using a particular supplement is to look at the ingredients used. By looking at the compounds in the formula, I can cancel off almost half of the benefits claimed here. This supplement has a considerable number of experimental ingredients which when checked against the listed benefits huge discrepancies show up. In the ingredients list, for instance, no used compound has been proven to be capable of providing anti-aging benefits yet this is listed as a benefit. Also, only a few used elements can impact on your T-levels, and they are also used in the proprietary blend which means that they might not be as effective as the manufacturers make you think.

Potential side effects of using P6 Extreme

P6 Extreme has been working quite well with minimal side effects. From online reviews several adverse effects were mentioned including:

  • Abnormal irritation and aggressiveness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Sweating
  • Dryness of the mouth

Taking P6 Extreme

This supplement is only used once per day preferably in the morning or before lunch. It works best when on an empty stomach, and hence you should plan to use it before any meal. Each serving of the supplement should include four capsules. Don’t take more than four pills within 24 hours.

Where can I buy P6 Extreme?

P6 Extreme can be purchased from GNC, the official manufacturer’s site and in many other supplement stores online. The supplement is usually retailed in 120 tablets which is a 30-day supply. This goes for $119.99, but other discounted outlets can sell the supplement for $89.99. It is considered as one of the costly testosterone supplements out there.


Most online reviews seem to show that P6 Extreme is an average or below average supplement. The reason for such a performance is due to the use of experimental compounds and the lack of proven testosterone boosters. Cellucor may have developed exceptional bodybuilding supplements in the past, but unfortunately, P6 Extreme doesn’t look to be one of them. It is probably one of the few t-boosters where you have no idea about what the majority of the ingredients used are, the dosages used and how they are dosed. Another problem is its price. Frankly, the ingredients used do not in any way justify the over $100 price tag. For $100 you can honestly get a way better t-booster.

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