Penomet Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

Penomet review

Penomet is a specially designed pump for enlarging penis size. The designers of the device have worked together with professionals, consumers and men from every background to enhance the traditional method of penis pumping. Unlike other penis enlargement pumps, Penomet works on water. The device is revolutionary and better than any other product available on the market. It uses water to enhance the pressure slowly, which is safer than any other traditional method of penis enlargement. Penomet consists of two parts and penomet gaiters that are interchangeable. This allows the user to slowly increase the width and length of his penis and compare the results.

Earlier, penis enlargement techniques and devices were dangerous and uncomfortable. Penomet may take time to increase the length of your penis but it is much more safe and comfortable. The user selects the appropriate Penomet gaiter size depending on the comfort. Unlike other methods of penis enlargement like pills and traditional pumps which takes a lot of time to get visible results, Penomet works within 15 minutes. The designers ensure customers that they can increase the size of their penis by 30% or at least three inches by using this product. Earlier to get this kind of result, one had to go through extreme methods like surgeries and steroids. The device allows customers to see the results in 15 minutes without any discomfort usually associated with traditional pumps available previously. Penomet has been successful in enhancing the sex lives of men along with their general outlook on life. It is a revolutionary product which leaves their customers feeling more confident, stronger bigger and better in the bedroom, without leaving the penis oddly shaped or swollen.

Working principle of Penomet

Penomet gradually increases the girth and length of your penis by utilizing the hydroyac system which makes the process comfortable and safe. Unlike traditional penis enlarging pumps, Penomet uses water to distribute compression equally in all areas resulting in uniform enlargement. Traditional pumps are not effective in distributing even compression and so fails to enhance the penis completely. The equal distribution of pressure and volume gives better results. Penomet uses water pressure system to provide stable compression. A traditional dick pump will expand and compress air in each pump.

Usually, the air is mostly distributed ununiformly causing few areas to remain the same and others expand. A traditional pump only increases certain portions of the penis which depends on the amount of air pressure, and where it all ends up at. This method is not controllable and doesn’t allow the user to increase the size of the penis evenly. However, Penomet’s specially designed structure increases the penis length equally. The Penomet consists of a non-return valve at the back of the cylinder. As the user stops the compression of the apparatus, the air gets caught in the non-return valve, sent via any one of the gaiters. The gaiters along with the non-return valve allow the pressure to be expanded evenly and the penis gets evenly enlarged. Thanks to its interchangeable gaiters and unique design, the device works faster, safer and better than any other dick pump available in today’s market.

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Proper way of using Penomet

Penomet is very easy to use and men who have never used a device like this before can still understand it very easily. The official website of Penomet describes direction and it also comes with an instruction. There are many videos available on the internet that you can watch and learn how to use the device in a better way. The main idea behind the concept of Penomet is to allow men to achieve the best results with minimal time and effort. The correct way of using the device is

1. Select your Penomet gaiter 

It is recommended that you begin with the lowest gaiter setting. There are generally the sixty gaiters that come in the color purple. If this doesn’t work, try moving up to the next gaiter setting.

2. Fix to Cylinder

Take your selected gaiter and fit it to with the primary cylinder of the device. This will be inside the penomet pump which does all the expansion and compression.

3. Apply the Penomet

Set the cylinder of the device over your penis. Always ensure that your penis is in completely. Then slowly pump it to make sure that it is properly sealed and fixed properly. Use this apparatus anywhere, but it recommended that you use it in bath or shower.

4. Pump

Once the apparatus has been attached properly, it’s time to do the pumping. Pump Penomet every couple of minutes with small intervals in between for relaxation. Do this for a duration of 15 minutes to 20 minutes every day to obtain the best results.

5. Remove

To remove Penomet and see the change, push the valve located at the back of the cylindrical tube and then take it off.

6. Increase

To increase the size of your penis as you gradually get used to the device, increase the size of the gaiter.


Penomet is a great and effective device which can be used on its own. However, if you want to get the maximum results, supplement it with an exercise routine that coordinates with the device. These exercises were developed to get the maximum benefit out of the device and to enhance the length of the penis by up to eighty percent. The routine is very easy to follow and slowly increases the gaiter size. Along with the primary exercise routine, the Penomet comes with a DVD which consists of various exercises which one cpracticeise to achieve the best results. However, It is very important to note that the regime works, but if you feel any discomfort or pain stop using Penomet and decrease the gaiter size or even stop using the apparatus altogether. Try the eight weeks exercise program along with Penomet to effectively increase the length of your penis.

Advantages of Penomet

  • Traditional dick pumps

The more traditional penis enlarging pumps usually take a lot of time to give the same results. They are uncomfortable and are not as effective as Penomet. Traditional dick pumps, if used in an improper way, can cause long term harm to the penis which may be irreversible.

  • Extenders

Penis extenders give the user extra length. However, they usually do not enhance the overall penis size and don’t generally add any sensation to the portion of the penis on which the apparatus is being used. The Penomet not only increases the girth but also the length and helps in creating more sensation in the penis.

  • Pills

Most people are usually hesitant about ingesting anything or putting something into the body without knowing all the effects and side effects. Pills have the potential to cause long term internal damages and usually doesn’t work the way they should. The users of Penomet can be assured that there is nothing which is going inside their body and that they can stop the use of this device at any time they like.

  • Surgeries

Going for surgeries can be a life threatening and drastic measure for a problem like penis enlargement. Most men who are thinking to go for a penis enlargement surgery, may not actually need the it since it causes long term effects and damage, which includes infection in the penis. The Penomet increases the girth and length of your penis to sizes which can be achieved by surgeries, with much less risk and side effects.

  • Jelqing

This practice has been used by generations and allows men to enhance the size by simply by pulling the penis or stroking it. This method in reality doesn’t work since if it did work, almost nobody would have had any problem with the size of their penis. If you are thinking about jelqing, its better you go for it as it is a device that has proven results and does not involve just masturbating like jelqing.

  • Certificates

The designers of Penomet are also the users of the device and have done every possible thing to ensure the item is certified and tested to be at par with the guidelines set by the concerned agencies. The organisation continues to follow strict measures to create this device and promises that Penomet will always be certified as the device is upgraded and made more efficient. It is certified by the renowned CE marketing. It is the only penis enlargement pump which has got a certificate from this agency. The certification states that the Penomet meets the conditions of the legislation of EU.

The device is also certified by SGS Certifications as RoHS Class 1 Product in this particular category. This certificate complies with the guidelines related to silicone which is placed by the EU legislation and the United States of America. This agency also certifies this product as free from toxic polycarbonate.

It is certified even by ISO Certifications which ensures that the commodity is completely safe, reliable and is made from high-quality materials. This certificate ensures that customers are getting a safety device which is made from top class materials by specially trained experts. The device has the certificate under ISO 13485:2003 which states that this complies with the standards of medical tools and equipment which are used in nursing homes and hospitals.

Awards bagged by Penomet

There are very few dick pumps products which are dull and typical to the user or have won any awards. In the industry of male enhancement, it is very difficult to stand out and Penomet has managed this by thinking beyond traditional penis pumping methods. It has bagged 2 distinct awards because of its functionality, customer satisfaction, and design. There aren’t many penis enhancement product companies who have bagged not just 1, but 2 awards coming up the most unique and innovative penomet hydro pump in the market.

On 18th October 2012 is received the award for being the most efficient male enhancement of the year, from Venus Awards which was held in Berlin, Germany at Goya at Nollendorfoplatz. This was a huge accomplishment and a huge award since it is not easy to stand out among thousands of penis enlargement products which are there in the market. It is one of the first devices of its kinds to bag the famous and prestigious award and still hold the status of being the best male penis enhancement product.

In the year 2013, they won the award for the best male penis enhancement device in Sign Awards. Here, consumers and experts look at various male penis enhancement devices to select the best one. Aspects like the ease of operation, effectiveness, and safety factored in determining the best and Penomet scored the maximum points in all the aspects. There were various devices nominated for the award which produced similar outcomes and functioned the same way. But the company was successful in standing out from the general crowd and bagging the award.


Penomet is not the very expensive product. Moreover, the company offers exclusive discounts to make the product more affordable. You won’t find any other device of the similar type which is cheaper than this one. The discounts offered are deep and once you get used to the product, you will realize that it is worth every penny.


There are many men out there who are not satisfied with the length of their penis. If you are one of them, it is high time that you do something about the girth and length of your penis. There are millions other whose spouse or girlfriend is not more or less happy with the size of their penis. Whether it is large, average or small, this device can give you the results which you always wanted. After all, you need to perform like a star on the bed. Don’t continue suffering from low confidence and self-esteem because of your penis size and take some action. The company promises you that you can see the results after using the unique product and at the same time follow exercises which were designed for the same purpose. It couldn’t get any simpler and easier to change your penis size which you always thought that would never get any bigger or better. Don’t go for pointless pills, extenders, risky surgeries or painful pumps, that are not effective and may cause side effects Get Penomet today only and see what it’s like to have a long penis and better sex life.

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