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Where to find a personal trainer in Atlanta

The complete guide to Personal Trainers in Atlanta

We all know that candy-binge season starts just before Halloween and then we all enter into a holiday mood, which pretty much always leaves us with a few extra pounds. Afterward, we end up realizing that the summer season is knocking on our door and we start panicking about how we’re going to get rid of this extra weight. Sounds familiar? We bet it does.

The fact that we all know how this goes doesn’t mean that it is supposed to play out like that. If we add some changes to our daily life, we’re going to break this awful cycle and learn how to live in moderation. “Moderation” is the keyword here. That’s right, good news, guys! We’re not suggesting you never eat a cookie again. Quite the opposite, though. You can enjoy the occasional cookie, provided you add some exercise time into your busy schedule.

As the most populous city in Georgia, Atlanta is a pretty crowded place. Daily life in a big city can get stressful. And another great enemy to your health and your weight is that same stress. Don’t jump to conclusions and start packing. We’re not saying you need to move. We’re saying that you need to have some “me time” where you will focus on nourishing both your body and your soul.

Looking good makes us feel good, right? Therefore, today we’re going to go over why it is a good idea to hire a personal trainer and start sweating. Besides having a professional by your side to keep track of your progress and help you work out without getting injured, there’s a long list of reasons why it’s better to work out with a personal trainer.


What kind of personal trainer are you looking for?

To some, this may come as news, but there are several types of personal trainers for you to choose from. Depending on their training style and technique, you can decide which one will suit you best. Today, we’re going to cover the most popular types of coaches, such as a boot camp coach, a yoga instructor, a functional trainer and a CrossFit coach. As a result, you will be able to see which type of training you find the most suitable and beneficial for yourself.

Boot camp coach

Going to the same gym over and over again sounds like a bore to some people. If you can relate to that, we’ve got a real treat for you. Boot camp personal trainers will focus on making your sessions versatile and fun. They do that not just by playing with different equipment but also by playing around with different outdoor settings in which you’ll be having training sessions.

Enjoying nature is something we just don’t seem to have the time to do anymore. That’s why some boot camp coaches like to take their clients to the park or down to the river. Some people just don’t like the monotonous aspect of working out in the same environment every time. That’s why by switching the place of the workout session, people tend to develop a habit of working out easily, as they enjoy the dynamics of it.

Yoga instructor

We all know the hazards of living a stressful life. Sometimes, there is just no way to avoid stress. We stress about our jobs, families, friends and there’s no time for us to relax and loosen up. Well, we think that there’s no time to do that, but it actually comes down to our decision to make time for ourselves. Squeezing in a 60-minute session twice a week shouldn’t sound impossible to anyone.

If you find yourself being stressed out and looking for a way to relax, we recommend hiring a yoga instructor. There’s no better person to help you with healing your body and mind at the same time than a personal yoga trainer. Luckily, Atlanta is packed with highly-experienced yoga instructors.

Not only will you learn how to wind down and deal with stress, but you’ll also improve your posture, lower your blood pressure and more! Yoga is known to bring numerous benefits to one’s health. So there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be doing it!


Functional trainer

Moving on to another kind of a personal trainer that you can easily find in Atlanta. We’re talking about a functional trainer. Essentially, a functional trainer focuses on helping you master body movements that mimic the movements you do on a daily basis. These sessions are perfect for those who have suffered some kind of an injury and are looking to take it easy and rehabilitate. In these sessions, you will be using basic equipment, such as suspension bands, resistance bands and free weights.

CrossFit coach

Finally, for those looking for a more intensive workout, we recommend trying CrossFit. CrossFit has become extremely popular recently and CrossFit gyms seem to be popping out of nowhere in Atlanta. The reason this keeps happening is the fact that their technique actually works. CrossFit is a combination of a HIIT, heavy lifting, calisthenics, plyometrics, powerlifting and more! So if you’re on the lookout for a workout program that will have your heart racing and sweat dripping all around, then hiring a CrossFit coach is a way to go.

Are you looking for a mobile trainer or a one at the gym?

Assuming you now know what kind of a personal trainer is the right choice for you, the next step is to figure out whether you want to go to them or make them come to you. Some people can’t stand the gym setting and others just don’t have that much time on their hands. If that sounds like something you can relate to, we’d recommend hiring a mobile trainer. A mobile personal trainer will show up, guide you through the workout and leave. That way, you’ll save a great amount of time and you can enjoy the comfort of your own home.

That’s another option you should take into consideration before making a decision.

Statistics on how many personal trainers work in Atlanta

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there are around 25,000 personal trainers working in Atlanta, Georgia. So there’s absolutely no excuse for you to say that you can’t find one!

Alright, we’ve covered different types of trainers and have shown you the statistics. So the only thing left for us to do is give you an idea on how much this is going to cost.

What’s the average cost of a personal trainer in Atlanta?

The cost of a personal trainer varies depending on numerous factors. Starting with how experienced your trainer is, how many sessions you would like to have on a monthly basis, etc. For instance, if you’re looking for a trainer with more than 8 years in the business, you’ll most likely pay around $80 per session. In case you want someone with less experience, you can pay half that price.

Also, make sure you inform yourself about buying sessions in bulk. It is always cheaper to pay for a monthly package than an individual training session. Finally, there are some trainers that offer a free tryout session, so we recommend you keep that in mind as well.


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