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The Guide to Find a personal trainer in Huntington Beach

Personal trainers in Huntington Beach


Have you been training to lose those last few extra pounds relentlessly? Is it starting to sound like a mission impossible? If so, stay tuned. We have a very useful article ahead of you!


Physical activity is an absolute must, especially once we’re done with our racing teenage metabolism. Some might be thinking that a 10-minute walk to work or some intense house cleaning should suffice. Well, we have some bad news — In order to lose weight and keep yourself toned and healthy, you need to be doing much more than walking. We’re talking about dedicating an hour of your precious time, two or three times a week, to yourself.


Being fit is a goal of a number of people around the globe, but we must say that living in Huntington Beach kind of puts pressure on you, right? This place is known for its world-class surfing beaches where all the bodies seem to be looking awesome. Well, that just means that you need to step up your fitness game. And you can do that by hiring a personal trainer.


Having someone by your side while you workout is beneficial for a number of reasons. First off, you won’t have to prepare your workouts and experiment in order to find out what would work for you. Instead, you just leave that to a professional. In addition to that, with a personal trainer, you can rest assured that you won’t injure yourself.


We’ve done a little research on personal trainers in Huntington Beach and we want to share our findings with you. As a result, we hope you’ll take some of our advice and show up to one of those awesome beaches showing off that new body of yours!


What kind of a personal trainer are you looking for?


We’re all different and that’s why some people prefer going for a speed run, while others like to lift heavy weights. Before hiring the first personal trainer you stumble upon, we recommend you think about what would be the perfect training style for you. This depends not only on what you would enjoy but on what your body needs too. Luckily, there are numerous personal trainer types for you to choose from. Some of them will make you sweat like crazy and bring out the beast that’s hiding inside of you. Others, on the other hand, will make sure to calm you down and let you escape the stressful daily life during their sessions.


Today, we’re going to cover some of the most popular coaching styles, in order for you to realize which one could be the best one for you.


Weight loss coach

The first type of personal trainer that we want to mention is a weight loss coach. A weight loss coach will focus on creating a workout program that is based on a heavy lifting and an intensive cardio combo. That means that some of your sessions will most likely comprise of running, boxing and HIIT. In addition to that, other sessions will serve for you to build your strength while working with heavy weights. That being said, you probably already know that these workouts will be really intensive. But that shouldn’t be discouraging. Quite the opposite, it should motivate you even more.


Pilates coach

If the first choice on our list doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea, we recommend you consider hiring a pilates coach. Pilates workouts take it down a notch. They are somewhat intensive and will certainly make you sweat heavily. However, there will be no heavy weights. Essentially, a pilates personal trainer will tailor the workouts according to your fitness level and help you advance fast. You will be using basic workout equipment, such as resistance bands and very light weights. The key here is to help you learn how to perform full-body workouts and improve core strength, balance, flexibility and posture. What more can you ask for?!


Strength trainer

Another type of trainer that deserves to be on this list is a strength coach. There are people who just can’t stand cardio. There are people that can’t make themselves go for a 5-minute run. If you can relate to that, we’ve got great news for you — You don’t have to do it! Simple as that! What you can do, instead, is hire a strength coach. A strength coach will help you build a strong body. One thing’s for sure, more muscle leads to a higher calorie burn in a steady state. So even when you aren’t doing anything, you’ll be keeping those extra pounds off!


Yoga instructor


Living close to the beach is one of the life perks that everybody wishes for. Huntington Beach is a place where you can enjoy the scenic views, romantic sunsets and the smell of the ocean. You should take advantage of that peaceful scenery and start practicing yoga at the beach! There’s no better way to get a break from the obnoxious daily routine. A yoga instructor will guide you through slow movements of stretching out your body, which will lead to an improved flexibility and posture. Most importantly, working with a yoga coach will leave you with a long list of benefits for both your body and mind. There are numerous studies that have shown how doing yoga can lead to a better mental health. So what are you waiting for?!


Are you looking for a mobile trainer or a one at the gym?

There’s one more thing for you to consider before hiring a personal trainer. You can choose whether you want to go to the gym and work with your coach, or you’d prefer staying in the comfort of your home. Some people feel far more comfortable working out at their own place, while others find packed gyms to be even motivating. Think about it and see what kind of a workout setting would be more suitable for you.


Statistics on how many personal trainers work in Huntington Beach

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), California is a Mecca for those who are into fitness. Therefore, it’s not surprising at all that the place is flooded with personal trainers. As far as the Huntington Beach is concerned, the statistical data states that, in the area of Santa Ana, there are around 8,200 personal trainers. There’s no doubt that you can find one of them to help you out with your fitness goals.


What’s the average cost of a personal trainer in Huntington Beach?

Alright, we’ve arrived at the last thing we need to share with you and that is the amount of money you’ll have to spend on a personal trainer in Huntington Beach. The cost may vary depending on the experience of the coach and your needs too. For instance, if you want a mobile coach, you’ll probably spend more than those that stick to going to the gym. Anyway, you should be prepared to pay approximately $30 to $60 per session. For example, if you take sessions in bulk and pay for a monthly workout program, you’ll spend around $350 to $600.


So now that we have you equipped with all this information, there’s no more excuse for not working out! Get up, hire a personal trainer of your choice and go show off your new body at the nearest beach!


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