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Where to find a personal trainer in Tampa

The complete guide to Personal trainers in Tampa

Working out and staying in shape brings more benefits than just looking great in the mirror or on the beach — they are fundamental to your health! According to medical research, a regular workout helps prevent a wide range of negative consequences to your well-being, from high blood pressure to diabetes and even depression and anxiety.

Unfortunately, most people do not work out at all. The reasons are many, but the main one is simply — laziness. Combating it alone rarely brings results. Luckily, the industry of health & fitness is very developed, and one of its parts is a great weapon for this fight — a personal trainer!

A certified personal trainer will help in combating the lack of motivation as well as provide you with a tailormade set of exercises, which will have very good results if upheld. Also, be cautious when choosing a personal trainer. Inform yourself, and watch out that the one you choose is certified because the only thing worse than not working out is having a wrong training routine!

The good news for those living in Tampa is that there are hundreds of personal trainers to be found. The yellow pages of Tampa alone have more than 450 contacts for you. An additional precaution is to know or to find out what kind of exercise is the best for you.

The choice of exercise and of the personal trainer depends on several factors, such as:

  • Your main goal — weight loss, more stamina, stress relief, recovery from injuries or a health condition, etc.
  • Your present physical condition — no workout is suitable for everyone.
  • Your daily/weekly routine — to have the time for a regular pace.
  • Your financial resources — to cover the costs of such a service.


What kind of personal trainer are you interested in?

The choice of the personal trainer depends on the workout you are seeking. The offer ranges from martial arts, yoga, strength building, combined training and mixed workout (e.g. swimming and weightlifting) to functional training and so-called boot camp routines.

As mentioned, be cautious when making your choice! Inform yourself at least on the following:

  • Is the personal trainer licensed?
  • Are there available reviews and comments from other users?
  • What is the price?
  • Is the service available only at the gym or can it be outdoors or even at your home?


Before you decide, here are some short explanations on different types of workouts and the personal trainers assisting with them:


●     Gaining strength while losing weight

To clarify at the start — it is not bodybuilding. It is a combined routine which takes around 90 minutes and includes three parts:

  • Warmup and stretching (to avoid injuries and have the highest benefit)
  • Strength training — it starts with the exercise where one’s body is the weight handled (sit-ups, pull-ups, squats, etc.) and, as your condition improves, exercises with weights for different groups of muscles (bench-press, dumbbells, deadlift and similar)
  • Cardio exercise (treadmill, bicycle, stair master, etc.) and, at the end of the session, stretching again.


●     Functional training

This is the ideal choice if you are not looking to change your BMI or to build muscle and lose weight. A personal trainer in this field will concentrate on your overall condition and help you reach the level of being fit for the daily routine. A famous routine here is the “Pilates” workout, developed for recovery after injuries and/or sickness. Main features are:

  • Movements of your own body (achieved with rather simple things like stretching, walking, rotating and repetition of usual limb functions)
  • It is ideal as a start since it’s not complicated and does not require any advanced level of fitness.
  • It can be done virtually anywhere since there is no need for weights and/or exercise machines.


●     Life balance / Yoga exercise

This is actually a sort of “meditation in movement”. Yoga especially, but also Tai Chi and other routines from the Far East, are a combined exercise of both body and mind. As it is the case with almost all training options, Tampa has a large number of excellent personal trainers. The main features improving your physique here are:

  • More flexibility and endurance
  • Better balance and posture
  • A calm mind and relief from everyday stress


●     Boot camp workout

Not for beginners! Caution is advised since such trainings demand that you are already in good shape since they are rather intense. They are not long, mostly about an hour, but consist of a variety of demanding sessions. On the other hand, they are great for those who get easily bored with repetitive routines. Especially here, the personal trainer has to be cautious in order to avoid injuries or harmful effects. The focus here is on:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Training of the whole body


Where to work out?

This depends on your daily schedule and free time, as well as on your preference. Almost all workout facilities offer in-house personal trainers, but there are also, as said, many offers for doing it at your home or outdoors. The decision depends on you, but try to also include the motivation factor, since sometimes the time and the effort invested to go to the workout are providing more motivation and a higher sense of self-esteem.


Fortunately, whatever you choose, Tampa can offer you all you need for it.


Helpful statistics

The number of personal trainers in the U.S. reached 600.000 in 2017, with a revenue of 9B USD. The trend was supported by growing awareness on the health benefits, combined with a rise of cases of obesity and the praised self-image by media and fashion. Regardless of the cause, the development is positive and will, hopefully, improve the health of the population.


Personal trainers are no longer available only to rich clients. The health and fitness industry has developed very much in the last decades, so now, such services are more common and more affordable. The fact that there is also a licensing procedure in place helps you find the right personal trainer, keeps you safe from an inadequate workout and provides a higher quality of service.


To make the choice easier, here are a few links where you can get information on personal trainers and facilities in Tampa:


Last but not last — the price


As with all other services, many factors influence the price — the venue, the part of town, the qualifications of the trainer, etc. In general, there are offers ranging from 20$ per hour, up to more than 200$. The average is 50$ to 70$.


So start as soon as possible, choose carefully, endure! Remember that deciding to train is not a decision you only make once, but one you have to make again before each workout session.

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