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How to Find a Personal Trainer in Washington, D.C.

The Best personal trainers in Washington

When it comes to our bodies, we need to take exercise seriously if we want to achieve fantastic results. Thus, when trying to find a personal trainer in Washington, D.C, we need the right information so as to reach the right decision.

Nevertheless, things can get a bit complicated if we don’t know where to look or what kind of exercise would suit us the most. But that’s why we’ve done our homework. We’ve found out some interesting facts about this marvelous city and all the options it offers.


Prices and number of personal trainers in Washington, D.C.


Before we start thinking about the types of exercises we would be most comfortable with, we first have to see just how many personal trainers Washington D.C. has to offer.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics helped us with this data. On their website, we found that the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria area offers a huge number of fitness trainers — 9,380. Moreover, an hour-long session with one of these trainers would cost us about $23.


Still, when we check the statistics for the District of Columbia, the results are a bit different — 1,090 fitness trainers and aerobics instructors who charge between $25 and $29 for each hour-long session.


It’s safe to say that this data is promising. Nevertheless, we have to take into account that some trainers will not settle for just $23 or $29. Since this data is from May 2017, it’s only logical to presume that the prices have changed quite a bit, especially in recent times. Thus, a personal trainer in Washington, D.C. could charge anywhere between $30 and $100 per each hourly session.


Deciding between a mobile personal trainer and a personal trainer at a gym


Now, most personal trainers will focus on us as a client and make sure we are getting the best results possible. However, there’s one thing we have to take into account — our comfort level and where we would like to work out.


Washington D.C. is full of parks and free exercise areas. Thus, with a mobile trainer, we can enjoy doing sit-ups in Rock Creek Park, climb the stairs in front of the Lincoln Memorial or even use the fitness station at Anacostia Park.


Still, some people are still very much uncomfortable in their bodies, so they would prefer not to exercise outside. Of course, they can hire a mobile trainer that will guide them through a workout routine at their home.


But there’s another option as well — we can hire a personal trainer at a gym. Washington D.C. is filled with gyms of all sizes, so we won’t have to look very long in order to find the right one. What’s more, those trainers have access to the best workout machines in the world. Thus, we probably won’t ever get bored nor will we be able to slack off during the workout.


The choice is entirely up to us, as both of these options are excellent in their own way. After all, both of these types of trainers will do their best to create a customized routine that will give us the results we’ve been dreaming about.


Figuring out which personal trainer in Washington, D.C. is the right one for us


Boot camps


Boot camps are fairly popular all over the world. Hence, it’s no wonder Washington D.C. offers them as well. However, before we opt for a boot camp, we have to know what types of exercises it includes.


Basically, boot camps are supposed to build our strength and level of fitness through a variety of exercises. Normally, they are led by an expert personal trainer, but there are also gym boot camps. Sometimes they’re even led by military personnel!


What’s important to know about boot camps is that they are very intense. Our muscles are going to burn, and there’s a good chance we will be sore for days. Nevertheless, the variety of exercises is fantastic, so we can expect great results.


Normally, boot camps are based on calisthenics. Thus, they usually include exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, crunches, and lunges.


Yoga, Pilates, and life balance coaches


In comparison to boot camps, yoga and Pilates are much easier to handle. Or does it just seem that way?


Yoga and Pilates are extremely beneficial for the body and mind, but some of the moves are difficult to master. Nevertheless, with a good personal trainer, even these types of exercises won’t be hard.


The personal trainers will give us their undivided attention if we opt for individual classes. Thus, we can expect to master the moves in just a few weeks, given the fact that there will always be someone there to correct our technique.


There are also yoga and life balance coaches who will not only sort out our bodies but our lives as well. In essence, these coaches will help us realize which parts of our lives need improvement and then help us overcome issues that have been bothering us.


Cardio coaches


These types of coaches are mostly regular personal trainers we can find pretty much anywhere. They will create a customized routine for us and work on our endurance, stamina and strength. What’s more, they are also incredible if we’re looking to lose weight, tone our bodies or maintain a healthy body weight.


In Washington, D.C, there are also:


  • Holistic personal trainers, who will help us get rid of bad habits and improve our physique at the same time.
  • Functional training experts, who will focus on movements and exercises that mimic our day-to-day tasks and activities.
  • Rehabilitation specialists, who help us overcome injuries and get back in shape after major medical procedures.
  • Strength coaches, who mostly help athletes boost their performance skills and build up their endurance and stamina while at the same time making sure they don’t injure themselves.


Finding a personal trainer in Washington, D.C. requires patience


In the end, choosing a personal trainer is not an easy task, especially when we have a good number of options. It seems that’s the case with Washington, D.C. Nevertheless, that’s good news for all future fitness enthusiasts; we can pick and choose until we find the perfect trainer for our needs.




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