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Where to Find a Personal trainer in Las Vegas

The complete guide to finding a Personal Trainer in Las Vegas

Day after day, month after month, and even year after year, you promise yourself that you’ll finally start working out. However, regardless of your initial enthusiasm, you always manage to find an excuse when it’s time to take action, so you just keep procrastinating.

Working out is great; yet so many of us keep avoiding and postponing it. Why is that we consciously and continually try to find reasons that will keep us from breaking a sweat? How can exercise be so good but we so don’t want to do it?

If you, too, are feeling this way, don’t worry — you are not alone. Each day, people all over the world make up excuses in order to skip yet another gym session.

Luckily, there is a way to finally stop yourself from being your biggest obstacle. All you need to do is hire a personal trainer who will make sure that you keep showing up and doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

Also, if you live in Las Vegas, you are really lucky. The city offers a really long list of certified personal trainers who could help you get in shape. Moreover, a personal trainer Las Vegas can help you develop healthy eating habits, which will result in an even greater benefit for your health.

Before you decide to hire a personal trainer in Las Vegas, be sure to know what you are looking for. There are many types of exercises, as well as numerous approaches; so think about your needs before you start making calls.

If you don’t know where to start, take a look at the useful guidelines below; those will help you realize what type of personal trainer you need.

What Type of Exercise and Trainer Are You Interested In?

The will to start working out is important — that’s something you definitely need in order to begin. However, it is not enough. You should also at least have an idea about the type of exercise you would like to take.

First of all, ask yourself what you want to achieve. Is your main goal to lose weight? Do you want to become overall stronger? Or are you already fit and you are just looking for ways to further improve your physique?

Here are some of your options:

●     Strength Training/Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time and you don’t mind some heavy lifting, strength training is an ideal choice. Needless to say, for the best results, strength training has to be accompanied by an appropriate diet.

The four most common strength training exercises include the deadlift, squat, shoulder press, and bench press; without them, there is no strength training. If you are a beginner, don’t let that discourage you — there are strength exercises suitable for all levels. Your personal trainer will instruct you in the best way, making the most of your workout routine.

●     Yoga/Life Balance

If you are looking for a personal yoga trainer in Las Vegas, your options are abundant. In fact, you will easily find dozens of experienced yoga trainers with great reviews. The best thing about personal trainers is that they are very flexible in terms of both the schedule and your personal needs and preferences.

With proper guidance from a personal trainer Las Vegas, you will be able to improve your flexibility, strength, posture, breathing, balance, etc. Furthermore, you will learn how to silence your mind and achieve internal peace.

Also, if you are struggling with high blood pressure or recovering from a stroke, yoga might help; since it slows down the heart rate and lowers blood pressure, it is very beneficial for these conditions. Moreover, yoga has been linked to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as a stronger immune system.

Your personal trainer should be able to determine if you could benefit from yoga, as well as whether it is safe for your current health condition.

●     Functional Training

In functional training, the focus is on the movements instead of the muscles, and the goal is to train the body for daily activities. Therefore, if you are neither interested in building muscle nor losing weight, but you simply want to perform your daily tasks without a hassle, a personal functional trainer could be an ideal choice for you.

Functional exercises will provide you with stability, mobility, and strength you need to lead a satisfactory life. Those exercises include basic functional movements such as pulling, pushing, squatting, carrying, hinging, rotating, walking, running, and so on.

What’s more, if you are recovering from an injury or an illness, functional training can be extremely beneficial. In fact, a good functional trainer can help you regain both your strength and confidence.

●     Boot Camp Training

A fitness boot camp is ideal for those who want to build strength and fitness by doing a variety of intense workout sessions over short periods of time (typically not longer than one hour). A boot camp trainer will provide you with a whole-body workout plan in order to help you build strength and endurance.

The great thing about boot camp training is that you won’t need a lot of equipment, and the sessions aren’t very long, though they are pretty intense. On that note, if you are totally out of shape, boot camp training could be a bit too demanding for you. Make sure to discuss your current skills with your trainer before you start working out.


Mobile Personal Trainer Las Vegas Vs. Personal Trainer at the Gym

Another thing you should consider is where you want to work out. Some people feel more motivated at the gym while others prefer to exercise in the comfort of their homes.

Many personal trainers offer home workouts, outdoor workouts, as well as gym workouts. Before you choose a perfect trainer for yourself, decide where you want to work out; that will make the search easier.

Some Helpful Statistics

The number of personal trainers in the United States has risen dramatically over the past few years (231,500 as of 2011). To see how many trainers are currently working in your area, you can try typing “personal trainer Las Vegas” in your search engine and you will be matched with hundreds of personal trainers near you.

In fact, Nevada has become a hub for personal trainers. Therefore, you will easily find a match; actually, you will have a hard time picking only one trainer among so many of them. Only in Las Vegas-Paradise, there are more than 1,500 personal trainers. In Reno-Sparks, there are around 280, in Western Central Nevada around 70, etc.

What About the Price?

Depending on the area, the trainer’s expertise, as well as their current popularity, the cost of a personal trainer can vary. You can expect to pay anything from $15 per hour to up to $100. However, an average price is around $40–$50 — you can get a professional and an experienced trainer in Las Vegas for that amount.

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