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Where to find a personal trainer in Tampa- The Complete Guide-

The complete guide to finding personal trainers in Tampa

Personal trainers are skilled professionals that know exactly what your body needs in order to get into great shape.

If you’re one of the many people in Tampa that’s in desperate need of a personal trainer, then this article will make your life a whole lot easier.

Why do you need a trainer in the first place?

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions we make is to get into shape. In all honesty, that resolution also seems to be the one we most commonly fail to achieve. But there’s no need to beat yourself up over it. There are plenty of reasons why you may be putting off your decision to start an exercise regime.

You don’t know where to begin

It’s safe to say that everyone wants to get a perfect beach body with as little effort as possible. Sadly, there is no magic wand that will get you into tip-top shape. It’s all up to you.

Ultimately, a beach body is just that — a body. That means that you have to work on your whole body. Well, you obviously cannot do push-ups, squats, and sit-ups all at the same time! So where do you begin?

Most people get discouraged too soon, mostly because they don’t know where to begin. For example, should you do cardio for a few weeks, or should you start by focusing on a specific part of your body first? After a while, you might decide there’s no point in exercising since you’re probably doing it all wrong anyway. In the end, you’re back on the couch with a bag of potato chips on your lap.

The solution: Hire a personal trainer to help you determine exactly what exercises will benefit you the most. There’s no need to get caught up in a vicious circle of exercise, quit, repeat.

You lack motivation

Yet another common problem is motivation. Yes, you may have decided to start exercising, and you keep up your routine for a week or so, but then you hit a snag. You might get out of bed one day and just skip your morning run because “you don’t feel like it today”. So you promise yourself that you’ll run for an extra half an hour tomorrow. But tomorrow, it’s raining, so you skip it again. Once you start making excuses, it’s quite obvious that you lack motivation.

The solution: A personal trainer will help keep you motivated until you reach your goal. These individuals are there to push you to the limit, and make you feel and look your very best.

You don’t have time

Obviously, we all have plenty of other commitments we need to keep during the day. You may have a busy work schedule, kids, chores, etc. It may seem as if exercise is a luxury you just can’t afford at the moment. But that’s where you’re wrong.

The solution: Exercising does more than help you look good. It actually helps you in more ways than you can possibly imagine. If you have an exhausting schedule that you can barely keep up with, hiring a personal trainer is essential. Your trainer will make every exercise efficient, so you won’t have to worry about wasting time doing the wrong exercises.

Now, let’s see what types of training/exercises you may want to consider.

Weight loss training

If your goal is to lose weight, then a weight loss trainer is the perfect solution. Not only will the trainer provide a specific exercise routine for you, but he/she will also include a daily meal plan for you.

For any weight loss journey to be successful, you need to also alter your eating habits. However, that’s not always easy. You may think you’re already eating healthy, balanced meals, but that’s most likely not the case. That’s why a trainer will make sure to include just the right amount of protein and carbs in your diet, so you lose weight, but still have a lot of energy.

Bootcamp training

Bootcamp training is just as tough as it sounds, but it’s also extremely rewarding. It includes interval training, power stations, tough trails, etc. If you’re really ready to make a significant change, and you’re ready to put in some hard work, this type of training is great for you.


If you’re more interested in exercises that will give you amazing flexibility, Pilates is definitely the way to go. But don’t be fooled! It’s not as easy as you may think. Pilates requires a lot of abdominal strength and full body control. Pilates combines your body with your mind and ultimately strengthens and elongates your limbs.

You’ll also have better posture, your circulation will improve, and you’ll increase your strength and your balance. With the right trainer, you’ll also get that flat stomach you’ve been craving for. Furthermore, pilates helps with depression, prevents heart disease and colon cancer.

Functional training

If you would like to do your daily activities with ease, a personal trainer will provide you with a list of exercises where you will be required to push, pull, carry and rotate objects. Squats, walking, and running will also be included in this type of training.

Functional training is especially beneficial for people who are recovering from an injury. With a personal trainer, you’ll recover your mobility, strength and, of course — confidence.

Determine what type of exercise setting is right for you

Are you a person that likes to exercise in a gym, or would you rather have training sessions at a different location? This decision is based solely on your personal preference. A gym might make you feel self-conscious. As a result, you’ll be too distracted to listen to your trainer. If that’s the case, then it’s best to hire a mobile trainer and choose your location.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to establish a routine that you’ll stick with, then you should definitely consider training at a gym.

Personal Trainer Tampa

Once you’ve determined what type of training you’re interested in and where you want to have your sessions, it’s time for the final step; finding a personal trainer in Tampa!

For the best results, type “Personal trainers in Tampa” in your search engine. You’ll get a list of all the available trainers in your area, as well as their rates per session, and working hours. Also, you’ll be able to see whether they are mobile trainers, or they only have training sessions at the gym.

As for the price, it varies depending on their experience, education, certification, and reputation. You can find trainers with a session rate ranging from $37 up to $84, with the average price being $50. Now that you’ve got all the info, it’s time to pick a trainer and start improving yourself!

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