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What’s So Special About Personal Trainers in Lancaster, PA?

Where to find a personal trainer in Lancaster, PA?

Personal trainers in Lancaster, PA have always tried to provide their clients with different experiences. Almost every one of them is trying to incorporate something that was never done before. That is a surefire way to stand out from the competition.

Imagine yourself passing by hundreds of hot dog stands, and that every single one of them serves a hot dog that is cooked differently. That’s how the situation looks like when it comes to personal trainers in Lancaster, PA.

What Can Personal Trainers in Lancaster, PA Offer You?

Now, while looking at the training programs in Lancaster, you can tell that they go well with the setting. Also, a family-oriented individual will find them more appealing.

And what do we mean by that? Well, first of all, if you’re all bulked up and hungry for some heavy weightlifting while your trainer yells at you to give another push, you might get disappointed at first. When you start your search, you’ll have to scroll through all those Zumba classes and pilates to get to the point. But eventually, you will find what you need. For example:

  • Boot camps are also present.
  • Boxing is always a good choice when it comes to improving your overall strength.
  • Weight loss programs are numerous.
  • Rock climbing —if you want some extra adrenaline during the day.
  • Or you can always get a fully customized training experience.

That is the advantage of having a smaller number of personal trainers in Lancaster, PA. It’s good when you have a lot of choices, but lots of similar options can leave you wondering for too long. And wondering for too long will drive your attention away from working out.

So you must be asking yourself now how many personal trainers there are. Like, ten? No. The numbers are maybe smaller when compared to other cities, but they are satisfying when it comes to a city that is the size of Lancaster. So, does that mean that people from Lancaster don’t like to work out as much as other people do? Again, no. Stop wondering and let us go through the statistics first.

The Statistics

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 380 fitness trainers and aerobics instructors in Lancaster. Considering the population of around 59,000, they can pretty much cover it.

You Won’t Be Able to Find Most of Them Online


One thing that seems a bit concerning is the fact that only a small number of them are actually advertising their business online. That can be a devastating fact when it comes to doing business in the second decade of the 21st century. It’s needless to say that it instantly cuts down the number of potential customers. After all, setting up a page on social media is free, and there is no right excuse for not doing it.


For example, when you search for a personal trainer in Lancaster, PA on Yelp, you will get only 20 results! Let that sink in for a moment. Only 20 out of 380 personal trainers who do business out there according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics have a page on Yelp. It doesn’t get more encouraging when you look them up on social media platforms either. On Facebook, you will get only 7 results! And most of them are actually large gyms. It’s not that we have anything against gyms, but sometimes you’ll want to have a personal trainer who will be able to stop by your place or meet up with you in the local park.


Now, we can only assume that the main reason behind almost ignoring the importance of Internet marketing is the fact that a smaller population tends to stick to the good old word-of-mouth method of recommendation. Furthermore, that also implies that the clients are numerous and satisfied. Otherwise, every personal trainer in Lancaster, PA would literally have to fight for their own personal space on the Web.


So when you finally find someone that suits you, whether it is online or through personal recommendation, you’ll probably want to know the average hourly rates. We managed to find that information too.

What Are the Hourly Rates for Personal Trainers in Lancaster, PA?

Hourly rates in Lancaster don’t stand out from other cities in terms of height. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly wage for fitness trainers and aerobics instructors is $15.92.

But if you are looking for the prices online, you’ll be able to see that they usually go from $30 to $125 or more per hour; though the average would be somewhere between $40 to $60. You also need to be aware that many of the personal trainers have chosen to put a call for price option on their pages. Maybe that means that you’ll be able to negotiate a better deal with some of them.

Lancaster Has Specialized Training Programs for Mothers

Though you can find powerlifting and other heavier programs out there, it seems as though that the personal trainers in Lancaster, Pa are more inclined to weight loss and general well-being. Pilates is very popular according to our online research, and yoga is also right up there. One thing that stands out is that the popularity of Zumba classes is spiraling up.

Also, we need to mention the Women Only gyms and more than a few training sessions that are optimized for mothers, which is a good thing. Obviously, there are many mothers that would like to get back in shape after giving birth, and there aren’t enough programs out there that are strictly specialized for that purpose. Excess weight that is gained during pregnancy is something that should be addressed differently in terms of working out, mainly because getting good and fast results after childbirth can be somewhat difficult.

Because of the aforementioned, we must also note the importance of mobile trainers. They are present in Lancaster. So if you are not able to hit the gym for a number of reasons, or you just prefer working out at home, make sure to consider that option.

And How Do You Feel About Training for Free?

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. Free. In Lancaster, you can find different programs that are free. Their aim is to include everyone who is willing to work out and maintain a healthy body. For example:

  • You can find workout guides in seven city parks who will help you turn your surroundings into a gym.
  • Mat to Market Yoga means that every Saturday morning, you can have a free yoga class at a specific store or showroom.
  • And how about joining a 2-mile group walk in Southwest Lancaster on Mondays at 6 p.m? If you like to meet new people, it just might be fun.

Can You Get the Desired Results With Personal Trainers in Lancaster, PA?


You can and you will. Whether you are more into the training sessions at the gym or doing yoga at the park, Lancaster has a lot to offer, and you will surely find what suits you the best. Even if you don’t find it online, you can always ask your neighbor or acquaintance for advice. We’re sure that you’ll get the best possible recommendation.

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