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The Complete Guide to Personal Trainers in Orlando

Where to find a Personal Trainer in Orlando


From the Mennello Museum to Jack Kerouac’s home, everyone knows that Orlando, Florida, is one of the most culturally significant cities in the US. People who only come around to visit Disney World and the Universal Studios theme parks are definitely missing out on the most charming aspects of the city.


Admittedly, theme park attractions are certainly nothing to scoff at. Currently, one of the biggest draws of Orlando is certainly Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Aside from seeing the reconstruction of Hogwarts, visitors are also invited to eat and drink their fill at the Hog’s Head pub, as seen during the boy wizard’s trips to the village of Hogsmeade.


After enjoying all of the food and drinks Orlando has to offer, you’ll need to find a way to work those calories off. And somehow, we don’t think that a brisk hike through the Shingle Creek Regional Park will cut it. So what are you to do?


Why, you can stop by a gym, of course! And, if you prefer to work out alone, or out in nature — you can start by finding a personal trainer in Orlando Florida.


Should You Go to the Gym or Have the Personal Trainer Meet You?


If you hire a personal trainer in Orlando, you’ll be able to choose between exercising at a gym and working out in nature. A mobile trainer will be able to meet you wherever you are. Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about being late for cardio class when you get stuck at work. Unlike a gym, the great outdoors can never get stuffy or crowded, so you’ll have space and oxygen galore to do with as you please.


On the other hand, there are also some benefits to utilizing a gym — namely, the equipment. At a gym, your personal trainer will be able to instruct you on the proper use of exercise machines and the safe handling of weights.


Also, you can hire your personal trainer to work with you one-on-one, or in a small group. And many trainers can also be hired to overlook a boot camp.


What Kind of Personal Trainer Are You Looking for?


As you probably know, there are many different types of personal trainers who’ll help you achieve different goals. Basically, any personal trainer in Orlando will likely be able to advise you no matter what you’re trying to achieve. However, some of them also have special training regiments to deal with clients with particular needs.


Strength and Cardio Personal Trainer


Most people want to work with a personal trainer for one of three reasons. Some want to improve their athletic performance, while some simply want to look good. The third group consists of those who work out for their health or for fun.


No matter your reason for attempting to stay in shape, or get into shape, strength and cardio training offer the basic exercises you’ll want to start with. During your first meeting with your personal trainer, you’ll share your fitness goals and come up with a workout plan. If you’d like to increase your stamina or lose weight, your trainer will start with cardio exercises. Once you’re down to your desired weight, or once your instructor decides that you’re ready, you might move on to strength exercises to further shape and tone your body.


Yoga and Life Balance Coach


Yoga, pilates, and life balance coaching is also a great way to get a toned body. Unlike weight exercises, yoga is a type of workout that only uses your own bodyweight. In addition, balance exercises may involve some spiritual guidance as well. The focus is on the overall well-being of the person. So many life balance personal trainers in Orlando will also be able to take a more holistic approach to your fitness. As always, you should talk to your personal trainer if you want them to assume more of a “life coach” role. Preferably, talk to several trainers before hiring one, so you’ll know you’re getting what you wanted.


Functional Workouts


Unlike exercises that serve to make a body look its best, functional workouts should make you feel your best. These are pretty low-intensity exercises. Essentially, they’re supposed to enable you to perform basic daily tasks with minimal strain on your body.


Boot Camp


Most people are familiar with some type of boot camp exercises. After all, we’ve seen plenty of boot camp reality shows over the years. Essentially, there’s often a strenuous workout course trainees repeatedly run through. Your personal trainer might even set up your own course in one of the city’s many parks. In fact, hiring a boot camp personal trainer in Orlando may even get you the most variety. The trainer will be able to switch up the location every time. You may even be able to invite a friend along!


Rehabilitation Training


If you’ve recently injured yourself, a specialized personal trainer will be able to help you recover. Many people also have back or joint pain they need to work around. Naturally, you should start by working with a physical therapist if the injury was serious. Or, if you are just experiencing joint and back pain randomly, see a doctor before you seek out a personal trainer. However, once you’re all checked out, a personal trainer will be able to get you back to peak physical strength — whatever that means for you.


Also, if you’re worried about other medical conditions, like asthma or a physical disability, don’t be. You’ll definitely be able to find a personal trainer in Orlando who’s equipped to deal with whatever you throw their way.


How to Find a Personal Trainer in Orlando: Statistics and Prices


A brief online search will tell you that there are about 30–50 personal trainers working in Orlando, Florida. Those numbers may seem a bit low, but remember that Orlando only has about 280 thousand people living in it anyway. And frankly, you could probably walk into just about any gym and ask if anyone does personal training sessions.


Essentially, you can expect the cost per session to be anywhere between $40–$70. However, you’ll also be able to find sessions for as low as $35, and as high as $95. So the cost is usually something that can be arranged between you and your trainer. After all, it’ll depend on your needs and the frequency of sessions. Sometimes the cost can even depend on whether or not your trainer likes you. So remember to always be good to your instructors.


And if your workout ever leads you to the Amtrak railroad station, you can also stop by for organic beer tasting, courtesy of the Orlando’s Brewing Company. You’ve earned it, and as they say: all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Although, with a good personal trainer, you’ll realize that some work can also count as play!

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