Phalogenics Review 2018 – Does it work? (Updated July 2019)

What is Phalogenics?

It is an open secret that size matters. People might not want to say it, they might not want to admit it, but you cannot deny that size indeed does matter. Not only does it make the sexual encounter more satisfying, it also helps with your self-esteem and confidence. Thus it is no surprise that the male enhancement market is full of pills, pumps, and procedures. But all three have multiple flaws that range all the way from being ineffective and expensive to being permanently debilitating and fatal. Thus, one should be extremely careful when choosing a method to help increase the size. Research is the key when embarking on such an endeavor, and consulting with your physician before trying something new is mandatory.



Phalogenics is one of the procedures that help you increase the size of your genitalia. It is completely natural and does not require any medication or surgery. It is also devoid of any equipment like pumps or weights which frequently cause injury. All Phalogenics requires is for you to regularly do the exercises in their course and you will start seeing the results. Phalogenics uses the penile micro trauma therapy in order to increase the amount of blood that the penile tissue can absorb. As the number of blood increases, users see an increase in size and the firmness of erections. But in order to understand what the micro penile trauma therapy is, and how Phalogenics actually works we need to dig deeper.

How does it work?

Phalogenics, as mentioned above, is a series of exercises that you should do daily in order to increase the size of your genitalia. Muscles come in three types; skeletal, cardiac, and smooth. Skeletal muscles grow in size by training them using heavyweights. Your biceps, triceps back, all are examples of skeletal muscles. Cardiac muscles are the muscles that make up our heart and help circulate the blood. Smooth muscles are the ones that move solids and liquids along digestive tracts etc. The human genitalia consists of such smooth muscles.

Smooth muscles do not repair themselves in the same manner as skeletal muscles. When the muscle fibers undergo micro-tears as a result of an influx of blood, new cells don’t form around the tear. Rather the existing cells expand themselves. This is the penile micro trauma therapy. When the exercise is done frequently the cells expand permanently.

Phalogenics is the system of exercise that works on developing the micro-tears that will help the smooth muscle tissues expand permanently in order to give you a larger size. Another aspect of the Phalogenics exercises is that it helps in increasing the size of the Corpus Cavernosum. The Corpus Cavernosum is a sponge-like muscle that makes up the male genitalia. It is here that the blood rushes to during an erection. Phalogenics helps to expand the size of the pores in this sponge-like tissue thus helping you achieve firmer, and harder erections than before.

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The entire program

The program lasts for twelve weeks and consists of different exercises that are done every week. It is a paid program and costs a one-time fee of $69. In the one-time fee, you get all the videos necessary for the entire duration of the program. In the access fee you get:

  1. The quick start guide
  2. The video series
  3. The exercise guide
  4. The six and half minute plan
  5. The tracking system
  6. 3 bonus items
  7. Support for the usage of the product
  8. A 60 day 100% money back guarantee

The only thing that the user needs to do is do the exercises daily without missing sessions. The problem is that if there is a lot of gap between exercises then the results do not show as the cells after overcoming the first “shock” go back to their original size. All that is required is six and half minutes every day, preferably during the shower to get the desired length of the genitalia. The tracking system helps keep maintain a record of how much it has worked for you. The three bonus items are only available when you pay the one-time fee. The 60-day money back guarantee is also a good sign as companies offer it only when they are quite confident that their product will work. There is also an advanced guide available to those who want to know more about Phalogenics and its ins and outs. The program also has remedies available in case you hit a plateau and the growth is not as much as it initially was. This is the reason that the ‘Support’ part is so important. Which is once again something that not a lot of male enhancement supplement companies have.


As already mentioned there are no external pumps or contraptions needed for the program. It is completely natural and safe to use. No major side effects or drawbacks have been reported by users, which is quite rare in this market. Usually, supplements and exercise routines have a lot of side effects on their users, but Phalogenics does not. Also, there are no pills, creams, or potions needed, which most of the time are ineffective as they consist of ingredients which have no proved scientific effect. Phalogenics, on the other hand, is based on scientific principles and is approved by doctors.

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  • It gives you harder, bigger, and long-lasting erections.
  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied
  • It ‘s an all natural program so completely safe
  • I will increase your self-esteem and sex life


  • Not a lot of information available about the manufacturer of the product.

Final verdict on Phalogenics

The Phalogenics program is a great program which will give you longer and harder erections. It’s a scientifically proven method for male enhancement.

Some of the things that are quite encouraging about the program are the cost and the fact that there are no bad reviews on the Internet. Usually, products that promise results but don’t work see a spate of bad reviews that is not true with Phalogenics. However, at the same time the claims made are not supported by any clinical studies, only by empirical evidence. Thus it might happen that Phalogenics might not give you the same results as someone else. Either way, it is a good idea to do some research on your own before using any male enhancement product. Also be sure to have a chat with your physician once before using it. The male enhancement market is full of misinformation and the only person who can give you the real facts is usually your physician.

Summarized, Phalogenics seems like a legit program you definitely should try. If you look for guaranteed products which will increase the size of your girth, make sure to try Sizegenetics.

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