Phenelite Review 2018 – Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

PhenElite Overview

PhenElite is one of the controversial weight loss supplements online. This product by the Boost Marketing Group LLC is among the best-rated weight loss supplements online which should be a good thing because we all want stuff with good user ratings but what’s alarming is going through the reviews. PhenElite has received some worrying negative comments online making us question how and where the good ratings come from. Typically, you would expect a well-rated supplement also to have decent reviews where users are talking about how powerful and efficient the supplement is but that’s not the case with PhenElite. This could even make you question the legitimacy of the ratings. We wouldn’t put it past any company to purchase five stars in the current crazy supplements industry. Lots of pills are being released every fortnight, and not every one of them is capable of doing what the bottle and the manufacturers claim. So, where does PhenElite stand in all this? Should you look past all the negativity under the user testimonials and just try out the supplement? Let’s find out:


PhenElite is part of the Phen brand which is just as controversial as the supplement. Several of the Phen supplements have on more than one occasion been confronted for being ineffective and even harmful.

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PhenElite is marketed as the best pharmaceutical grade supplement that guarantees quick weight loss results. Don’t get too excited, however, because there’s also like another a dozen or so supplements all claiming the same thing. According to its makers, this supplement will deliver noticeable results within the first 2-4 days and will have the user achieve his/her weight loss objectives in a matter of weeks!

How Does PhenElite Work?

PhenElite is believed to approach weight loss in three ways:

First, the supplement is said to be formulated with potent ingredients that assist in suppressing appetite. Through controlling your eating desires and urges the supplement will not only reduce how much you eat but will also significantly cut down on the number of calories you are feeding your body. This will cause a significant impact, mainly if the supplement has other compounds that are breaking down the already existing adipose in the body. Effective appetite suppression will also help in reducing the time it will take to start noticing weight loss. Every time someone gets a weight loss supplement the first obsession is always to find out how soon before they can see a few pounds lost. By cutting down your appetite, this supplement will also help you to avoid the addictive sugary foods filled with calories. Emotional and impulsive eating contributes to a big percentage of the overweight and obese cases most people are experiencing. If adequately formulated, addressing appetite will go a long way towards ensuring that you reach your weight goals and become healthy generally.

Secondly, PheElite promotes weight loss by boosting metabolism. Scientists established that slow metabolism could be a genetic problem which when inherited poses the possibility of overweight issues. To such people, exercising and dieting can help to control gaining weight, but it’ll hardly be successful if they are trying to shed off the extra pounds. Overweight issues that are as a result of metabolic rate problems can easily be solved by using supplements containing compounds proven to be effective in boosting the metabolic rate. This approach is not just limited to inherited overweight issues. Other people too, can enjoy efficient metabolism. Decent metabolic function promotes the fast burning of stored fat which will then be eliminated from the body. Additionally, with the increased metabolic rate, consumed carbohydrates and other nutrients will be broken down much faster. It is believed that this will reduce the chances of having the extra carbs in your system stored in the form of fat that ends up getting deposited in the abdomen and other regions.

Finally, with better metabolism, this supplement promises increased energy levels which are essential for any weight loss regimen. For uniform and more desirable weight loss outcomes you need more than just a pill. A balanced diet and workout plan are always recommended. The latter is usually very challenging to most people considering their weight and the quick fatigue that comes with it. By promoting energy levels, therefore, the supplement will be helping you to gain more strength and stamina to undertake more rigorous gym sessions that will help you to both lose, weight and gain muscles.

PhenElite Ingredients

If you don’t like proprietary blends, like us, then this is one of the supplements to avoid. PhenElite is powered using natural ingredients condensed in a single 1200 mg proprietary blend. Some of the compounds in this blend include:

  • Raspberry Ketone

This is a compound found in cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc. Raspberry Ketone has been used as a flavoring agent in foods and as a cosmetic agent. The chemical has an interestingly sweet aroma and is believed to have excellent thermogenic properties. It is, therefore, thought that its presence in this supplement helps the pills to increase your body temperature which ultimately leads to faster breaking down of fats in what the manufacturer refers to as lipolysis.

The compound is also said to aid in weight loss by increasing the amount of adiponectin in the system. This has an effect of decreasing the accumulation of fat hence resulting in a slimmer physique. It can also purportedly control glucose metabolism in the body which further helps to control weight gain.

There have been limited human studies done on this compound, but a few of them have confirmed its efficacy in weight loss. The possible problem we may have with its addition is the lack of knowledge on how it is supplied in the supplement. We, therefore, have no way of knowing whether there is enough to deliver the said benefits.

  • Green Tea Extracts

This is a standard compound in weight loss products. According to the manufacturers, these extracts contain antioxidants known as catechins that promote weight loss through:

  • Preventing the accumulation and development of fat cells
  • Modulating inherited genes that cause obesity and overweight problems
  • Improving the oxidation of fats which will then be broken down reducing one’s overall weight while increasing their energy levels at the same time
  • There are also claims that it can suppress hunger which is yet to be proven

Various studies show that green tea catechins, when consumed at the right quantities, can reduce one’s BMI, waist circumference, and overall weight.

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One concern surrounding the use of these extracts is its caffeine contents. Caffeine can aid with thermogenesis, but at high levels, it can cause severe side effects. With the proprietary blend, it’s hard to tell whether the levels of green tea extracts used in this supplement are safe or too high and harmful.

  • Africa Mango Fruit Extracts

This compound is present in several weight loss supplements, yet its benefits are highly debatable. A few studies once showed that daily supplementation of 150mg of African Mango Fruit Extracts could cause significant weight loss after ten weeks or so. Some clinical trials came out later on and discarded these claimed benefits saying that any weight loss due to using these extracts was too small to recommend it for weight loss. Furthermore, the studies that claimed these extracts are beneficial were, later on, said to be too poorly done to be relied on.

  • Acai Fruit

Acai fruit is believed to have exceptional health benefits including boosting metabolism. There is however very little information available about it to show how it can influence a person’s weight. It is, therefore, an experimental ingredient which shouldn’t have been included in the first place.

Other ingredients contained in this supplement include; Green coffee beans, capsaicin, garcinia cambogia, calcium, coffee powder, Citrus Aurantium, and L-Carnitine.

Benefits of PhenElite

The supplement claims:

Potential Side Effects of Using PhenElite

Some of the potential side effects that could result from using this supplement include:

  • Dizziness
  • Increased heartbeats
  • Restlessness
  • Problem sleeping
  • Vomiting
  • Other allergic reactions

The adverse effects are, however, said to be rare due to the utilization of natural ingredients.

Taking PhenElite

The recommended dosage is one or two capsules taken 30 minutes before your meal. Do not take more than two pills in one day.

Where can I buy PhenElite?

Strangely, PhenElite is available only on Amazon where a single bottle with 60 tablets is retailing at a discounted price of $22.99. It is challenging to find the supplement in other stores.

Verdict on Phenelite

PhenElite has included Caffeine and Green tea extracts which are decent for weight loss. The problem with the supplement, however, is lack of information on the quantities of ingredients used, confusion surrounding the real manufacturer of the supplement and inclusion of some useless compounds like kelp, ketone acai berry, etc. The written reviews online by users also introduces the possibility of the supplement being ineffective. When you have over a dozen users complaining about a product, it’s always very concerning, and this makes the supplement hardly recommendable.

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