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PhenQ Reviews -Benefits & Side Effects-?

Introduction to PhenQ

People talk about how difficult losing weight is (which is demoralizing) but what if I told you there is a way to make weight loss hassle-free and get the desired results much faster? A method that ensures you not only lose weight for the sake of it but delivers even leaving your body slim, fit and protected from future weight gain. What I’m I talking about? I’m talking about PhenQ, a one of a kind weight loss supplement. There is so much skepticism associated with weight loss products (which is justified considering the number of ineffective products out there), and that is why we are going to give you reasons backed with clinical studies explaining why ignoring PhenQ is the biggest mistake you can make!

Overweight and obese people are more likely to face medical complications compared to individuals with healthy weight; that’s a fact we just can’t go around. Medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases are one of the most significant problems caused by unhealthy weight. There is, however, a beast even more prominent than this that excessive weight can cause and this is damaged self-esteem. Clinical studies have confirmed that a good number of overweight and obese people have very low self-esteem which significantly affects their day to day jobs. How would you feel, as an overweight individual, to put all these challenges behind you? How will you feel mentally when you finally get the chance to confidently put on your bikinis and enjoy a soothing breeze at the beach?


What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is founded on the foundation of Phentermine, a ridiculously successful weight loss pill that totally transformed the supplements arena. It is said that the most successful people learn from their mistakes and this is precisely what PhenQ producers have done. PhenQ has taken all the great things about Phentermine and improved them. It then separated the drawbacks associated with Phentermine such as severe side effects and the results is just outrageous, and there are dozens of users who can attest to that!

PhenQ is formulated to ensure that weight loss is no longer as severe as most of us used to think. Of course, you still have to invest some effort but PhenQ is designed to take the burden off your shoulders, and this will not only help you lose weight faster but will also make the entire journey a fun experience. The supplement is made of potent ingredients that offer more than just weight loss.


How does PhenQ work?

I don’t know about you, but I personally cannot use a weight loss product that addresses only one problem. Weight gain is a problem caused by a variety of issues and to ensure that you thoroughly fight this condition you’ll need a supplement that approaches the weight loss from multiple angles. This is precisely what PhenQ is formulated to do.

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How does it achieve this?

PhenQ has the right quantities of ingredients robust enough to address the appetite issue. This is not just what the manufacturers claim, but it is what studies done on the ingredients used have confirmed. When your appetite levels are off the roof there is very little you can do to avoid eating. Additionally, research shows that 83% of obese and overweight people are unwilling to compromise their eating habits during weight loss programs. But what if you didn’t have to get into a fight with your appetite? What if you no longer have to compromise your overeating habits? Why? Well, because this product takes all the temptations away. It safely suppresses your appetite, and this will reduce the amount of unhealthy food you eat promoting weight loss.

PhenQ also functions as a fat burner. This is done by the assistance of thermogenic compounds that raises your core body temperatures burning down excess fat. The supplement is also equipped with useful compounds that help in expediting your metabolism. This ensures that as much fat and carbs are broken down as possible preventing the storage of fat in the body.

PhenQ Ingredients

A supplement is only as powerful as its ingredients. What do the compounds used in making this supplement say about the entire product?

  • Capsimax Powder

Capsimax powder introduces four elements, capsicum, niacin, piperine, and caffeine. What do these compounds have in common? They are mild stimulants that will help increase thermogenesis and energy levels in the body. Each of these compounds can deliver the needed results, but the presence of all of them within a single blend makes them even more powerful. They supplement each other to promote fat burning, boosting energy and ultimately enhancing weight loss.

We also can’t avoid mentioning the unique role that capsicum plays other than promoting weight loss. Capsicum has on more than one occasion been proven to be exceptional in preventing obesity. This is very useful in ensuring that you maintain a fit physique in future.

  • Calcium Carbonate

You are probably wondering what calcium has to do with weight loss. It’s an element useful for teeth and healthy bones but very few people understand its role in weight loss. Calcium is used to encourage your body’s cells to reduce the storage of fat which consequently leads to a healthier weight. Presence of calcium makes your body’s cells think that you are already healthy and well nurtured and hence there is no point of storing any more fat. As a result, the cells resort to burning down the stored fat.


  • A-Lacys Reset

This is a blend made of two active ingredients cysteine and alpha-lipoic.

Cysteine is present in dairy products, garlic, oats, peppers, lentils, eggs, meat, etc. This semi-essential amino acid helps in structuring some proteins in the body. The compound was subjected to a study involving obese individuals who were treated with cysteine for six months. The results showed moderate weight loss. The compound is mixed with alpha-lipoic in this supplement to increase its impact and reduce the duration it takes to deliver the needed outcomes.

Alpha-lipoic is commonly found in broccoli, spinach, and potatoes. This compound plays various roles in weight loss. The chemical can, for instance, increase the breakdown of carbohydrates. This will reduce the number of excess carbs in the body that ends up being converted and stored in the form of fat. The breakdown of carbs also leads to an increase in energy levels in the body. This energy should see you get physically active which further increases weight loss.

Alpha-lipoic is also an antioxidant agent that will protect your cells from free radicals and keep vitamin levels at the optimum.

Other ingredients used include L-carnitine fumarate and L-Nopal.

PhenQ Reviews


Benefits of Using PhenQ

Use of PhenQ assures:

  • A loss of at least 4-5 pounds within the first week
  • A significant decrease in appetite
  • Increase in metabolic rate
  • Cut down on calories and fats
  • A boost in energy levels
  • Enhanced mood


Potential Side effects of PhenQ

One incredible thing about PhenQ, other than how brilliant it works, is the reduced chances of getting side effects. In fact, there have barely been any adverse effects caused by this supplement other than a few cases of allergic or personal reactions to some used ingredients. This is of course because different bodies react differently with specific compounds. Otherwise, if your body is tolerant to the used chemicals, you will hardly get any side effects. A few of the reported cases included dry mouth and headache.

How to use PhenQ?

The recommended dosage of PhenQ is two pills daily. You are directed to take one pill with breakfast and the other with lunch. Avoid overdosing the supplement as it can result in severe medical complications.

Where can I buy PhenQ?

PhenQ is available at the official manufacturer’s website. This may seem like a drawback until you realize that this has eliminated the chance of purchasing its counterfeit item. You can get two bottles for $139.90 and get one bottle for free in their latest offers. Each container has 60 tablets that will last for a month.

PhenQ Reviews

After trying countless diet and lifestyle changes without success, PhenQ helped me lose weight when nothing else worked.” By Ghislain R

PhenQ helped me lose the baby weight. It is amazing, and I am going to continue using it when I reach my goals” By April

I have two kids, and  I couldn’t even run with them in the park anymore as I would get tired very fast due to my weight.I ordered PhenQ to help me out and created a schedule of what I had to do every day.  After a month I started seeing results, and in 5 months with PhenQ I went down two sizes and lost about 20 lbs!”


Imagine for a moment if your dream body and physique could turn into a reality. This used to seem impossible but not anymore. Not when PhenQ is still available. This supplement has changed dozens of people’s lives,and you are doing yourself no favors by not using it. You no longer have to let obesity and your overweight issues dictate your life. All the fantasies and dreams you’ve had about a slim and fitter body can come into a reality today, and all you have to do is get this supplement.