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Pilates Reformer Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

Introduction to the Pilates Reformer

Are there really any fitness benefits of using Pilate Reformers? Aren’t the exercises almost similar to yoga? How is doing Pilates on a reformer any different from doing the same on mats?

Pilates reformers have grown insanely popular forcing many fitness enthusiasts to play catch up in trying to identify these machines. You have definitely heard of them either through a commercial, a conversation in the gym or the office and now your brain is clouded with the above questions. We are here to clear the air for you and the one thing you should know right away is that Pilate Reformers are totally worth the hype! When you get the right reformer, your body will be completely transformed. Flexibility, strength, posture and other similar issues will be the least of your worries. These machines will go as far as boosting your mental awareness which will not just be beneficial in your fitness journey but will also prove to be crucial in your day-to-day job.

What is a Pilates Reformer?

Pilates Reformer is a machine that features a bed frame fitted with adjustable springs and sliding carriage to add more tension and resistance. These reformers are also equipped with cables, pulleys, bars, and straps that are aimed at giving you a myriad of challenges from multiple positions for total body workout.

The benefits of Pilates are simply undebatable. Athletes have for years relied on these exercises from which their bodies have benefitted hugely. Throughout this periods, Pilates has always been performed on mats and they still managed to be effective. Now, for a second, just imagine how beneficial doing the same Pilates could be if you were to perform them amidst some resistance and tension! This is exactly what the Pilates Reformers are all about. These machines are here to advance the performance of Pilates while adding a few extra workouts to get you across your fitness goals line.

Doing Pilates is obviously much simpler when done on the mat but if you want effectiveness then you definitely need the Pilates Reformer. We know you love a challenge and the springs and pulleys in this machine will make sure that you are constantly get challenged which will see you achieving better results in a much shorter period.

Benefits of Using Pilates Reformer?

Other than delivering all the benefits of Pilates, the Reformer will boost your:

  • Focus

The Pilates reformer pushes your mind, attitudes and overall performance to its limits. The challenges will improve your mentality and coordination which will benefit both your fitness and your daily life.

  • Flexibility

Pilates will flex your muscles, joints and other body parts increasing your general flexibility. These exercises are popular for their ability to stretch your muscles and by performing the exercises on a Pilates reformer the muscles will gain more strength.

Your flexibility will also be boosted thanks to the full range of motions supported by this machine.

  • Strengthens the core

Some of the most ignored parts in traditional workouts are the hips, shoulders, and torso. A few pieces of equipment are able to focus on these areas but they are hardly effective. With mat Pilates you have to curl, roll and workout in different positions which helps almost all body parts. With the Pilates reformer, you’ll get a rare opportunity of using the pulleys and cables to add resistance boosting your core. In the end, your results will be much better and achieved at a much shorter time compared to individuals doing normal Pilates on a mat.

  • Faster Results

One of the most asked questions that go through every beginner’s mind is “how long before I can see results?” We all want to see results as fast as possible without sounding overly ambitious. Pilates Reformers provides results in the fastest way possible without harming your joints or muscles. The equipment is designed with various attachments for regulating the levels of resistance you are getting. If you are a newbie, therefore, you can start from the low levels with minimal resistance and then work your way up as you develop. This is one of the best features in Pilates reformers because it means that virtually anyone can get the machine and effectively workout on it. It has also helped to minimize cases of injuries on joints and muscles among beginners which is usually caused by too much resistance on the muscles that are still not yet strong.

Our picks for the best Pilates Reformers include:

Supreme Toning Tower

One of the most reputable companies in the Pilates Reformers industry is the Beverly Hills Fitness. They have given us excellent reformers and their best one yet is the Supreme Toning Tower. This machine is designed to offer the ultimate Pilates experience from home. It is a high-quality machine with excellent performance that has already helped hundreds of other users.

The supreme toning tower features a Cadillac trap table with a Barre and another overall body trainer making it the perfect machine for both starters and advanced athletes.

Something else that stands out with this machine is its sturdy construction, particularly around the main steel frame. This allows the machine to withstand your robust training and also to easily accommodate heavy users. The other bits of the Pilates reformer is a bit lightweight which has helped in reducing the overall unit weight. This makes it much easier to move around and that is why it is ideal for home users with limited space.

It is quite compact and has also been designed to fold making it even more convenient for storage. When you want to use it all you’ll have to do is to tighten the bar and place the pins in their respective spots.

Pilates Reformers are a relatively new equipment in the market and this means that not so many people know how they can get the best out of them. To bridge this gap, Beverly Hills Fitness have included a DVD in the Supreme Toning Tower packaging which provides a guide to the various positioning and exercises you can do to get the best results.

For its price and features, Supreme Toning Tower is a decent bargain that will give your fitness journey a cutting edge for faster and better results.


  • Two tension coils
  • Two foot/hand straps
  • Lightweight but durable
  • High-quality and solid steel frame fitted with a flawless wood barre
  • Foldable
  • Comes with two guiding DVDs
  1. Stamina AeroPilates 700 Premier Pilates Reformer

Stamina is yet another great company dedicated to making excellent fitness equipment. They manufacture a wide variety of products but one of their most popular is the AeroPilates 700 Premier Pilates Reformer.

This machine is by far their best one in the AeroPilates line of products and there are so many reasons why you really need this device. First of all, it is among the most affordable reformers that actually work. If you are on a limited budget but you still want an effective machine worth of your money, then the 700 Premier Reformer is highly recommended.

Then there is performance, the Pilates reformer features a tall cardio rebounder that’ll improve your flexibility while working out. It also improves your cardio performance keeping you healthy and this is achieved without having to run or expose your joints to daring impacts.

The AeroPilates 700 foot bars are quite wide from which you can use your hands or feet and do intensive workouts without experiencing any stability issues. Stability has also been enhanced by the large stand.

It’s crucial that any fitness equipment be as comfortable as possible for you to spend more time on it with zero complaints. That is why this AeroPilates machine has added the neck and head pillows. This gives you the ideal posture for working out and has also helped to reduce fatigue and aches. There are also foot and hand straps for added comfort these have eliminated the growth of blisters.

Users can also adjust the height of the ropes into four positions offering different resistance. This has also made it possible for individuals of different heights to effectively utilize the reformer.


  • The rollers and gliders are quiet and extremely smooth
  • Features a large trapezoidal carriage for additional support
  • Patented cardio rebounder
  • The foot bar is curved and 24” wide
  • Comes with neck and head support pillows
  • Four high-quality elastic cords offering four workout levels
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with a sleek metallic gold finishing
  • The hand grips, straps and ropes are adjustable
  1. Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP Home Pilates Reformer

Another incredible Pilates reformer from the Stamina Manufacturer. This machine offers more than 100 exercises. With so many options, your workouts will never be boring again and that’s not even the best part; each of these exercises can be adjusted using the four springs into different levels of difficulty! This means that with the Pro XP, there will always be a new exercise to perform and you will get an opportunity to adjust the resistance to your specific fitness level. It will get easier to know when you are progressing because you will realize that the workouts are getting easier allowing you to increase the resistance to new challenges.

This Pilates reformer is also 4” longer than standard reformers and this allows taller individuals to workout comfortably.

The cardio rebounder is oversized and free-form in nature offering remarkable cardiovascular benefits. The results obtained here are so much better than the regular Pilates routine done on a mat.

To make sure that the wood serves you for as long as possible while withstanding intense exercises, the Pilates reformer is made with aluminum rails and oak wood finishing. Its wheels are of premium quality for smooth carriage.


  • The rails are 8” longer than those found in standard reformers
  • The shoulder pads are made of high-density foam
  • Adjustable to suit your specific needs
  • A free-form cardio rebounder is also included in the package


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