Piyo Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is PiYo?

Any fitness enthusiast knows about Beach Body or at least, have heard about their work. They are responsible for some of the best workout programs out there that have helped hundreds of people to lose excess fat, gain flexibility and even in promoting mental awareness/health. They have been around for years now and hence they are fully aware of people’s fitness needs and some of the biggest challenges that stand in the way to a healthier physique.

PiYo from Beach Body is one of their recent workout programs that promise to deliver excellent results without having to deal with heavy loads and other complicated devices. This program also significantly reduces the amount of cash you’d have to spend in professional gyms making fitness a more affordable affair as it should be.

Dozens of users, as we are going to see, have already enjoyed great benefits from this program but how exactly does it work? What kind of benefits should you expect from PiYo? Can you fully rely on PiYo to get your fitness needs without having to complement it with other gym sessions? These are the questions that we’ll be addressing.

PiYo is a 60-day workout program made by Chalene Johnson from Beach body. This program is all about giving you the best in terms of fitness, flexibility and overall health all while working out of your home. With PiYo, you won’t need any weights and neither does it involve the common joint-pounding exercises. PiYo is mostly focused on pilates and yoga moves except, in this case, there are extra additions that will help you to achieve better results in a much shorter time. PiYo, in simple terms, involves the fluid movements of pilates done in the yoga poses while constantly staying in motion.

The PiYo workouts are considered the low impact and this is great news for the hundreds of overweight and obese individuals that have been unable to work out due to joint pain issues. You shouldn’t, however, be fooled into thinking that it’s an easy plan just because there is minimal impact. PiYo is anything but easy! The workouts here involve smooth and controlled movements that increase the tension in your muscles within safe levels. Each of these exercises has a way of working out multiple muscles throughout your body increases the number of calories burnt.

Beachbody explains that PiYo is aimed at burning up to 1000 calories in an hour which is a massive impact. To achieve this you, of course, have to follow the plan comprehensively something that the DVD will guide you through.

Another incredible thing about PiYo is that there are different intensity levels to follow. Beginners and individuals with mobility issues can rely on the modifier found here to work out with a minimal but useful intensity that will see them getting the desired outcomes without affecting their fragile joints and tissues.

In summary, PiYo is a workout plan that doesn’t just aim at getting you fit, but tries to do so in the most affordable, relaxing and natural way.

The PiYo Diet

When it comes to fitness, working out alone is never enough to get you the results you need. You have to make sure that your body is running on the right kind of fuel and this is where the PiYo diet comes in. With this diet, the results will come much faster and it’ll also help in keeping your body healthy.

The PiYo diet is nothing like the typical fitness diets out there. It competes with the best diet plans and it’s easy to understand why even experts rally up behind it. Unlike the most common plans like the 21 Day Fix, the PiYo diet actually takes into account your calorie needs before recommending how much of every food you should eat. This, therefore, means that you’ll no longer be measuring your food in terms of serving sizes.

This diet plan feature five main categories of food:

  • Lean protein
  • Fresh fruit
  • Healthy Fats
  • Primary vegetables
  • Grains and secondary vegetables

With this diet, you’ll be able to stay safe from processed and sugary foods allowing you to enjoy healthier foods that won’t just benefit your fitness but also keep you safe from other complex and expensive lifestyle diseases.

PiYo Workouts

PiYo comes in two packages, the basic PiYo DVD Package and the PiYo Deluxe DVD Package. The two are similar except the deluxe package comes with two extra exercises that incorporate strength slides.

The basic PiYo package comes with eight workouts that include:

  1. Align – Align is one of the basic workouts in PiYo. There are special moments in the workout plan that you are supposed to perform Align but you are also allowed to do them in other regular occasions. The exercise involves slow-motion moves and the guide will provide you with excellent instructions on how to perform them.
  2. Define Lower Body – This exercise puts more emphasis on your glute and calves to work out the lower body region.
  3. Define Upper Body – Here is where you’ll have to do a lot of push up variations that’ll benefit your shoulders and triceps.
  4. Sweat – This workout combines yoga positions and some controlled resistance. The exercise is very effective for your strength and cardio.
  5. Core – If you are having big-belly or lower back problems then the core exercise will prove to be very beneficial to you. This is an ab-centric exercise that’ll give you a strong and healthier core/midsection.
  6. Drench – This is where you’ll burn lots of calories while flexing almost every muscle in your body. The exercise is useful for individuals that are looking to lose some weight and people that want to build endurance.
  7. Strength Intervals – Another incredible calorie burning exercise. Unlike the drench, Strength intervals is a bit shorter with a fast-paced workout where you’ll be moving from strength to cardio exercises. Strength Interval is a popular exercise among PiYo fans and the biggest reason behind this is its vast benefits to the cardio which it delivers without exposing you to harmful impacts as many other similar exercises would.
  8. Sculpt – Sculpt involves different tempos that increase the tension within your muscles helping to keep them defined.

The extra two exercises that incorporate strength slides include:

  1. Full Body Blast – This workout is similar to the strength intervals but the presence of strength slides means that it is more intense than the strength intervals. The high intensity also means that it’s able to burn more calories within a shorter period.
  2. Strong Legs – This exercise benefits, not just your legs but the entire lower body section. The intensity is high here and hence you can expect an extremely challenging exercise with better movements and results.

What do you get from the Basic PiYo DVD Package?

The basic PiYo package comes with:

  • Eight PiYo exercises
  • A quick start guide
  • The PiYo 60-day calendar that provides an arrangement on which exercises should be performed at which periods
  • A measuring tape that helps you to monitor your progress
  • Burns workout that is uniquely designed to deal with glute and hamstrings that are usually difficult to define
  • Get Lean Eating Plan that supports the workouts for healthier results
  • A free bonus workout DVD
  • 24/7 online support that will answer any questions or concerns you may have about the entire plan.

The Deluxe DVD package, on the other hand, is packed with:

  • Everything from the basic package listed above
  • Strength slides that increase resistance and intensity of the exercises
  • Two extra workouts i.e. Strength legs and Full Body Blast
  • A monster yoga mat


  • It’s a low impact workout plan
  • Fast weight loss
  • Very little equipment needed
  • The packages come with bonus DVDs
  • Comes with an amazing guarantee that allows you to return the DVD within 60 days if you’re not satisfied by the plan
  • Beach body on Demand members will be able to access 14 days of free trial
  • The plan is available on DVD and online


  • Various users have explained their disappointment with DVD errors and other similar problems
  • The DVD also has ads which can get really annoying
  • There have also been concerns that PiYo could be too difficult for most beginners and too easy for advanced individuals thus making it relevant for intermediate level only

Piyo Reviews

For advanced fitness enthusiasts, PiYo doesn’t seem to be the best plan they can get. The plan is, however, an amazing upgrade for everyone doing traditional yoga and pilates. If all you want is a relatively intense home-workout plan with minimal impact then PiYo is highly recommended.

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