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The Best Power Tower to buy in 2018 (Updated July 2019)

What is a Power Tower?

This is a piece of equipment that allows one to develop the upper body and the strength of the upper abdominal muscle. This machine is also referred to as a Knee Raise Station or Captain’s Chair. A power tower is considered on the most useful pieces of fitness equipment today. It is a handy equipment to have in the house for those who are seeking to practice home fitness instead of going to the gym.

Features of the Power Tower Machine

This is an exercise machine that is made of steel and commonly has forearm rests and backrest that form the chair, with vertical handles at the ends of the armrests.

Exercises to Perform with the Power Tower Machine

  • Pull-ups– this is performed by one attempting to pull themselves up and touch their chest on the pull-up bar. These exercises predominantly involve the latissimus dorsi muscle. By keeping the torso vertical, one increases the use of many of the muscles involved.
  • Chin-ups– with one’s forearms parallel and the palms facing the operator closer together than the width of the shoulders, the user works to pull their body upwards until the chin is over the bar. These exercises work the biceps, forearms, chest and upper body muscles like the rhomboid found between the spine and the scapula in the mid-back region, and trapezius muscles composed of the rhomboid major and rhomboid minor muscles. Deep or Atlas push-ups- they make use of the triceps and chest than the regular push-ups.
  • Knee raises– these work the lower abdomen and the obliques (both internal and external oblique muscles). If one twists the torso during the exercise.

Types of Power Tower Machines

Weider Power Tower

This type of tower machine is popular as a pull-up dip station. It is constructed using heavy-duty steel tubing and comes with easy-to-clean sewn cushions on the handgrips and armrests. Its dimensions are 84” H * 31” W * 44”L This equipment is easy to assemble. It is designed for upper body workouts targeting the chest, shoulders, arms, back and core area. The padded arms and backrests help to reduce the risk of injuries and make pieces of training enjoyable. One can perform a number of exercises allowing you to work out all the important muscle groups in the body. For example, pull-ups performed using the special bar that comes with the machine is good for building strong muscles in the shoulders, arms, and the back. On the knee raise station, one can perform leg raises and be hanging knee workouts which are ideal for strengthening and toning the upper and lower abs as well as the muscles in the legs, hips, and glutes.

 Advantages of the Weider Power Tower

It has good non- slip padding therefore firm and easy to grip. This machine is a high gauge steel construction making it firm and guarantees durability. It does not wobble even when a heavy person makes use of it. Versatility- one can make use of it to carry our diverse exercises. It has a very professional look and gives one value for money. This machine is user-friendly and reliable.

Disadvantages of the Wielder Power Tower

It could be too big to fit in a small apartment. Since the machine makes use of one’s own weight to provide resistance during workouts, it limits the weight you can work with. This means you start and finish the workouts with your weight and there is no option to begin exercises with small weights then progress.

Body Champ Power Tower

This is simple equipment that contains five workout stations to facilitate chin-ups, knee-raises, dips and wide and close grip pull-ups. The machine comes with foam padded handgrips; faux-leather backrest and angled VKR forearm pads. It is available in black and grey colors.

Advantages of the Body Champ Tower

It has a heavy-duty steel frame making it stable and durable. It has elevated push bars giving proper resistance during work out hence body toning. This equipment is easy to assemble. The machine is fairly priced making it affordable. It is suitable for anyone regardless of whether one is a trained athlete or a beginner on the fitness journey. The only drawback of this equipment is the fact that it is unstable during extreme dips.

Ironman Triathlon X Class Multi-Function Power Tower

This equipment is equipped with a construction grade steel tube frame to support a user who may weigh 400 pounds. It is inclusive of an ergonomically angled backrest measuring three inches and a thick angled elbow and forearm support. It offers a two-position adjustable leg raise handle, seven-position adjustable handlebars, and three-position adjustable beam.

The advantage of the Ironman Triathlon Tower

It is adjustable making it ideal to perform diverse exercises and at diversified degrees of resistance. This equipment is versatile and one can perform several exercises with it. It is a sturdy equipment. The disadvantage of this equipment is that it costs more than other types.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower

This is an easy to assemble power tower that is made from basic tubular steel. It is inclusive of a wide-grip pull-up station, a high bar, a dip station shoulder-width grips and a foot bar. Its frame has L- bends for easy gripping and the hand grips are designed ergonomically with foam padding.

The advantage of the Stamina 1690 Power Tower

This equipment is very compact and affordable.

The disadvantage of the Stamina 1690 Power Tower

This equipment is too light for advanced users and may not serve the purpose for them.

Bowflex Body Tower

This body tower is made by Bowflex and is multi-station equipment that comes with horizontal bars, a cushioned pad, handgrips and sling straps. This equipment can be used by a person weighing 300 pounds. It also allows the user to perform at least twenty different exercise routines. It is inclusive of a workout placard, allowing the user to plan their workouts adequately.

Advantages of the Bowflex

It has adjustable handles and the sling straps are an added advantage. The Bowflex is versatile and allows one to undertake a good number of exercises.

Disadvantages of the Bowflex

It is bulky equipment since it is designed to handle much body weight.

XMark Power Tower with Dip Station and Pull up

This power tower is made by XMark and comes with a pull-up/ chin-up bar, raised push-up handles, ergonomic dip station and grip posts that are covered to facilitate vertical leg raises. It comes fitted with rubber-coated handles and Dura guard Vinyl cushions. The frame of this power tower is put together using 14 gauge steel and is powder-coated to give it a rugged finish.

Advantages of the XMark Power Tower

It has high-grade steel construction guaranteeing its durability. It is also skid-resistant due to the rubber base. This equipment has extra cushioning making its use more comfortable.

Disadvantages of the XMark Power Tower – the equipment might be too expensive for some people due to its high price.

Gold Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower

This is a good equipment to add to any home gym. It provides push-up, dip and pull-up stations. It is made of solid steel and one gets a manufacturer’s warranty with its purchase.

Advantages of the Gold Gym Power Tower– the construction is thick tubular steel making it strong and durable. It has a good dip station. The cushioning of this power tower is thick making it comfortable to use. The warranty given after purchase is of benefit to the buyer.

The disadvantage of the Gold Gym Power Tower– The armrests are wide apart and one has strained and gets tired quickly when working out.

How to Use this Product

The power tower exercise machine is for use in one’s home. It can be used indoors or outdoors by placing it is on a flat surface with some room to work out. Depending on one’s preference, there are a number of workouts that can be done. One can browse the internet for workout videos so as to get ideas of what exercises can be performed with this machine. Consulting with a fitness instructor is also advisable in order to get the best information and a guide on how to maximize the benefits of this equipment.

Pricing of Power Tower Exercise Machines

As one is looking to purchase a power tower, it is important to consider factors such as the quality, the types of exercises one would be looking to perform, storage space for this equipment and the end results that one seeks to obtain. This will help you buy the equipment that will serve your needs. The prices of the power tower range from 80-600 dollars. For more information on this, one is advised to check the Amazon website.

Bottom Line

Fitness is now an integral part of our lives and it is important to consider the right equipment as one embarks on this journey. Having the right tools will prove to be of great benefit at the end of the day.

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