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Premier Protein Review 2018- Benefits & side effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Premier Protein?

Premier Protein is a renowned brand of protein bars and shakes. The brand aims at manufacturing protein products that strive to assist consumers to achieve the best results from their workouts. Premier Protein recognizes that everybody deserves to live an active and healthy life and this heavily depends on their nutrition. However, the hectic life that most people lead makes staying active and eating healthy quite challenging. This is why Premier Protein products strive to be the nutrition and health partner of consumers by helping them to make powerful and healthy choices.
Premier Protein
Premier Protein

Premier Protein works in an amazing way. It efficiently derives protein from a variety of sources before putting them into a premade protein bar or protein shake. This is good as it simplifies the process required to digest the necessary proteins levels. The products are portable and easy to consume. This eliminates the need of having to mix protein powders in order to replenish the nutrients utilized by the body following a hard workout session. This means that lazy people can greatly benefit from Premier Protein products.

Nutritional benefits

There are several nutritional benefits that are associated with the use of Premier Protein products, the main ones include the following:

Maintainers and muscle movers

Protein is known to assist the body to do the heavy lifting. This is because it allows people to optimize the use of their muscles. A lot of the daily activities that people engage in require muscle power but these muscles require protein in turn. It is a protein that repairs the muscles after they are damaged during workouts or physical activities. The human body functions in such a way that it absorbs the most nutrients shortly after a workout session. Protein helps the body to maintain in toning thus consumers of Premier Protein can keep moving but still look good while doing it.

Ultimate energizers
Premier Protein products allow consumers to benefit from the ideal combination of fats, carbs, and protein. Simple carbohydrates are good for providing quick energy. The ideal mix of fats, carbs, and proteins is recommended because it provides the body with a source of energy that lasts much longer. This is because each of the macronutrients in Premier Protein products takes different durations to be broken down by the body. The carbohydrates get absorbed first, followed by protein and ultimately fat. This means that the body has a much longer duration in which to enjoy an energy boost. Furthermore, the daily consumption of Premier Protein bar products that contain Soy is good for the heart because they are low in cholesterol and fat.

Hunger Busters

Protein is good for satiety, this is because its digestion is significantly longer. This is why the consumption of protein naturally makes people feel fuller for a longer period. Individuals who are watching their diet can benefit from Premier Protein products in this aspect. In addition, it means that these products can function as whole meals because they are balanced with regard to nutrients and exhibit satiety on consumption. It is not uncommon for people to use Premier Protein products as meal replacements in long flights and journeys

Healthy aging

Protein assists in building muscle. Strength and muscle mass get depleted with age and that is why Premier Protein products are important for people who are aging. The consumption of sufficient quantities of protein in every meal might help in retarding the loss of muscle mass. The recommended quantity is 25-30 grams of protein in every meal that is consumed. The consumption of protein combined with resistance training will assist in maintaining a vital and strong body.

Weight control

Protein helps in the management of weight. Reputable research by reliable institutions reveals that consumption of sufficient quantities of protein together with carbohydrates allows the body to utilize the extra calories as heat rather than to store them in form of fat. In addition, the feeling of satiety derived from the consumption of protein enables people to effectively control their cravings. Therefore, Premier Protein products can readily be used in weight management rather than the numerous unconventional methods available on the weight loss industry today. Generally, these Premier Protein products are high in protein but low on both carbohydrates and calories that are responsible for weight gain and a myriad of other health issues.


Protein is required for the growth and maintenance of strong bones and body muscles especially for children who are still growing and developing. However, most children do not love eating protein from conventional sources and that is why the delicious and nutrient-packed protein bars and shakes from Premier Protein are a good choice. This way, parents, and guardians can be assured that their young ones get adequate protein needed to grow up strong and have fun while doing so.

Premier Protein Products

There are several products under the Premier Protein brand name, these include the following:
  • Protein Shakes

Premier Protein Shakes include Shake Variety Pack, Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberries and Cream, Bananas and Cream, Organic Chocolate and Organic Vanilla.

  • Protein Drinks

Premier Protein Drinks comprise of Orange Mango Drink, Raspberry Drink, and Tropical Punch Drink.

  • Protein Powders

Premier Protein Powders include Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla 100% Whey* Powder and Chocolate 100% Whey* Powder.

  • Protein Bars

There is a wide variety of Premier Protein Bars such as Peanut Butter Caramel FIBER, Cookies ‘n Cream FIBER, Chocolate Mint FIBER, Fiber Variety Pack, Yogurt Peanut Crunch, Peanut Butter Crunch, Double Chocolate Crunch, Dark Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Lover’s Variety Pack, Chocolate Lover’s Variety Pack and Complete Variety Pack.

  • Protein Variety Packs

The product under this category is Peanut Lover’s Variety Pack, Chocolate Lover’s Variety Pack, Fiber Variety Pack, Complete Variety Pack and Shake Variety Pack.
The above insightful information about the products clearly indicates that the brand really strives to produce as many flavors as possible just to cater for the diversity of tastes.


There are a good number of pros that are associated with the use of Premier Protein products, the main ones include the following:

  • The products are a portable source of protein. This is beneficial because consumers can conveniently carry them anywhere they are going. Most people lead a life on the go and such healthy, as well as portable protein products, are highly appreciated.
  • Premier Protein products provide adequate quantities of protein that are required for the proper functioning on the body. The nutritionists and fitness experts that form the team at Premier Protein have put in the extensive scientific research to ensure that all the products are fortified with enough protein for the needs of the body.
  • Products such as Premier Protein Clear are excellent for hydration and can perfectly replace the commonly used unhealthy sports drinks and sugary juices. This is because it contains no sugar a few grams of protein and a significant quantity of calories.
  • These products are enriched with minerals and vitamins that play a vital role in promoting the immune system and general health of the body. This means that it does not only provide protein like a majority of the products in the market do.
  • The Premier Protein products have a pleasant taste thus making them very enjoyable. The taste helps in encouraging young children to consume the products to promote their good health. The good taste of the Protein shakes and bars from Premier Protein simplifies the consumption of protein required post workout for muscle repair and as fuel for the body.
  • Premier Protein has an array of flavors for every protein product that they manufacture. This is good because it caters to the taste buds of everyone, it is natural for people to have preferences and the brand fully acknowledges this fact.


  • Premier Protein products are fairly priced compared to other protein supplements out there on the market. In fact, the price gets better when purchases are made in bulk as it is with any other product on the market. It is like killing two birds with one stone because the products provide nutritional value while still assisting you to save some money.
  • The quantities of Premier Protein products is astounding. Each product is packaged generously with adequate quantities. This is because the manufacturer wants to provide value for the money that the consumer is spending on the product. The quantity mentioned on the label is exactly what the consumer gets if not slightly more.
  • The product packaging is nothing short of amazing. This is because the products do not require refrigeration and are easy to use. For instance, the shakes have a cap that only requires being twisted off in order to open. The twist to open technique helps to avoid causing a mess to clothes while trying to use the product. The lack of refrigeration aspect of the product also makes it ideal for it to be carried along to remote areas and to be used by people who cannot access a refrigerator.
  • The texture of Premier Protein is just superb as the products are smooth and creamy. The protein shakes are not too thick thus allowing consumers to pour them easily and ultimately consume them. The texture might seem like a trivial factor but the Premier Protein brand knows its significance in promoting the palatability of food products and that is why all their products aim for the right texture.
  • Premier Protein bars are larger in size and are packed with additional protein compared to the protein bars on the market. This means that Premier Protein bars provide a higher value for your hard-earned money. This helps a lot especially in such tough economic times where every dollar that is spent counts.

Premier Protein products are loved because they lack an aftertaste that does not augur well with most consumers. The last thing that anyone wants after consuming products is an aftertaste and that is why all the protein products are formulated in a way that eliminates an aftertaste occurring.

All the nutritional values and ingredients used in making the products are properly displayed. This ensures that the consumer has good knowledge of what they are purchasing and its impact to their overall, health and wellbeing. The list of ingredients on Premier protein products is not long as they only specify what has actually been used in the manufacturing process.
The sources of protein used in Premier Protein products contain both slow and fast absorbing protein. These proteins assist with functions such as overall satiety, muscle building, and muscle recovery. This can be quite beneficial to individuals who work out at the gym either by lifting weights or cardio as it significantly reduces their recovery time. In fact, many athletes are already incorporating the product in their workout routines because of its benefits in both recovery and nutrient supply.

The protein shakes of the Premier Protein brand come complete. This means that people do not have to mess with protein powders, shakers or even blenders. It is sold ready to use thus convenient for people who have very busy lifestyles but still need to eat healthy foods.

Premier Protein products provide consumers with 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that people who are not happy with the product they purchased can either get a full refund or have it replaced for another one. This displays the amount of confidence that the company has on the quality of their protein products. It is good on the side of the consumer because it eliminates all risk and this is why people should sample the products. This satisfaction guarantee is not accompanied by any time restraints and this makes it even better.


The addition of protein bars and protein shakes to an individual’s fitness routine can be an overwhelming affair, particularly if they see the numerous rows of choices they have to make at health food stores. This is why Premier Protein products are so valuable to the working class as it saves you a lot of time while providing your body with the recommended quantities of protein and other essential nutrients. Get your Premier Protein products today and start enjoying the benefits that they provide to the body. There are no more excuses for eating poorly with Premier Protein products available on the market. The availability of Premier protein products gives you the best opportunity to get the best protein products.

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