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Prime Male Review 2019- Benefits & side effects of this Testosterone Booster-

What is Prime Male?

Reality can be a painful thing particularly when you cannot do anything to change it. The truth is that we all have to grow old, we can’t avoid that fact. It also means that in a matter of years all the exercises that you are accustomed to will be almost impossible for you to do. That is if you are still young. If you are already old, well, you are probably living the nightmare. This is especially true if you had a terrible diet and inactive teenage years. While we can do nothing to avoid aging, we can do a lot to decide how we age. Just because you are destined to reach your 40s and 50s doesn’t mean that you no longer have to enjoy intense physical activities. Being old shouldn’t stand between you and the sexual drive that you and your wife need. Lots of people have let their age dictate their body performance, and this has to stop. The secret to turning back the clock is now public and just a few clicks away from you, and it is called Prime Male.

prime male

How does Prime Male work?

Testosterone is a male hormone whose role determines a great deal of your body’s functioning. It’s the presence and quantity of this hormone that will make you energetic and healthy. It is also responsible for fueling your sexual desires. If you are in your 40s, you can already see that I am describing your current predicament. Moreover, insufficient testosterone in the body will have you feeling fatigued, depressed, gaining unhealthy weight, having brittle bones and experiencing muscle loss. This is a perfect description of a miserable life that you no longer have to go through.

Prime Male is a robust red supplement which rewinds your body to its peak years. Through perfectly blended potent ingredients, the Prime Male will help to restore your initial testosterone levels taking your life back on the right joyous path full of energy, stamina, and sexual performance. It doesn’t matter whether you are 40, 50 or 60 years old. This supplement is formulated to stimulate your body to elevate the production of testosterone which helps to solve almost all the problems older adults face. What’s even more interesting is that the formula will do all this in a matter of weeks. Yes, weeks! A lot of T boosters usually promise you “Magical” Results, but then they go ahead to tell you that you have to take it for 8 or more weeks to boost your performance. Others will tell you that you have to be on the supplement for at least two cycles to enjoy the benefits. It’s tough to say whether these supplements are beneficial or they’re just trying to boost their sales.

This supplement is focused on three key areas that are known to affect testosterone levels in the system.

  1. Luteinizing Hormone

Luteinizing Hormone is a crucial compound in the involved in testosterone production. Through the D-AA-CC amino acid, Prime Male stimulates your hypothalamus to release the luteinizing hormone which then boosts production of testosterone in the testes.

Studies have shown that indeed D-AA contributes to higher levels of Testosterone. In one study, for instance, a group of men aged 27 to 37 was placed under a daily dosage of 3g of D-AA. After 12 days scientists discovered that their testosterone had increased by approximately 42%. To put this in perspective, a man of 30 years or older is estimated to lose around 1% of his testosterone every year. If you do the math, you will realize that the 42% increase is equivalent to almost 42 years of improvement done within 12 days!

Zinc is another mineral in prime Male that is used to increase your T-levels. Zinc boosts pituitary gland activities thus releasing adequate amounts of luteinizing hormone. This can double serum testosterone in your system within weeks.

  1. Prolactin and Estrogen

Maybe you never knew this but a man’s body contains several female sex hormones, and these include Prolactin and Estrogen. The presence of these hormones in our bodies is known to cause a reduction in T-levels. Prime Male has been formulated to combat their presence ensuring that production of testosterone is never inhibited. Through Boron, research has shown that you can drop estrogen levels by 39% in one week. That’s why the compound is also present in this supplement. There is also another ingredient, luteolin, that’s known to increase t-levels and reducing estrogen simultaneously. There are natural Mucuna Pruriens extracts which also contribute to the reduction of prolactin in men.

  1. Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

For testosterone to be useful and usable, it has to be existing freely within your body. This is the only way it can help you to grow muscle mass, increase your energy and gain better libido. In the body, however, a lot of your testosterone can end up being trapped in the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin rendering them inert. The Prime Male formula is focused on freeing the testosterones trapped here making them used elsewhere. It achieves this through the inclusion of Magnesium and Boron. Magnesium decreases SHBG in your system while Boron helps to reduce SHBG’s blood levels leading to more testosterone being released.

Prime Male Ingredients

The question of how Prime Male works leads us directly to the ingredients used. Whenever you go online shopping for a supplement the secret is always to look at their ingredients. Distributors can try to sell you a product with all sorts of beautiful and powerful words but if the list of its elements is weak then so is the product. The supplement you are buying should not only have the clinically proven minerals, but there should also be sufficient dosages for them to work efficiently.

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Prime Male is made up of the following key ingredients:

  1. D Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate

The compound abbreviated as D-AA-CC is a neurotransmitter and an amino acid responsible for enhancing luteinizing hormone’s performance in the body. When this hormone is released, your testes are triggered to secrete more testosterone. Clinical research has evidently shown that if you are to take 3 grams of this compound for 12 days, then your testosterone levels are destined to increase by 42%.

D-AA has also been associated with improving potency in men. A 2.7 grams dosage of the compound for three months will increase your semen by at least 50%. It can also increase serum testosterone from 30% to 60%. As you see, Prime Male will increase testosterone levels in your body and go even further to increase your semen. This makes it ideal for old people who are trying to get both their sex drive back and a baby.

1600mg of D-AA, in this supplement, is used in the form of calcium chelate which boosts its absorption in the body. Calcium Chelate makes the compound more soluble in water resulting in faster absorption which then leads to more rapid performance and results.

  • Boron

Prime Male has 5mg of Boron amino acid chelate. Boron enhances blood plasma, hormones, bone maintenance, inflammation, vitamin D, and Cognition. These are vital for every bodybuilder because it arms you both mentally and physically for all workout challenges.

Boron’s ability to reduce SHBG in the system also can’t be overlooked. In one study, men who had a 10 mg daily dosage of boron for one week experienced a significant reduction in their SHBG which led to a 28% boost in free testosterone. Estrogen levels also decreased by 39%. Even 6mg of boron can make an impact on your T-levels. It will, however, take a bit longer, around two months, but in the end, you will enjoy more than 29.5% increase in Testosterone.

  • BioPerine

This compound is mainly used to improve the bioavailability of the elements added in this supplement. By enhancing Bio-availability, the minerals in the supplement become easier and faster for the body tissues to absorb which is essential if you are looking for faster results.

  • Korean Red Ginseng Roots

If you are familiar with Asian herb, then you must have heard about the Red Ginseng roots. They have for centuries, been used to boost energy, increase longevity and strengthen overall body immunity. Laboratory studies conducted on animals ascertain their efficacy with results showing properties of treating impotence and low testosterone problems.

Another study in Korea established that using Ginseng for around eight weeks will improve not just the quality of your erections but also your sexual performance and satisfaction. There is 120mg of these extracts in prime Male.

  • Luteolin

A published article on Current Cancer Drug Targets claimed that Luteolin has a binding property that’s activated when it comes in contact with estrogen receptors. This result in a reduction in the production of estrogen. Chinese researchers also reported that Citrus Flavonoid Luteolin is a potent aromatase inhibitor. In simple terms, Luteolin helps to inhibit the functions of Aromatase consequently dropping the secretion of estrogen. Prime Male formula has included 60 mg of Luteolin.

Other ingredients used in this supplement include:

  1. 300 mg of Mucuna Pruriens Extracts – Reduces the female sex hormone Prolactin. Mucuna is also an amino acid that can act as a testosterone booster.
  2. 160 mg of Nettle Root – Nettle boosts testosterone in two ways; one is by reducing estrogen in your system, and the other is through Lignans, a compound found in Nettle, which binds on your SHBG freeing testosterone.
  3. 100 mg of Magnesium Citrate – Magnesium lowers SHBG increasing your T-Levels
  4. 30 mg of Zinc Citrate – zinc doubles the amount of serum testosterone in the body and also improves LH’s ability to stimulate more testosterone production.
  5. 5 mg of P-5-P (Vitamin B6) – It activates androgen receptors stimulating the production of testosterone from your testes. It is also useful in boosting libido, mood and facilitating faster absorption of magnesium and zinc.
  6. 45 mcg of Menaquinone-7 (Vitamin K2)
  7. 5000 IU of Vitamin D3

Benefits of Prime Male

The following are the key benefits that you will witness after several weeks of using Prime Male:

  1. More energy which will keep you fired up every time you go to the gym
  2. Stronger bones that will reduce chances of bone fractures which is rampant among most bodybuilders
  3. Elevated mood is crucial in ensuring you are mentally prepared for weightlifting and daily challenges
  4. Better libido that a lot of older men out there are desperately looking for
  5. More strength which should be crucial to your development and muscle growth
  6. Better cognitive performance, an essential recipe for a successful bodybuilder
  7. Improved prostate and cardiovascular health
  8. Elastic and healthier skin
  9. Reduced blood pressure
  10. Controlled blood glucose

Potential Side Effects of Using Prime Male

Generally, there have been very few reported side effects by Prime Male users. However, interactions of supplements always tend to range from one user to another, and that’s why a few people will complain of a mild headache or other personal reactions in case they are allergic to any of the used ingredients. Overall, this supplement is very safe for use.

The other issues some users have complained about is the frequency of taking the pill, and this is because the supplement has to be used four times a day.

How to take Prime Male?

One bottle of Prime Male has 120 capsules. Each of these red pills contains 750mg of the supplement. You are directed to take one tablet four times a day with a snack or a meal. This can be broken down into a pill in the morning with breakfast, midmorning with a snack, the afternoon after lunch and in the evening with another snack or after dinner.

How much does Prime Male cost?

Prime Male can only be purchased online from the official manufacturer’s website. A single box of this supplement, which lasts for around one month, costs $69. For two boxes you will pay $138. You will get a better deal if you purchase three boxes where you will get both a free shipping discount and another box for free at just $138!

The verdict of Prime Male

Prime Male is a Testosterone supplement that you can rely on, and that’s very rare to come across these days. Hollywood Star Dolph Lundgren himself is a huge fan of this supplement. Testimonials from hundreds of other bodybuilders show just how powerful the supplement is. It’s high time you stopped experimenting on your body with unproven products. Go for a potent item from a reputable company that assures results and Prime Male is precisely that. Add this supplement to your workout strategy today, and the results will be nothing short of stunning.

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