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Primeval Labs Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

What is Primeval Labs?

Have you already planned your goals in case of your appearance and health? If yes then you might be familiar with how much supplements can help you to achieve your goals in these cases. Usually most of the professional athletes use various different products to ensure that they get the neutron they require and along with that they also get the additional energy which they require to make most out of the training and work outs they do at the gym or tracks. In this article we discuss Primeval Labs supplements.


primeval labs
primeval labs

So if you are a professional athlete or someone just looking for things to amplify their routines then you would definitely require the right nutritional support to achieve your goals. A lot of people wonder how these athletes work, how do they know what to take and when it comes to health products which are formulated to help your body, gain muscles, lose weight, get an extra boost of energy, etc.

But how can you find the brand you can trust and which brand can help you to achieve your goals of health and fitness? Well, the answer for you is primeval labs. Although primeval labs are new it’s trying it to gain a position in the market by offering a wide range of supplements and also ways to help you achieve the top physical condition.


It can be really difficult when you are looking for health products which are formulated to help you make the most out of the time you spend in the gym working out. It is hard to choose which one to trust and which one to not. But when you think you have found the right one then it doesn’t have enough diversity to fulfill your requirement.

In addition to the products which can maximize your efforts, not all the products offer both pre-workout and post workout products. Even if you are a male or a female looking for products to burn extra fat then primeval labs have every product you may need. The products offered are safe and affordable.

  • The Right Support

You can see that primeval labs have researched to figure out about the types of products and support the athletes and non-athletes look out for. And now they have created the perfect formula which has managed to meet the top needs and requirements of professional athletes and also for the people looking for ways to stay fit or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a male or a female, fat or thin, or looking for complete body changes. There is everything for someone!

Listed below are the types of products offered by Primeval Labs:

  • Cycle Support

These supplements are meant to be taken for a particular period and after that you should stop consuming them for a while, to maximize their effectiveness. And then this cycle is repeated with the same supplements. Almost most of the products in this category are created for men looking for products to boost their testosterone levels & also to increase their anabolic Performance.

Currently, there are 4 products under this category out of which you can choose from depending on what you are looking for or trying to achieve.

  • Fat Burners

Primeval labs have created two unique and powerful potent fat burning formulas which can give you intense results quickly. The Black Devil is the most extreme and intense stimulants available. It provides a source of pure energy along with that it boosts your metabolism and produces a thermogenic effect.

Pyretic, is the second formula and is a non- stimulant fat burner formulated for use by both men and women. It will help you to get slender and toned a look that you might have been longing for.

  • Intra Workout

This category features only one product named Jerry Ward Signature Series BIOS 3 Intracell 7. This innovative product was created by primeval labs after teaming up with one of the famous personalities; “Diet Guy’’ aka Jerry Ward.

It seems like an expert blend which combines the right amounts of carbohydrates with all the essential amino acids which you require to build new muscle mass, whether if you want to go for a toned appearance or for a bulky one.

This blend will help you to gain enough ability to push through the obstacles & get more out of your training than ever before.

  • Muscle Builders

This category has the most innovative & robust products’ line carried by Primeval. Just like every man is different, and therefore their needs and requirements are too. Hence this line has products for every need whether someone needs extra testosterone boost or potent dose of essential amino acids.

You can select the product which you think is the best for you as each one is formulated to increase male potency. This will help you to gain more out of every lift, pump, and effort you put in your training and workout.

  • Pre-Workout

If you ever tried to maintain a balance between your college routine or work routine and your gym routine then you must have the idea of how hard it can be. Primeval labs have the best pre-workout products you can use to get increased energy levels, strength and also endurance which will eventually help you stay focused on your work out. Pre work out products are available both stimulant free and stimulant ones, you can figure it out which one will be the best for your body. Like if the supplement you use after or whilst working out is stimulant one then you can choose their work out a product which is non-stimulant to maintain the balance.

  • Sleep & Anxiety Support

Sometimes taking too many stimulants can cause trouble in sleeping. Well, this problem is quite usual with the athletes. Other than that even when you have managed to balance the levels of caffeine and stimulants then it could still make you feel a little more anxious than normal and finally, you might not get sleep at the desired time every night.

Hence again, Primeval labs have joined their hands with Jerry ward to create BIOS3 Xanix, which is both a sleeping and anxiety aid.

BIOS3 Xanix – Sleep & Anxiety Aid’s formula consists of 5-HTP & amino acids which helps during the recovery process along with that it also improves your mood so that you can relax with ease.

Summary on Primeval Labs

Primeval Labs have been successful in becoming a household name in the professional athlete field by providing and offering the wide range of products varying from improved solutions to easy to use products.

You can now order from their official website or other marketing places and get your hands on the products used by the professionals. With primeval labs, you wouldn’t have to look for the products which will work but they have proven their effectiveness already.

Whether you have any previous experience or not, whether you are a male or a female, whether you want to lose weight or become muscular. Primeval Labs have solutions for everyone and every type.

Well, primeval labs have solutions to almost everything; it provides you all the products you want to get your hands on!

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