Primobolan Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

Primobolan Overview

If you are an athlete and you are looking at ways and means to increase your muscle mass and have that enviable body with six pack abs and much more, then you will find quite a few things which are interesting as far as this article is concerned. Building that wonderful body is no easy task and it takes a lot of hard work, patience, perseverance.

Since ages, Primobolan is widely known as a very powerful anabolic steroid which increases muscle mass fast. It’s also considered as one of the safest anabolic steroids on the market, with mild side effects. This makes Primobolan a very popular steroid.

It is not only about the best of workouts and food habits. There are quite a few other things also which one need to take into account. You must have a good trainer who can help and guide you on the right path. Further, there are quite a few other things you should also be doing. The need to use the right steroids forms an important part of any body-building regimen. The market is filled with dozens of brands of anabolic and other steroids which are considered helpful for bodybuilding. In this article, we will try and a product called Primobolan which is evincing quite a bit of interest amongst bodybuilders. Is it really a good product? What are the main ingredients of this product and what sets it apart from others?

As mentioned above, though there are many such anabolic steroids on the market there is obviously something special as far as Primobolan is concerned. Before getting into the details about this product, there are a few things which we must understand. There is an injectable version of this product and it is referred to Primobolan Depot. However, we will be talking only about the orally administered version of Primobolan because this is more prominent and more widely used amongst bodybuilders.

What Is Primobolan made of?

The main ingredient around which this steroid is built is referred to as Methenolone. This hormone was first released in the year 1962. After a few years of intermittent use, the right to this hormone was obtained by Schering a huge German pharmaceutical company. This hormone was named as Primobolan. It basically is a European product and has never been manufactured in countries like the USA and others.

What Makes It So Special

The steroid has been in use for many years now and there are reasons to believe that it is one of the safest anabolic steroids available on the market today. It has an excellent safety rating behind it and it has been so for many decades now. It would be pertinent to mention here that this product has been used to treat children who are underweight and even premature infants. The results have been astounding and it continues to be used even today. It also would be pertinent to mention here that it is also regularly prescribed for those patients who suffer from osteoporosis and Sarcopenia, which is a loss of skeletal muscle mass because of aging. But at the end of the day, there is no doubt that this steroid is mainly is used for treating various muscle wasting diseases and for treating symptoms associated with long exposure to certain corticoid steroids.

Yes, it continues to be used quite commonly by bodybuilders for increasing their muscle mass. It also continues to find favor with athletes who use it as a performance enhancing tool. But it would be pertinent to mention here that the injectable form is more popular with athletes and bodybuilders because the oral version of Primobolan is much weaker. The problem with the injectable version is that there quite a few counterfeits available in the market. Secondly, the injectable version (referred to as Depot) is more expensive and not all can afford it. It would be pertinent to mention here that many famous personalities have been using this steroid and one such name which comes to our mind is Arnold Schwarzenegger. These are unconfirmed reports but the fact is that it is a highly popular steroid because of various reasons of effectiveness and safety standards.

It also would be pertinent to mention here that it is a female-friendly steroid. It has been used by many women quite successfully and safely. This is because steroids such as Primobolan have very low virilization ratings. This makes them perfectly safe and effective for female use.

We need to understand that Methenolone is a derivative from DHT or dihydrotestosterone. It is a structurally changed formed of DHT. A double bond is added at carbon one and two to the DHT hormone. This goes a long way in improving the anabolic properties of the hormone. It also comes with an added 1-methyl group. This helps a lot in protecting it because of hepatic breakdown. The further acetate ester is added which also helps in preventing it from hepatic metabolism. Though both the oral and injectable versions are of the same compositions there is no doubt that the injectable Depot Version is more effective. Women often find the oral version quite okay because of it mild nature.

We need to understand some traits of methenolone hormone to better understand Primobolan. This hormone is known to play a big role in enhancing protein synthesis. It also could have a role to play in moderately increasing the red blood cell count. There are however a few distinguishing features which separate it from other such steroids. One of the main reasons why this steroid is chosen over others is because it helps a lot in nitrogen retention. This goes a long way in ensuring that a catabolic state is prevented. It is also extremely useful for the building of lean tissue. But it needs to be kept in mind that it will not be able to increase mass and size quite dramatically. It also has a very strong binding affinity as far as androgen receptors are concerned. While most anabolic steroids do play a big role in increasing the metabolic rate, there are studies to prove that Primobolan could play a big and direct role in fat loss. When compared with its capacity to aid nitrogen retention, it certainly is a cutting edge tool for building the best of lean tissue and muscles, safely and effectively.

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It Also Works Well On The Immune System

It also would be pertinent to mention here that this steroid is known to have a positive impact on the immune system. Methenolone in many situations has shown to be quite effective in boosting the immune system. It has therefore been used for treating patients who are suffering from AIDS. Apart from giving a boost to the immune system it also could play a big role in negating the impact of muscle wasting which is a common problem with patients suffering from AIDS. It is the same benefit which helps athletes as far as their cutting phase is concerned.

primobolan infographic

Some Proven Effects Of Primobolan

It would be wrong to presume that using Primobolan will not work the same say as Anadrol and it certainly will not have the big impact of creating huge muscles and body mass. It certainly will not have much of an impact as far as offseason bulking cycle is concerned. However, it can work quite well as far as women are concerned. This is because women are much more sensitive to various anabolic steroids and therefore even a milk anabolic steroid go help a lot. It will help them to gain small and manageable increases. Hence as a man if you are planning to use it for off-season cycle, you may not get the desired results.

Does It Burn Fat On Its Own?

While there is no doubt that it will work perfectly well as a cutting steroid, those who are keen on losing body fat must keep a few things in mind. Unless we burn more calories than we consume, weight loss would not be possible. Further, you must also bear in mind that weight loss with this steroid could prevent you from the risk of muscle and tissue loss which often is a problem. Hence when you use Primobolan your muscle tissue and muscle mass always stay protected.

Benefits Of Primobolan 

Now that we have a broad idea as to how this steroid works, it would be interesting to have a look at a few benefits:

  • It is proven and time-tested as a safe and efficient steroid which helps in building muscle mass naturally without overdoing it.
  • It is also is known to be quite useful in burning those extra inches of fat provided it is used the right way.
  • It is also extremely useful as an agent for boosting immunity functions of the body. It is in fact used quite regularly for treating patients who are suffering from AIDS and other diseases where muscle wastage is a big problem.
  • It is also used on children and infants who need the right drug for enhancing muscle and tissue mass.
  • There are reasons to believe that Primobolan is also cost-effective and not very expensive as is the case with many other anabolic steroids.


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Primobolan Side Effects

It would be wrong to state that there are no side effects as far as this steroid is concerned. Like all anabolic steroids, this one also comes with its share of side effects. However what makes it different from others is the fact that the side effects are mild and not very difficult to control. However, it would call for the responsible and mature use of Primobolan. Anyhow it would be interesting to have some basic information about the various side effects that it comes with.

Estrogenic Side Effects: There could be some mild estrogenic side effects associated with this steroid. However, it could be safe to assume that the common problems associated with other anabolic steroids are not present in this drug. The risk of water retention or gynecomastia is almost not there. Therefore the risk of high blood pressure on the use of Primobolan is impossible. Though there is no need to go in for an anti-estrogen medication when using this steroid, your doctor could be the best person to decide on it.

There are some Androgenic side effects of acne, hair loss, and other such problems. However, hair loss is more prominent in men who are known to suffer from pattern baldness. There are quite a few drugs including 5-alpha reductase inhibitors which could fight the negative androgenic side effects associated with this drug.

As mentioned above the risk of high blood pressure is not there unless there is an underlying issue which causes spikes in blood pressure. Hence it would be better to keep a close watch on it. There have been some issues pertaining to either reduction or suppression of HDL cholesterol. It could also lead to increased levels of LDL cholesterol. However, this problem can be overcome by making some changes to diet or going in for some supplements. Diet rich in omega-3 or a quality omega-3 dietary supplement should be enough to take care of the above side effects. Finally, there are no reasons to believe that it is hepatoxic because it is well tolerated by the liver and metabolized and excreted quite efficiently. However, care has to be taken that the dosage is exactly as suggested by the doctors.

Primobolan Dosage 

The standard dosage for men would be in the range of 100 to 150 mg per day. The same will also be applicable for performance doses. There are studies to prove that men have started seeing very positive results even on a dosage of 50 to 75 mg per day. Higher dosages are also tolerated quite well in most of the cases. As far as women are concerned, the standard dosage is 25 to 50 mg per day. The total usage with a starting dosage of 25 mg should not exceed 4 to 6 months (with incremental intake) as far as women are concerned.

Conclusion on Methenolone

After factoring the various uses, results and various other attributes, there are many logical and proven facts which point to the immense benefits of using Primobolan. It is one of the most effective, safest and result oriented anabolic steroids. The reason why it has stood the test of time is that it is extremely safe and it works on small doses. While it works exceedingly well in bodybuilding, muscle building, and tissue building, it also improves metabolism and also can play a big role in improving the immune functions of the body.

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