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Probolan 50 Review 2019 -Benefits & side effects-

What is Probolan 50?

When we are talking big and fast promises in the marketing of supplements, then Probolan 50 can’t miss out. This testosterone supplement claims to boost your T-levels by 400% within 48 hours! Yes, you read that right. 400% in 48 hours! And that’s not all. They also claim that within two days you will start noticing visible muscles coming out, enhanced mood and increased strength. It feels so unreal for an oral supplement to claim such benefits in such a short time. In supplements marketing, however, we are used to seeing companies promise all sort of things just to have you place your first order. But does Probolan 50 work or is it just all talk and no results?

probolan 50


Probolan 50 is a relatively new supplement in town that’s manufactured in Poland. It was first introduced in the bodybuilding industry around three years ago. The manufacturers, Dhamil Corp, claim that this product is made using potent natural ingredients perfectly blended to increase your muscle mass, strength levels, and sexual performance. According to them, you won’t have to go through the frustrating waiting period after your first dosage. While most other supplements out there ask for your patience before you can witness muscle growth, Probolan 50 wants you to take the supplement and continue with your daily routine, hitting the gym and within two days your muscles, stamina and energy levels will be as fresh and strong as a new. In just 48 hours, all that fat which has been bothering you will be converted into muscles. These are strong allegations but don’t rush into buying the supplement just yet because there are some concerns that you should know about.

Probolan 50 Ingredients

The first problem we have with this product is when you try to search for the ingredients used. The manufacturers have not published any components. You won’t find a list on their website, product or in marketing publications. I know proprietary blends used by other supplements are bad because we are told about the ingredients used but not about their dosages. What Dhamil Corp have done with Probolan 50 however, is way worse. We only know about one compound and nothing else. In short, Probolan 50 is asking you take a leap of faith and just use the supplement without questioning what is in it. I don’t know about you, but personally, that is too big a faith to put on some Poland product that’s barely four years old in the market.

Companies that are confident with their products don’t ever shy away from disclosing details about its contents. If you are to purchase Probolan 50 right now, it will be solely due to what the manufacturers have told you and what other users think about this supplement. The two are not very reliable reasons for buying a T-booster because; One, no manufacturer out there will ever say anything negative about their supplement and two; you can never tell whether the user reviews are genuine or it’s bodybuilders paid to market the item. Moreover, we know that supplements work differently from person to person so someone else could be enjoying the benefits of Probolan 50 but it won’t work for you.

The one item that promotional materials mention about Probolan 50 contents is Epihydroxetiolan-17-Ester Matrix. This is a new chemical made in a laboratory that’s believed to be capable of influencing testosterone levels. It is an unknown compound, and this raises, even more, questions about its effectiveness. You would think that by mentioning it Dhamil Corp (Probolan 50 manufacturers) will fill us with confidence, but it has done precisely the opposite. A chemical made in a lab with no studies showing its benefits sounds quite dangerous. You can try and search the compound online, and there won’t be much to find. LiveStrong, WebMD, Examine and other nutritional websites have very little data about the efficacy of this compound.

Probolan 50 manufacturers have used this compound as the basis for the 400% testosterone boost claim. They think that the supplement will promote the burning of fat, muscle growth, and enhance your mental focus and performance. Dhamil Corp’s official website claims that there is a study done to support these benefits, but they haven’t provided any such link on the site. An online search of that research doesn’t bear any fruits either. This, therefore, could be nothing short of speculations and that doesn’t paint the supplement well.

The users also claim that a boost of testosterone from Epihdroxetiolan-17-Ester Matrix will be critical in boosting your sexual performance. It is likely to increase sexual fantasies and the desire to act on them. Furthermore, the boost in testosterone will prevent premature orgasms, impotence, and sexual dysfunctions. A lot of men out there with testosterone deficiency are experiencing these issues, and the product could be a significant boost to their libido. With a lack of information and enough research done on the compound, it’s hard to tell whether they will deliver any such results.

Another absurd thing you will notice in Probolan 50 promotional publications is its comparison to coca-cola. They claim that like in Coca-Cola, Probolan 50 users know what the main component is, i.e., Epihydroxetiolan-17-Ester Matrix for Probolan 50, but are unaware of the proportions of the blend. This is poor and very inaccurate. The first problem with this analogy is that coca-cola has published a complete list of ingredients both on the website and on the cans of the drink. This is useful as it allows people to see whether elements used will react negatively with their bodies in the form of allergies or unfortunate interactions with other medications. Probolan 50 inability to provide these details leaves you with absolutely no clue about what its short term and long term effects on you could be.

Another problem with the coca-cola comparison is that Probolan 50 is a potent supplement and not some recreational beverage. If you were drinking Probolan 50 for fun, you would care less about what’s in it as long as its taste fits your desires. However, it’s a product meant to alter the chemicals and hormones in your body. You, therefore, don’t have the privilege of taking it recklessly without knowing its contents. When you don’t know about a compound and how it will impact your body, then there’s no way of determining whether the changes it will make on your body match with what you are looking for.

Benefits of using Probolan 50

According to Dhamil Corp, Probolan 50 will:

  • Increase your testosterone by 400%
  • Improve lean muscle mass
  • Increase strength
  • Burn fats. The product isn’t a weight loss supplement, but fat burning by Probolan 50 will facilitate the growth of muscles
  • Enhance your mood

These are the results of using the Epihydroxetiolan-17-Ester Matrix supplement which allegedly works by blocking Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and prevents the conversion of DHT and Estrogen.

Potential Side Effects of using Probolan 50

As we had already said, because the active compound used is not well known and is under-researched, we have no way of knowing what it’s short-term or long-term side effects could be. From online sources, there are no serious reported effects. A few people have reported cases of heavy breathing abnormal sweating and sore muscles. This could, however, be a case of an individual’s reaction to the medication and not necessarily the effects of the chemicals used.

Taking Probolan 50

The frequency of using this supplement ranges depending on whether you are a starter or in the other two more advanced phases. For starters, in the first week, you should only take one capsule per day and then two tablets in the second week. On the third week, you are supposed to use three pills and then move back to two pills on the fourth week and a single tablet on the final fifth week. As you can see, this is quite complicated and gets even worse when you are in the Extreme or Titanium phase of the supplement. The product does come with directions plan to make it simpler.

Where can I buy Probolan 50?

As of the writing of this review, Probolan 50 was exclusively sold from the manufacturer’s website. The lack of third-party retailers is a good thing in that it has reduced the possibility of fraudulent Probolan 50 being distributed but can also be an issue due to the waiting times involved when it’s being shipped.

The price of this supplement depends on which phase you are one. The first stage for starters contains 60 tablets that are to be used within five weeks. This package will cost you $49.00. The second phase, Extreme, uses 180 capsules that should last for ten weeks. It retails at $98.00. Finally, you have the 16-weeks Titanium stage with 360 tablets going for $147.00. Dhamil Corp also charges a crazy fee of $25 for handling and shipment. This is a lot compared to most other supplements cost $5 to $10.


It is challenging to determine whether a product will work or not when you don’t have information about what it contains. There, however, seem to be more signs that this product is more likely not to work than to work. And the lack of sufficient research about the active and only known ingredient may also be a worrying sign that the compound might not just be ineffective but could also be dangerous for your health. It is also quite expensive for a supplement that you are not sure about. Inconclusive, Probolan 50 looks to be surrounded by more negative and speculative things than favorable results. For this reason, most people would instead just go for other well-known testosterone supplements.

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