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Proform Pro 2000 Review 2018 – Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is the ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill?

ProForm Pro 2000 is a treadmill designed for versatility. This is the perfect equipment that you can rely on to give you the best experience whether you want to do some walking, jogging, light or even high running. So, with hundreds of other treadmills out there why should you bother purchasing the ProForm Pro 2000? What makes it stand out from other competing equipment? Is it worth the $1,000 asking price? In this review, we are going to address all these concerns and explain to you why we believe the ProForm Pro 2000 is up there among the best treadmills at the moment.


There is no going around the fact that the Proform Pro 2000 is arguably the most solid treadmill out there. This is not one of that basic equipment that will force you to dig into your pockets fixing any breakages. In fact, it can comfortably support individuals as heavy as 350lbs and with the sufficient running surface height and the size of your legs shouldn’t be a problem. ProFrom Pro 2000 was rated the best buy item in various treadmill reviews which goes a long way to explain how respected it is in the fitness industry.

It is made by ProForm an experienced treadmills manufacturer. This company has been around for decades manufacturing dozens of this equipment. Talk about experience, knowledge, and resources be it financial or human; they have it all. Let’s just say that ProForm is one of those companies you can fully rely on to deliver a treadmill that perfectly addresses your fitness needs.

What makes the Proform Pro 2000 treadmill the brilliant equipment it is?

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ProForm Pro 2000 Features

Large Backlit Screen

The dual color screen has received massive improvement when compared to previous models. It is now less bulky, bright and easier to read and its sleek designing gives the entire treadmill an elegant touch. You will also notice that there are speed and one-touch incline buttons from which you can customize the treadmill into your preferred settings. The console fan has also received a major boost promoting faster cooling for better performance.

What we found even more interesting on this part of the treadmill is the added tablet holder just above the console! This allows you to attach your tablet and conduct your various businesses as you continue with your workout. From this point, you can conveniently stream your favorite Netflix shows and even have a look at the stock market without coming off the treadmill!

Large Running Belt

With the extra-large running belt, tall runners no longer have to feel like they are tripping off the treadmill’s edges. The belt measure 22 by 60 inches which is the biggest made by ProForm as far as length and width go. With all this space you can run and stretch out comfortably.

Strong Motor

If you are to get the best out of your large running belt, you have to ensure that your motor is powerful enough. Additionally, if your motor isn’t supplying enough power to run the belt chances of it burning out are very high. The Proform Pro 2000 treadmill incorporates a 3.5 HP motor that is UL safety certified and dynamically balanced to offer the best running experience. Runners, joggers, and walkers will all be able to keep up with this belt.

The motor comes with a lifetime warranty which shows just how effective and reliable it is.

Incline and Declines

How many treadmills out there can tilt downward mimicking a downhill walk? Not many. ProForm Pro 2000 is one of the few treadmills that give you an incline range running from 15% to -3%. This helps you to burn more calories.

iFit Connectivity

iFit Connectivity breathes life into this machine. The feature doubles up as your trainer and entertainer. With iFit, you can track your progress and see where you are and what you need to get to your fitness goals. You can download new workout challenges that will help to push your fitness even further.

Through iFit you’ll also be able to virtually run your way through Paris, Hawaii and many other famous trails. Watch through the tablet as you pass through famous landmarks across different parts of the world. Just how cool is this? To make it even more realistic, the treadmill will also decline and incline depending on the terrain you are running on! iFit ensures that working out on your treadmill at home is more engaging and entertaining than ever.

Accessory Tray

Under the console, there is a small tray where you can put various accessories that you think would be useful as you continue running. You can, for instance, put some keys, magazines and a remote to switch through various channels while running. This tray improves convenience and has helped to significantly minimize interruptions that used to see people move on and off treadmills.


This is a really useful feature especially if you are operating on limited space. The treadmill is designed to fold becoming a bit more compact and easy to store away. Its shock-assisted system will also make sure that you do not strain your back when you are lifting it.

Is the Treadmill Noisy?

None of us wants a treadmill that we can’t use without waking up everyone in the house. Checking out the noise output of a treadmill will help you understand whether you’ll need reinforcements on the walls of your workout room or not.

The ProForm Pro 2000 performs reasonably well regarding noise output. At higher speeds, the noise will be on medium levels. It’s relatively quiet at low speeds. The standard whirring sound of the belts is also kept low.

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ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Specs

  • Dimensions: 63” by 39.5” by 80”
  • Running Surface: 22” by 60”
  • Speed range: 0 to 12 mph
  • Maximum supported weight: 350 lbs.
  • CoolAire fan that helps to keep you cool and fresh throughout your workouts. They can be regulated at two speeds
  • 3% decline
  • 0-15% incline
  • Wireless polar chest strap and pulse grips for monitoring heart rate
  • iFit technology for fun workouts supported by Google maps
  • an aux port for MP3 player and iPod
  • Integrated with 3” speakers on the dash
  • 32 inbuilt supporting programs


  • The Proform Pro 2000 treadmill is fitted with a powerful motor that functions quietly
  • The speed limit is reasonably high with both incline and decline options
  • It’s foldable which makes it very easy to store away
  • You get to monitor your heart rate through the chest strap and grip sensors
  • A spacious belt that can support all users
  • High weight limit
  • Features the Intermix Acoustic 3 sound system for entertainment
  • Fitted with ProShox cushioning that prevents soreness and reduces fatigue


  • To enjoy the iFit technology, you have to purchase another monitor separately which could cost up to $100
  • The dual-color console means that you can’t enjoy detailed graphics and this is a huge drawback considering other treadmills within its price range are multicolored
  • Several users online complained of poor customer services

The verdict on the Proform Pro 2000

There is no doubt that the Proform Pro 2000 treadmill faces various challenges as illustrated above. However, there are so many positives to pick from it which makes it an ideal workout accessory. The powerful motor will keep you challenged whether you want to run, jog or just walk and you don’t have to pay a hefty price regarding noise. The iFit feature and unlimited programs are also crucial in making sure that you are well motivated throughout your workouts. All these are aimed at ensuring that you are having a fun time on the treadmill which should help you achieve your workout goals much faster than you thought. The ProForm Pro 2000 is a well thought-out machine that’ll be fantastic for any home use, and its reputation is a testimony to why overlooking it is a massive mistake.

User Testimonials on the Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill

The following are a few highlights of first-hand experiences of other users of this equipment;

“Easy to assemble and use. Smooth and easy selections are great (incline and speed). Very happy with my purchase. Not so sure about IFIT membership, guess I need to work harder at figuring out the module with the treadmill.” By DB

“I like the Proform Pro 2000 treadmill. I had to give it a few runs to give an honest review. It is smooth, easy to maneuver through the speeds and heights. I use ti for interval training and regular runs. I do go through the speeds and heights regularly, especially when I am doing my interval runs. I think this is a great treadmill and a great value. It is well made, comfortable to run on and easy to use.” By LMG

“I LOVE this treadmill!!! Its powerful, robust, quiet and it was very easy to assemble. My husband and I took about 1.5 hours to put it together. I run on it almost daily for 4 miles. My husband also runs every other day for 5+ miles. We bought it about 5-6 months ago… no problems” By CKoop

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