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Protein Pancakes Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What are Protein Pancakes

A pancake is usually a thin and flat cake that is made from starch-based butter that incorporates eggs, milk, and butter. It is usually cooked on a hot stove or surface using a frying pan then fried with a little bit of vegetable oil or butter.

Protein pancakes is a pancake mix that is mixed usually with protein powder or substitutes such as oats, eggs, and baking powder and it is blended till it has a smooth consistency then fried like normal pancakes. They are really beneficial because due to its protein content and it generally left you feeling a lot fuller and prevents hunger pangs for a longer period of time and it is a great option especially for people who want to manage their eating habits and provide more brain power and help in managing blood sugar levels.It also provides variety especially if you are looking for ways of eating protein for breakfast but don’t want to go with the norm such as bacon and eggs.


Help in providing twice as much protein of traditional pancakes but with just as much delicious flavor. Light and fluffy, these tasty pancakes will add a protein punch to your regular breakfast.

It is a delicious protein-rich breakfast option and to add more flavors, try adding cinnamon or vanilla or add fresh fruit like strawberries, bananas, apples or blueberries for a sweet breakfast treat for a low fat and high protein meal

When incorporated with protein supplements they help in enhancing workouts and also help in supporting exercise recovery and provide amino acids to help in fueling the muscles.

Benefits of protein pancakes

  • A pancake that is high in protein can help to stabilize the blood sugar and also prevent you from feeling hungry for a couple of hours.
  • They help to nourish the brain and body because protein is an excellent source of amino acids and the brain requires amino acids so that it can be able to produce neurotransmitters that are the most important part of the brain communication system network when you eat protein pancakes your brain will stay active and alert and function at a high capacity.
  • Protein pancakes are rich in minerals that help you to stay full for a longer period of time when compared to carbohydrate pancakes when you are full one can be able to do other pending tasks rather than focus on how you are hungry.
  • It is highly recommended for children suffering from ADHD because it allows your brain to function at a higher capacity.
  • It helps to reduce cravings because once you have eaten it helps to sustain the feeling of fullness throughout the whole day.
  • They are a great way to help you to grow bigger muscles and help you keep your leaner mass.
  • They are easy and fast to prepare and will give your body the needed nutrients.
  • Because proteins have a higher thermic effect compared to carbohydrates it helps you to boost your metabolism because they take a lot of energy to be able to digest them.
  • Helps you to regulate your insulin levels and protect you against diseases such as diabetes.


  • When you take too much it might cause gas and bloat
  • Some protein pancakes ingredients may cause the body to take a longer time to get absorbed
  • Some of the recipe ingredients may cause the levels of sodium to be  high and cause allergies


Basic protein pancakes

First, you will need a ¼ cup of raw oats, a ¼ cup of cottage cheese, ½ scoop of protein powder and ½ cup of egg whites. Ensure that you blend all the ingredients until batter forms then pour the batter bit by bit over a hot griddle or frying pan and start flipping when you notice that the pancake edges have started browning you can serve these pancakes with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and top it all off with almonds.

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Two ingredient pancakes

First you need 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites and 1 small ripe banana, start by mashing the banana and crack the eggs in it then start stirring until the mixture becomes homogenized then heat up and grease  a griddle or a frying pan on medium heat and then pour about 2 ½ inches wide puddle of batter and then after about twenty-five seconds or has browned gently flip the pancake . This recipe will make about three to four small pancakes

Fit men cook lean pro8 blueberry pancakes

You will need one scoop of lean pro 8, a half a cup of egg whites, a half a cup of oatmeal and ensure that they are uncooked, a half a cup medium banana, a half a cup of blueberries, two tablespoons of baking soda. Firstly you should place the raw uncooked oatmeal in a blender or a food processor then blend it still has a fine powdery texture then add the eggs ,banana, baking powder and protein powder and blend till it has a smooth consistency then toss the blueberries in the batter and mix using a spoon or a spatula , place a greased up griddle or frying on medium heat and take out a tablespoon and measure two tablespoon of batter per pancake then cover the pancake while they are still cooking so that it can cook inside faster ensure that you cook them for about forty-five seconds to one minute on the first side and thirty to forty-five minutes on the other side

Almond Butter Protein Pancakes

First you will need one scoop of optimum nutritional gold standard a hundred percent whey vanilla ice-cream, three egg whites, a quarter cup of water, one tablespoon of almond butter, one Splenda packet, two tablespoons of sugar free syrup then you mix all the ingredients in a bowl until it forms a smooth batter but if need be you might add a little bit of water then cook them over medium heat and plate them on top of each spread one tablespoon of almond butter then sprinkle them with one packet of Splenda and drizzle maple syrup if you desire you might add a few strawberries and bananas

Protein Pow Pancakes

First you need a quarter cup of rolled oats, a quarter cup of gasperi nutrition cinnamon roll  myofusion elite protein series, a half a cup of liquid egg whites, 1/8 cup of vanilla pea protein powder, a quarter cup of flaked coconut, a quarter cup of almond milk and a half teaspoon of baking soda, ensure that you blend all the ingredients together and spray a nonstick pan with coconut flour , PAM or use a low calorie spray the turn your heat to medium or high flame then once your pan is sizzling hot pour your batter on it and then turn the heat back to medium or low to make sure that the pancakes cook through without burning flip the pancakes once bubbles start to form on the surface then flip again and they are ready to be eaten

Banana Pancakes

You will need a quarter cup of unsweetened coconut flakes, one to two scoops of optimum nutrition a hundred percent gold standard whey vanilla ice-cream, six whole eggs , two egg whites, one tablespoon of coconut oil , one whole banana, sugar free maple syrup to taste, cinnamon to taste ensure that you preheat your pan to three hundred degrees then in a bowl mix the eggs a quarter cup of coconut flakes a half of a mashed up banana and a half drop of liquid stevia then melt the coconut oil in a microwave and add to the mixture stir in the flax meal and protein to a desired creamy consistency and add cinnamon then pour on the pan and cook a few minutes on each side then once all pancakes have been prepared slice up the remaining half of the banana and top the pancakes with the zero calorie maple syrup.

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Berries and Crème Protein Pancakes

First, you will need a three-quarter scoop of cellucor COR performance whey strawberry milkshake, a quarter cup of blueberries, a third cup of oats, one tablespoon of light or unsweetened almond milk and four egg whites. Start by mixing all ingredients together in a bowl and then spray the medium sized skillet with a nonstick spray then place on medium heat when the pan has heated up pour in the batter and once you start seeing bubbles appearing on the top of the pancake flip it when each side is golden brown the pancakes is ready to be eaten

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pancakes

You will need a half a scoop of monster milk peanut butter chocolate, one cup of liquid egg whites, two tablespoons of raw coconut flour and one tablespoon of betty Lou’s organic powdered PB . First, you should mix all the ingredients in a bowl until they form a thick batter then pour the batter onto a greased skillet and then cook it like you would a pancake top it with all natural peanut butter or sugar-free maple syrup


The protein pancakes ingredients will vary in prices depending on where it was manufactured, the features it has it is always recommended to check the Amazon website for more information concerning the prices

Conclusion on protein pancakes

These types of pancakes are a delicious protein-rich breakfast option and they are easy and fast to prepare and will give your body the needed nutrients. It is suitable for people who want pancakes that are rich in minerals and those that help you to stay full for a longer period of time.

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