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Pure Nitro Max Review 2019- Should you buy this Testosterone Booster?-

What is Pure Nitro Max?

Pure Nitro Max is a powerful testosterone booster, made with natural and herbal ingredients.

Designed for bodybuilders, this supplement is not very useful for people who don’t exercise regularly. The strongest effects of this supplement start kicking in when the user exercises regularly, eats a proper diet and takes all the supplements in the correct dosages.

Pure Nitro Max elevates the body’s Nitric Oxide levels while increasing strength. However, it has another effect that elevates it to one of the top ranks of supplements – it helps burn fat much faster along with boosting the fitness of the user during workout sessions. With such a wide range of effects, Pure Nitro Max is quite well-regarded in the market.

Pure Nitro Max is manufactured by BioTrim labs, located in the United States. Known for creating high-quality supplements, BioTrim labs produce a large number of products designed to help people slim down and get fit.

pure nitro max

What Does Pure Nitro Max Contain?

There are a number of powerful ingredients packed into the Pure Nitro Max Supplement, all of which combine to give users a huge boost in strength, stamina and fat burn. The active ingredients in Pure Nitro Max are:

Nitric Oxide – One of the core ingredients of this supplement, Nitric Oxide is incredibly useful for bodybuilders. It increases strength, allowing users to lift greater weights, increases stamina, allowing for longer workouts and increases energy, ensuring that the bodybuilder is not completely wiped out after a workout session. Nitric Oxide also expands blood vessels, improving their efficiency. This increases the flow of blood to the heart, brain, and other vital organs, improving their oxygen absorption. It reduces the blood clotting as well as the growth of plaque in the heart. It also provides a mental boost, giving users an increase in neurotransmission. One of the requirements of the human body, nitric oxide keeps people from feeling fatigued.

L-Citrulline – One of the natural ingredients of Pure Nitro Max, L-Citrulline is an amino acid. Found in many natural ingredients, it increases stamina and strength, while improving heart health. It has also been known to combat erectile dysfunction. But for bodybuilders, there is one major advantage L-Citrulline provides – it aids in the creation of creatine phosphate, building an energy reserve in the muscles. Creatine Phosphate is used to recycle adenosine triphosphate, the substance that provides energy to cells.

L-Arginine – This particular amino acid is found a large number of foodstuffs, and is present here in concentrated form. It improves the health of the cardiovascular system by helping maintain blood pressure in the normal range. Often, bodybuilders suffer from side effects of various supplements which increase their blood pressure. This amino acid works to counteract that. It also makes the waste removal function of the bodywork better, helping people who may suffer from water retention. It dilates the pulmonary pathways as part of a cardio boost, and it also improves bone density. All these effects work together to improve lean muscle mass.

AKIC – Arginine Ketoisocaproate, better known as AKIC, is a monohydrochloride salt of alpha ketoisocaproic acid and calcium. These two substances, when combined, form an amino-calcium salt that causes increased bioavailability and absorption. AKIC slows the process of catabolism, which is particularly useful for people on a strict cutting diet. It also reduces the production of ammonia in the muscles after intense exercise, leading to improved endurance and stamina. AKIC also increases insulin production. By storing glucose in the muscle cells and preventing it from accumulating in the fat cells, muscles look fuller, but lean muscle mass remains unchanged. This ingredient is particularly useful for people who are bulking.

AAKG – Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate is an amino acid that helps in the production of nitric oxide in the liver. While this supplement does contain its fair share of nitric oxide, this particular ingredient boosts the body’s natural ability to produce it. Just like AKIC, AAKG is used to break down excess ammonia in the muscles after a workout. It also boosts protein synthesis, helping the body build muscles and increasing their size, strength, and endurance.

GKG – In order for Pure Nitro Max to have a balanced effect, GKG has been added to the mix. A well-known mood booster, GKG provides mental endurance and focus, which is very helpful for bodybuilders, allowing them to push past their limits. GKG, also known as Glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate, is not limited to mental effects. It also supports cell volumizing and amino acid transport. As a combination of alpha-ketoglutarate and taurine, GKG is often used to replenish the body’s natural amino acids after a workout.

Side Effects

Despite a large number of positive reviews for Pure Nitro Max, there are a number of side effects that must be considered. Several of the ingredients in the supplement boost the functioning of the cardiovascular system, but due to this, blood pressure can be affected. Users have reported a drop in blood pressure after taking the supplements. Apart from this, side effects like abdominal pain, diarrhea and bloating have also been reported. Some users displayed sensitivity to some of the ingredients, which induced allergy attacks. Pure Nitro Max has also exacerbated the symptoms of asthma in certain users. Due to its powerful effects, it is not recommended for pregnant women. For the same reason, the duration of the regimen has to be short – three months is held to be the maximum time one should take Pure Nitro Max.

This product is also not recommended for people below 18 years of age.

Benefits of Pure Nitro Max

Some of the benefits of this powerful supplement are described above, but let’s take a closer look at them.

  • Nitric Oxide Enhancement – This supplement works in two ways – it enhances the production of nitric oxide in the liver while providing an extra dose of nitric oxide as well. This two-pronged approach provides more than enough nitric oxide to help your muscles develop properly.
  • Stamina and Energy Boost – Bodybuilders using this supplement will find that they will be able to pump more, workout harder and run much longer than they previously could. The combination of these ingredients provides your muscles with incredible stamina and endurance while providing you with the mental boost and energy necessary to keep going through all your workouts.
  • Time Release – Since the ingredients in this supplement try to transform into Nitric Oxide as fast as possible, it leaves your body with a store of Nitric Oxide that can be used throughout the day. The effects are long-lasting, and the increase in stamina can usually be experienced all day long.
  • High-Quality Diet and Workout Supplement – Pure Nitro Max is mostly useless when taken without a proper diet or workout routine. But combined with a good routine and a balanced diet, users will be able to see results within weeks. Since it takes advantages of natural bodily processes, the benefits gained by taking it don’t disappear immediately. By maintaining a diet and workout regimen, you will be able to keep the improvements that this product delivers.
  • Weight Loss – One of the major features of this supplement is its contribution to weight loss. It actually has several ways that work together to burn fat and reduce weight. The simplest method it uses is energy and stamina boosts. If users have the energy to workout longer, they burn more fat. The second way it helps is with insulin, as mentioned above. When it stimulates the production of insulin, the resulting glucose combines with carbohydrates to get stored in the muscles. This stops glucose from being stored in fat cells.

Along with this, L-Citrulline and AAKG increase muscle mass, reducing the amount of fat stored in the body.

All of these factors combine to make Pure Nitro Max one of the most powerful weight loss supplements on the market.


One of the top supplements on the market, Pure Nitro Max is known as a good energy booster and fat burner. The few and mild side effects make it usable by a vast portion of the population, without a problem. It is priced very reasonably and even comes with a two-week free trial, which only charges for shipping and handling. Within that two week span, customers have the option to stop their subscription, after which it is set up to automatically deliver a container of the supplement every month. Each container costs around $90.

While this is a fairly good product, the relatively high price point and the fact that you can only use it safely for three months are big points against it. There are better products available in the market.

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