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Puritan’s Pride Review 2018 – Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is Puritan’s Pride?

Puritan’s Pride is a health company that deals with products such as vitamins and supplements, herbs, minerals, aromatherapy, beauty care, sports, and fitness. The company was founded in 1973 in order to provide customers with the right caring service, value pricing, and high-quality vitamins. It was then acquired by Health Central on 17th March, 2000.

Puritan’s Pride Vitamins & Supplements

These are some of the various supplements provided by Puritan’s Pride. They include;

Ubiquinol and CoQ10 Supplements

These supplements are among the most popular in the US due to the fact that they help to improve one’s vitality, preventing migraine headaches, reversing the side-effects of statin drugs, as well as help to treat heart failure that might be congestive.

Ginseng Supplements

These supplements by Puritan’s Pride help in preventing cases of flu and colds help to reduce fatigue that might be related to cancer, and even treatment of diabetes. Ginseng can also be found in a wide range to provide great options for people to choose from.

Resveratrol Supplements

Popular since 2006, these Puritan’s Pride supplements were discovered when there was seen endurance enhancing effects and life extension in animals, among other advantages. These supplements are purchased every year in tens of millions of dollars in the US due to the great potential that they portray to have.

Omega-3 Fish Oil

These Puritan’s Pride supplements are very beneficial to your body. The Omega-3 fatty acids help in supporting your skin, joints as well as your heart’s health. It has been recognized in assisting with various cardiovascular measures. Coronary heart disease can also be reduced by Omega-3 fatty acids.

Absorbable Calcium with Vitamin D3

Calcium is very important to your body and is mostly found in your teeth and bones. Calcium helps in promoting the functioning of the nerves, proper contraction of muscles and regulating of the heartbeat. Puritan’s Pride Absorbable calcium with vitamin D3 is a supplement which helps to provide the intake of calcium into your body for better health.


Calcium Magnesium with Vitamin D

This supplement is known as the 3-in-1 due to the fact that it has a bone-active that has been formulated to provide support in optimal bone health, as well as maintain strength and bone density. The vitamin D in this supplement greatly assists in your immune health system, the magnesium and calcium help in bone health and the contractions of your muscles.


Melatonin is a naturally produced hormone in the body that assists in sleep cycle. This supplement by Puritan’s Pride helps in providing sleep support and the quality of rest. The supplement is made to help people who are looking to improve the quality of their rest, people who experience lack of sleep once in a while or those who experience jet lag.

Ultra Man 50 Plus

These are Puritan’s Pride multivitamins that have high performance. They are very important to men’s health and have more than 50 nutrients that are very beneficial to one’s body.

Puritan’s Pride Herbs

Puritan’s Pride Odorless Garlic

Garlic is well known traditionally for health usage of one’s heart. It helps in supporting cardiovascular and heart health, therefore this Puritan’s Pride supplement greatly helps in providing the right solution for your body.

Milk Thistle Extract

Milk Thistle is well-known to have been used by Greeks for thousands of years having been derived from the purple flower. The antioxidants properties of milk thistle is what sets it apart and make it quite beneficial, in that it helps in the optimization of one’s well-being and health as well as maintaining a healthy functioning liver.

Ginkgo Biloba

This Puritan’s Pride supplement helps in supporting the healthy functioning of the brain and keeping one in an alert state of mind. It is suitable for people experiencing aging memory issues as it helps in boosting one’s memory. It also helps in promoting healthy circulation as well as fight free radicals that cause damage to one’s body.

Probiotic 10

The Probiotics name comes from the Greek word which means “For Life”.  This Puritan’s Pride herb helps in supporting the immune functionality of one’s health. It also helps in maintaining healthy intestinal and digestion while creating a friendly environment for the absorption of nutrients.

Turmeric Curcumin

Turmeric is part of the ginger family, is well-known and has been used in Asian cultures for centuries due to the natural benefits that it provides. This Puritan’s Pride herb helps in supporting and keeping joints healthy, fighting free radicals cells that cause damage in the body. It also helps in promoting wellness of the body and good lifestyle.


The Cinnamon herb has been used for thousands of years dating back to ancient times. Puritan’s Pride cinnamon comes with antioxidant properties which are quite important as they help in supporting the metabolism of sugar.


Puritan’s Pride Minerals

There are various types of mineral supplements provided by Puritan’s Pride.

Double Strength Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM Joint Soother

The Puritan’s Pride joint is a well sought-out joint care formula by people due to the great benefits that it provides to users. The three components combined together to form a great formula help in building and supporting of the joint stress that may occur once in a while, lubricating the joints, and also supporting the cartilage.


DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is part of the aging process and declines in the body with time as one continues to age. Being a hormone that is produced by the adrenal glands, it starts declining in the body after the age of 30. Research showed that the DHEA supplements help in promoting the metabolism of sugar which contributes greatly to the well-being of the body.


This digital era has come with great innovations which have brought a form of entertainment and solving of problems too. In this essence is the fact that we have TVs, smartphones and computer screens which challenge our eyes. Puritan’s Pride Lutein provides a great solution in eyes treatment because it is a carotenoid which helps in eye support.

Natural Flax Oil

Puritan’s Pride Non-GMO natural flax oil comes with great benefits such as supporting of the skin, promoting the health of nerves and the heart. Being a source of lignans, flax oil really contributes to the well-being of one’s body.

Puritan’s Pride Sports & Fitness Products

Puritan’s Pride provides various sports & fitness products that are very beneficial to one’s body during such exercises.

Whey Protein for Her

This Puritan’s Pride product has been specifically designed to be suitable for women’s needs because it helps in supporting diet plans, and achieve the right body shape that one would desire. It helps in fueling the energy needed for your workout because it has amino acids which are responsible for that.

BCAA Complex

These Puritan’s Pride products known as the Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are quite suitable for bodybuilders. They also help in supporting the metabolism of protein in tissues of the muscles. They are also used as direct sources of energy.

Pre-Workout Intensifier Fruit Punch

This Puritan’s Pride sports & fitness product comes with great benefits such as getting you more focused and getting you more pumped up. It also helps in boosting muscle strength and power through the inducement of Nitric Oxide Synthesis.

How to Use Puritan’s Pride Products

These are the various key points you need to observe in the usage of supplements in order to maximize on the benefits that they have to offer for your body.

  1. You should always limit the intake of vitamin C to a maximum of 1000 mg.
  2. Always limit the dosage of either Magnesium or Calcium to a maximum of 500 mg.
  3. It is highly recommended that one takes Vitamin D in the morning and not in the evening.
  4. Amino acids should always be taken 30 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after the meal.
  5. Probiotic and oils should be kept in a refrigerated environment.
  6. You should use enough water when taking the supplements in order for them to be swallowed in the right way.

Once on the site you can find many more links in which to get more Puritan’s Pride products so as to compare and see that suits you best.

Pricing of Puritan’s Pride Products

The pricing of Puritan’s Pride products varies due to the wide range that they provide. Ranging from vitamins, supplements, to herbs and mineral products, the prices are not fixed and therefore every product comes with its own price. It is recommended that you get to check out more information on the price ranges of these products on the Amazon site or the Puritan’s Pride Inc. company site in order to compare and see which ones are more affordable for you to purchase.


Supplements help us to stay in good in our daily lives as well as improve the functioning of our bodies for our own well-being. This is why it is very important that people consider at least taking a few supplements that may be of benefit to their bodies. Puritan’s Pride has come to provide a solution to people in terms of the products that they manufacture. Therefore, be sure to check out their products and see what will suit you best.



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