Redcon1 Review 2018 – Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Redcon 1?

For a brand like Redcon1, there is no need for any forward because it’s the most well-known supplement brand in the fitness industry that almost everyone has heard about it!Redcon1 is a brand of supplements for weight loss, muscle building, performance enhancement, boosting your energy levels, etc. we have so say that Redcon1 offers everything under the sun which is required for anyone who is on their fitness journey.


Redcon1 is based in Boca Raton, FL. It was founded by Aaron Singerman. Aaron Singerman was a former founder and CEO of Blackstone labs; it’s another brand of supplements. Redcon1 provides a variety of products required, they have pre-workout supplements, post-workout supplements, recovery, muscle building, etc. I must say it’s a very well planned brand which caters to all the needs in a very simple way!

Redcon1 products

Redcon1 has 7 different products for muscle building. The products include MRE which is a meal replacement shake, RPG, Halo; it’s a natural anabolic, Somal-4, Aftermath; it’s a post cycle supplement and Shield which is an anti-estrogen supplement.

The pre-workout supplements include Total war and Big nose which gives you that extra pump you are looking for during the intense workout session. Redcon1 also has products which help the athletes. Their product Fade Out is especially for athletes and bodybuilders. It’s an amazing product which helps them in the recovery; it’s basically asleep formula.

To add Total War is an energy supplement that aims to give total support and energy boost, intensity, endurance, power and focus on the hardcore workout sessions!

They also have products such as Isotope, Mental trigger, Double tap, Breach, Cluster bomb, Boomstick, etc.

Now that we know Redcon1 products, we should also know the ingredients used in most of their products. We have tried to get a hand on the ingredients but along with that we also have studies related to the ingredients and why they are used in the Redcon1 products.

Redcon1 ingredients and the studies related to them:

  • Raspberry Ketones

In one small study according to WebMD, people who took 200mg of  Raspberry Ketones combined with 1200 mg of vitamin C daily for 4 weeks resulted in weight loss and body fat.

  • Caffeine

We all know that caffeine is responsible for giving us that extra boost of energy. According to states, the consumption of caffeine in moderate amounts, increases energy, increases daily energy expenditure, decreases fatigue, enhances physical performance, enhances cognitive performances, decreases the sense of effort associated with physical activity, enhances motor performance, increases alertness, wakefulness and decreases mental fatigue.

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  • Amino acids

The human body uses amino acids to make proteins to help the body break down food, repair body tissues, grow and perform many other body functions;  this was reported by the University of Maryland Medical center.

  • Garcinia Cambogia

The National Institutes of Health reveals that it is concluded that the RCTs suggest that Garcinia extracts can cause short-term weight loss. The magnitude of the effect is small, and the clinical relevance is uncertain.

  • Green tea

There are clinical studies which suggest that green tea extract may boost metabolism and help burn out fat. There was another study related to green tea done by the University of Maryland Medical Center which claimed that green tea and caffeine improved weight loss and maintenance in people who were overweight and moderately obese.

  • Alpha GPC:

The national institute of health states that Alpha GPC is effective at increasing lower body force production after 6 days of supplementation.  To add more it also helps the athletes to enhance the muscle power and speed, A-GPC can be added to their diets by the sports performance coaches.

  • L- Arginine

L-Arginine is an α-amino acid when it’s used in pre-workout formulas; it converts into nitric oxide upon metabolism. Products that contain L-Arginine or are based on this ingredient are generally known as “vasoactive.” Nitric oxide serves to promote capillary and pulmonary dilation; this allows the oxygen flow to be faster and more efficient to the muscular tissues which are being used during the training. This oxygen flow results in better muscle contractions and higher production of ATP; it’s created by certain enzymes through a process known as oxidative phosphorylation. L-Arginine is used mostly among the athletes and bodybuilders because of its effectiveness.

  • Taurine

Taurine is a ph buffer. During the workout, the skeletal muscles function at their best when the blood is flowing to them within a certain alkalotic ph range. A mitochondrial ph gradient exists across the inner membrane of cells. This fact was demonstrated and proven in 1960’s and 1970’s. Taurine’s role in the maintenance of this buffer is to stabilize it, keeping it safely within the ph range of 7.5 – 8.5. If a cell’s buffering capabilities are too low the gradient can potentially shift. This shift in the gradient ultimately disrupts ATP production in that cell. Thus, Taurine helps in regulating the ph substance and eventually enabling the cells to produce ATP for energy.

After being familiar with the ingredients used in Redcon1 products, let’s check out a few of their famous products!

  • RedCon1 Aftermath
  • RedCon1 Isotope
  • RedCon1 Breach
  • RedCon1 Total War
  • Redcon1 double tap

Redcon1 Aftermath

Aftermath is supplement designed especially to recharge your system after the workout. This supplement helps you in recovery in order to perform better when you start with your next workout session. As we know that during the workout the muscles wear and tear are about to happen and this supplement helps you to recover the muscle wear and tear optimizing the recovery process and keeping you in your prime health.

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Aftermath is a necessary supplement if you want to experience exceptional growth in your body! Aftermath helps you faster recovery, improves blood panels, and maintains high energy levels even after the intense workout sessions.

Redcon1 isotope

Redcon1 Isotope is the whey protein supplement. It’s a high-quality whey protein as it has 100% whey protein which enables optimum muscle growth as it provides the body with a sufficient amount of protein. Isotope is a post workout meal as it helps you to get through your day without feeling worn out. You can also use Isotope throughout the day to satisfy your hunger in order to keep yourself healthy in an effective manner.

Redcon1 Breach:

This supplement is chained amino acid supplement that provides you with “building blocks” which are the foundation of your cells in your muscle. Redcon1 breach helps you to train, sleep, work and perform better in all the aspects. It also provides substantial muscle growth as it has reparative qualities. The breach also has BCAA i.e. branched chained amino acids which supports the body for successful growth.

Redcon1 Total war:

Total war is an intense supplement which helps you to push your body so that you can train and perform better. It contains nitric oxide and nootropics which helps you to focus and function more effectively and also provides you the firepower strength to get through your workout.

People who have used total war have said that it gives you massive pumps and vascularity, higher energy levels, tunnel vision and mental focus.

Redcon1 double tap:

Double tap is a weight loss supplement which provides high energy dosages along with fat burning. Double tap reduces appetite, increase your energy, enhance your memory of calorie deficiency and you will be able to focus better. Double tap enhances your metabolism while reducing your hunger level and burns out fats at an increasing level.

Redcon1 fadeout:

Fade out is a sleep formula designed especially for the bodybuilders and athletes. It helps you in increasing the quality of your sleep and makes sure that the process of recovery and repair is happening. Fade out also helps in reducing stress, enhancing mood level, and allowing you to feel recharged when you wake up. Fade out has a unique HGH formula which helps you in the stimulating the growth in the muscles along with repairing the tissues. Fade out helps in enhancing your energy levels and promotes healthy brain function.

 Redcon1 products side effects:

Well, every product has its downside and for redcon1 products, there are very few!

The users of the products have complained about having massive headaches, jitteriness, upset stomach, nausea, increased urination, heartburn, diarrhea, etc.

 Consumer reviews

  • “It seems to be working ok. It may be too soon to get a true assessment. I’ve only been on it 1 week.”- Jeff
  • “I have been taking this product for a week now and seem to have lost 1-2 pounds of water weight. We’ll see where this product goes in the next 30 days!”- josh
  • “I have been taking the pill form of a double tap for a week now and I have appreciated the extra boost during my prep. It gives me solid energy through the day, which keeps me going. It doesn’t make me shaky or overly anxious.”-Ray.
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