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Relief Factor Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is Relief Factor?

Somebody has truly said that “Your life, your freedom”. Everybody gets one single life to live stress-free and pain-free. Isn’t it? Well, pain is deeply associated with everybody’s life! Whether it be joint pain, or be muscle pain, or be a pain due to heave exercising or pain due to hard work. Pain is something that everybody wants to get rid of. The product Relief Factor is capable to remove pain from the body. Unbelievable, is it? It’s a botanical and fish oil product which is totally drug-free. This product is dedicated to all those people who are suffering from massive joint, muscle or heavy exercising pain. It effectively reduces the pain due to several reasons including aging, joint, muscles, heavy exercising, and every day’s hard work.

Pain is something from which everybody wants to escape, but the complete relief doesn’t come so easily. Pain affects a human being both mentally and physically by degrading their energy and confidence level. To get complete relief from various pains is a serious health issue and there are many ways which can help someone to reduce the pain and relief factor is one of these methods.

Pain causes interruption in an individual’s life by creating negative and unpleasant sensations. The suffering and discomfort caused by pain make a person’s life miserable. While many people in this world suffer from severe joint pains and muscle pains, relief factor works as an effective solution in their lives. Different people suffer from different types of pain and relief factor is perfect to reduce any type of pain in the human body. Joint pains and muscular pains are common to the older people, but relief factor can help them to reduce joint pains. While many people do tough exercises on a daily basis, they suffer from different types of pains and relief factor can bring relief to their pain.

About Relief Factor

The natural supplement named Relief Factor is very effective to reduce pain, including joint pains and muscular pains.  This supplement is available in the market and people can buy it from the medicine shops without showing any prescription. Why so? As Relief Factor is described to be a completely natural pain relief supplement by the manufacturers, it is made by several natural ingredients and people can use this supplement without any prescription. It is effective to give quick relief from extreme joint pain. Severe pain in the joints due to heavy weight lifting or heavy exercising or tough working life can be reduced if the sufferer uses this natural supplement at the right dosage.

The powerful pain relief supplement, Relief Factor is made by using natural ingredients and completely drug-free research-based botanical and fish oils formula. This natural supplement is dedicated to those people who are suffering from immense joint and muscular pain. Not only as pain relief supplement, but this can help to reduce inflammation responses of the human body.

Not only to reduce pain this natural supplement is meant to make an individual healthier by reducing pain and increasing energy in the body. It helps to improve the health of various joints and to maintain functionalities of different systems of the body. While many people look for natural solutions to get relief from joint pain, Relief Factor works as an easy solution for them. Joint pain comes automatically due to aging and relief factor works well for older people too. Aging can’t stop Relief Factor to reduce pain and it helps the people to get back to their normal life by getting an escape from immense joint pain.

The point to be noted, for deep joint damages Relief Factor takes some more time to cure the pain and people must continue the dosage impatiently for a long time to get complete relief from pain. This natural supplement is made by using natural ingredients such as curcumin, omega 3, icariin, resveratrol and much more to make your body naturally responsive to the inflammatory effects. This product does not only reduce joint pain, but it removes the joint pain entirely. This product particularly targets those areas which need immediate attention to reduce pain and works effectively.

Relief Factor’s manufacturer’s words:

The determined doctors, chiropractors, and naturopathic physicians have created this supplement to help patients to get relief from uncomfortable joint pain, back, neck, hip, and knee or shoulder joint pain. According to the manufacturer, it can remove muscle aches and give immediate relief to the patients. This drug-free natural supplement is made by the manufacturer Promedev and the manufacturer’s main goal was to help people get rid of from severe joint pain. This product is dedicated to reducing inflammatory responses due to joint pain and muscular aches. After 15 years of continuous clinical practice by physicians and doctors, this natural inflammation solution is capable to deal with critical joint damages and reduce joint pain. According to the manufacturers, this powerful dietary supplement is harmless and very effective to reduce any type of joint pain.

Main ingredients of Relief Factor:

The powerful dietary pain reliever supplement, Relief Factor is made by using various natural and beneficial elements and they are:

  • Omega-3: Two types of omega 3 fatty acids are generally found in fish oils and they are EPA and DHA. Both of these fatty acids are key ingredients to make Relief Factor. The importance of omega 3 fatty acids is vast as they control the response of the body due to various inflammatory mediators. These fatty acids are used to repair the damaged tissues and thus they reduce the associated minor pain in the body. If someone uses the supplement containing omega-3 acids for more than 3 months, then it reduces the joint pain effectively. Omega 3 reduces the CRP concentration in the human body and also protects the body from various coronary heart-related diseases.
  • Resveratrol: Beside Omega 3 fatty acids, resveratrol is used to make Relief Factor. It has great anti-inflammatory properties and this reduces the response of the human body due to inflammations. It removes inflammatory stress from the body by reducing joint pain. It also reduces the sensitivity due to immense joint pain and brings quick relief to the joint cells. It destroys the inflamed joint cells and works with curcumin to reduce joint pain effectively.
  • Curcumin: Curcumin is the main component of turmeric and turmeric has several health benefits because of curcumin. This curcumin is used in Relief Factor because of its great inflammation reduction properties. It works with the resveratrol and helps to reduce joint pain by using its anti-inflammatory properties. Not only joint pain, but curcumin is effective to remove physical stress from the body and to reduce high glucose levels. It protects the body from various inflammatory diseases. It has amazing effects on muscles and increases the regeneration process to remove muscular aches.
  • Icariin: Icariin is found in the spice named Epimedium, which has several anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It protects the nerve and stem cells and DNA from damage and decreases the inflammatory responses of the human body effectively. Not only this, it reduces lung inflammations too and improves the health of the tissues by promotive blood flow without any nitric oxide.

Contents of each packet of Supplement:

Each packet contains 2 capsules and 2 soft gel. Each capsule contains 200 mg epimedium,  667 mg turmeric, and 20 mg Japanese fleece flower roots. Each soft gel contains 15 calories, 1.5 gm total fat, 1.5 gm polyunsaturated fat, 5 mg cholesterol, and 1400 mg fish oil in which 647 mg is EPA type fatty acid and 253 mg of DHA type fatty acids. Other contents in Relief factor are cellulose, stearic acids, cellulose powder, and silica. Those people who have sensitive stomachs are recommended to use this supplement with their regular food.

How does Relief Factor work?

The main reason behind the creation of Relief Factor was to reduce joint pain. Every person’s body fights to several inflammations which are created due to muscular aches and joint pain and Relief Factor assists an individual to fight these inflammations. The powerful and drug-free dietary supplement, Relief Factor works as a natural solution to reduce joint pain and muscular aches. This natural solution is a natural alternative to use. Many people try to ignore drug added medicines to reduce their joint pain. Instead, they look for some natural solutions to get rid of the excess joint pain. For them, Relief Factor is the best natural solution to cure joint pain.

Joint pain comes automatically due to aging and heavy exercising and it makes an individual’s life uncomfortable and unbearable. If you think that you have to stay like this for your whole life, then you are completely wrong. Relief Factor is the result of a constant effort of some doctors, which works effectively and magnificently and helps an individual to escape from severe joint pains.

Relief factor is made with several ingredients which have many anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. These natural ingredients help the body to recover its power to reduce joint pain and muscular aches. Relief Factor is safer than other painkillers available in the market. The natural ingredients of relief factor help the body to restore its abilities to stop the production of various inflammatory responses.

The point to be noted that Relief factor is not at all a magical solution which will remove all your joint pain overnight. The process of reduction of joint pain might be long term or short term. This completely depends on the type of pain you are having and the reasons behind your pain. The person must take regular dosage of Relief Factor for long-term basis to get the best results. If you would follow the right dosage regularly then you will surely be benefited and joint pain-free. Relief Factor works slowly by restoring the damaged tissues and cells and damaged joints and this reduces the joint pain slowly. So, without being impatient, the people must take regular dosage and after some time they will surely feel the positive outcomes of using Relief Factor.

Use or Dosage of Relief Factor:

In each packet of Relief Factor, there are two capsules and two soft gels. According to the manufacturer, the recommended dosage of Relief Factor is two packets on a daily basis for two to three months to get best beneficial results. People can have it with their regular food and they must drink a lot of water throughout the day. People can have two packets in a single serving or one by one in two serving. This is completely dependent on the person.

The official website does not indicate the dosage of Relief factor clearly.  But, the person must take one soft gel and two capsules in each day to get the best results. The most probable time to have this supplement is in the morning. So, you can have one capsule with your breakfast and another capsule with your lunch. As this powerful supplement has made us using several natural ingredients, you need to have a lot of water daily.

Maintaining the dosage on a regular basis is the most important factor. Nothing comes so easily and so as the beneficial results of Relief Factor. The person must continue the dosage regularly with patience until the effects are achieved. It might take a long time to get rid of the joint pain. If your joint is damaged, then it might take more time. It is completely dependent on the type of pain you are having. By following the above mentioned simple instructions, you can get relief from your joint pain. If you are suffering from immense pain, then you can take four packets of Relief Factor in a day. When you would see the pain is decreasing, you can reduce the dosage by one and continue until you are completely free from joint pain and muscular aches.

Pros to use Relief Factor:

Relief Factor offers several benefits to the user who uses this powerful and effective supplement on a regular basis. Here are some pros of using Relief Factor on a regular basis:

  • Made with natural ingredients

This powerful supplement is completely drug-free and made by using various natural ingredients such as omega 3 fatty acids, curcumin etc. Because of these natural ingredients, it is very safe to use and has very few side effects on the user.

  • Reduce inflammation

Relief Factor contains several natural ingredients which offer many anti-inflammatory properties and helps to reduce the responses due to inflammation. It reduces the inflammation to a great extent and offers relief from uncomfortableness due to inflammation.

  • Reduce joint pain

Relief Factor works effectively and assists an individual to get rid of any type of joint pain completely.  Not only the reduction of joint pain, but this supplement helps to make the joints healthier by generating new tissues. Daily intake of this supplement will gradually decrease the joint pain and will ultimately remove it totally.

  • Supports healthy muscles

Not only for joint pain, but this supplement can reduce muscular aches effectively. It helps the individual’s body to develop healthier muscles by removing inflammation and muscular aches. The natural ingredients in Relief Factor work effectively to develop healthier muscles.

Cons of using Relief Factor:

It’s true that relief factor is very effective to reduce joint pain and muscular aches. But it’s also true that there are some cons of using Relief Factor and they are:

As Relief Factor is made from fish oils and soy, those who have any kind of allergies to soy might face some problems to use it. So they must avoid Relief Factor and look for another alternative to get rid of joint pain. This natural supplement is not safe for pregnant women and food allergic people because of the lactating contents of it. So, they must avoid it instead of using it.

Those who have sensitive stomachs might face stomach upsets due to this supplement. So, it’s recommended that people with sensitive stomach must have it with their meal either stop having it. As this supplement is rich in omega 3, it causes loose stools. Rarely, some people feel dry mouth after using this natural supplement. This effect is very mild and ignorable too. Some people might face dizziness too.

This supplement is very expensive and does not bring similar effects on everybody. Different people get benefits differently. The manufacturer has not clearly mentioned the right dosage of having this supplement. There is no offered specific money-back guarantee on this supplement.


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