Replens Review 2019 – Pro’s & Con’s

Replens Overview

Vaginal dryness is one of the most notorious symptoms linked to menopause. To some people, this problem can go to an extent where there is itchiness in the vagina which can completely make your life in the public space a nightmare. Dryness of the vagina is, however, not just an issue among the elderly. Even young ladies can experience this problem either due to the presence of other medical conditions or as a result of genetic problems. Whatever the case is, vaginal dryness is too personal of an issue to just assume it. This is why there is quite a number of cream and other lotions all formulated towards achieving a moisturized vagina. One of such products is Replens but is it good enough for you? Is it safe for your vagina?

What is Replens?

Replens is a vaginal moisturizer formulated to work like a face cream or body lotion for the vagina. This product is designed to ensure that the dry cells around your vagina are naturally lubricated and kept rehydrated.

According to the manufacturer, Replens is effective in dealing with vaginal dryness caused by cancer, menopause and other issues. This means that its use is not just limited to vaginal dryness linked to menopause. It also means that a bigger population of women can rely on it to finally solve this problem.

Replens is said to be so powerful to an extent where using it once in three days is more than enough to deliver the needed moisture. Its impact is also said to be instant. A few hours into using this product the dry cells will gradually get lubricated and this doesn’t just keep you comfortable but also boosts your bedroom confidence and activities significantly.

In our research into this product, we came across multiple clinical studies supporting the efficacy of Replens. There is also quite a good number of positive reviews of women testifying to the manufacturer’s claims about this product.

Why choose Replens?

In a market where there are dozens of vaginal dryness remedies what makes Replens stand out? Why is it worth your investment?

Well, to begin with, Replens effectiveness is backed up by high-quality clinical trials. How many of the other lotions and remedies out there have science behind their performance? This is not one of those products with extensive marketing that fails to mention even a single study supporting the purported claims. Replens has been widely studied and this allows us to confirm its benefits and safety to users.

Secondly, Replens is a good choice for you because you don’t have to use it daily. This product gives you the freedom to stay 3-5 days off it in which time itchiness, burning, and irritation won’t be an issue. The formula of this lubricant allows it to deliver long-lasting moisture. You can hence use the off-period to enjoy some intimate sessions with your partner and carry on with your life without feeling like scratching your vagina.

We also can’t afford to forget mentioning how fast it works. Once you apply Replens you will feel its impact almost immediately. Thanks to Replens you are no longer limited to those lotions that need you to use them for days before you can start feeling minor changes.

Replens is also unique in that it contains bio-adhesives that facilitate the attachment of moisture to the dry compact cells for continuous hydration. This also makes it possible for the dry cells to be regenerated which should happen within five days. The bio-adhesives also allow the vaginal tissues to absorb moisture for longer periods becoming hydrated and rejuvenated.

Finally, we all know that majority of other vaginal dryness treatments in the market are hormonal treatments that restore moisture by supplying estrogen in the vaginal tissues. Some of these treatments work but the problem is that as soon as you stop the treatment, symptoms of vaginal dryness will soon come back. You, therefore, never get an opportunity of skipping a day or two from the treatment something that is possible when using Replens. Additionally, hormonal treatments when used to replace vaginal estrogen can result in some severe effects when used for extended periods. Cases of users experiencing painful menstruation, vaginitis, hot flashes, vaginal fluid and vaginal bleeding due to using hormonal treatments have been reported. Replens, on the other hand, contains no estrogens but still delivers the needed hydration with the freedom of skipping a dosage without causing any side effects.


The biggest drawback with Replens is that there is very little information provided by the manufacturer regarding the ingredients used. We have very little knowledge about the number of compounds used and their respective doses. This becomes a serious challenge when you are trying to identify whether there is an ingredient you are allergic to or not.

The compounds we know about include polycarbophil which works as the inert bio-adhesive polymer. This is the compound behind the cream’s ability to attach to your vaginal tissues to allow the rest of the ingredients to be absorbed and deliver the needed moisture.

Other ingredients mentioned include sodium hydroxide, sorbic acid, glycerine, mineral oils, carbomer homopolymer type B, and hydrogenated palm oil glyceride.

Side Effects

Generally, there have been very few reported side effects. As far as we could tell, most of the cases reported were due to allergic reactions caused by some of the ingredients used.

For instance, compounds such as Hydrogenated palm oil glyceride and mineral oil have a huge chance of causing negative reactions such as skin irritation.

Replens is a relatively safe compound recommended by gynecologists but to eliminate chances of experiencing severe side effects it may be a good idea to consult a doctor before using it.

How to use Replens?

Ideally, Replens should be used once every three days in the morning. If you have severe vaginal dryness you may consider using it every day in the first few days which should help to achieve the results much faster. After the first week, the compound will have delivered a lasting impact on the vaginal tissues and you can start applying it once in three days.

Pros of Using Replens

  • Its affordable as a month’s supply doesn’t cost more than $20
  • It’s compatible will all condoms out there
  • Easy to use
  • Has clinical studies supporting its benefits
  • Very safe compared to hormonal treatments and other lotions
  • Has incredible reviews online

Cons of Using Replens

  • Can cause discharge or residue when you start using it
  • It only deals with vaginal dryness if you have any other menopause symptoms then you’ll need another drug

Bottom Line on Replens

In our review of this product, we came across two challenges. First, as mentioned above, the manufacturer hasn’t really provided detailed information regarding the formula used. We are only told that it’s a powerful formula and then they mention a few compounds but they fail to tell us the entire blend and doses used. This can be a problem for people with serious allergies and sensitive skin. Secondly, if your vaginal dryness issue is due to menopause then this compound will only solve this problem and you will have to take other pills to deal with the rest of the menopause symptoms. Therefore, if you are experiencing various menopause symptoms then you are better off looking for a product that can relieve all these symptoms using a single pill.

If, on the other hand, vaginal dryness is your biggest concern then Replens is definitely your best remedy. It’s a powerful and safe product with a long-lasting impact that’s simply unmatched by all other similar products in the market.

Here are a few reviews of users whose lives have been turned around for the better thanks to Replens:

“I like that this works and does not leak after you use it. I use it at bedtime and no problems.” By H. Ginn

“This has been a lifesaver for me. Yes, there is the initial clumping but if you read the insert, it’s completely normal and will subside once all the dryness has been treated. You just gotta stick it out, I actually used it every other day until the clumping stopped and now I only need to use once a week for maintenance. There isn’t a better product for vaginal dryness out there.” By M.P

“I’ve tried several products. Hormone replacement vaginal cream seems to work best for me, but my insurance doesn’t cover it. Replens lasts a couple of days and feels more natural than sloppily applied lubricants.” By An Amazon Customer

“I have used this product in the past. Being of a certain age, which I shall not reveal, it helps immensely. The issue of vaginal dryness has plagued me for many years. I am single and hope to have a partner sometime so I’m working hard to replenish the moisture. I am unable to use hormones so this is it. It seems to be working.” By Katie VL

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