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The Best Roman Chair to Buy in 2018 (updated July 2019)

 What is a Roman Chair

The Roman Chair also knows as the hyperextension chair, is a piece of equipment usually found at the gym that contains two pads one for placing the hips and the other for placing and hooking one’s legs for support.

The Roman chair has been used primarily to target the lower backs but it can also be used to give one a tight and toned midsection.

Uses of a Roman Chair

  • The chair can be used to improve one’s posture by strengthening the core muscles and lower back muscles. A user’s posture can be damaged because of sitting in front of a computer or a television set for long hours.
  • Primarily used for treating lower back problems, the roman chair can be used to prevent back injuries such as a hernia which is usually caused due to abdominal muscles and lower back being damaged.
  • The chairs are flexible and one can adjust according to their height so as to use it accordingly.
  • It can be used simultaneously while strengthening the muscles through other additional exercises such as sit-ups, leg raises among others.
  • One can be able to do weightlifting as well as strengthen their core muscles. However, it is always advisable if you have a back problem to increase weights slowly to prevent more back injuries while in the rehabilitation process.

Types of Roman Chairs

There are four types of Roman chairs. They include;

  • Roman chair power tower
  • Roman chair squat sissy squat
  • Decline roman chair /sit-up bench
  • Roman chair hyperextension bench

Roman Chair Power Tower

This is exercise equipment that trains the muscles by mainly focusing on the upper body and abdominal positions. It can be used at home or at a gym setup according to one’s preference. This equipment is good because it helps you lose extra layers of fats by maintaining a good physique. Examples of Power Tower roman chair includes; Bowflex body tower, X mark Power Tower, and Weider club 290 Power Tower.

Roman chair Squat Sissy Squat

This is exercise equipment that focuses on the development of the quads.T his exercise helps one maintain and develop their core strength and balance. It also helps one burn out the quads to maintain strong and structurally balanced legs. An example of a Squat Sissy Squat roman chair includes TDS Pro Sissy squat.

The decline of Roman Chair/Sit-up Bench

This exercise equipment is used to work in the upper abdominal area. However, not only is it used in strengthening the core area but also serves as good body warm up by ensuring muscles are toned. Examples of sit up benches are X mark 12 position, Ergonomically adjustable decline,  AB bench MX-4416, TKO sit up bench 2018,  and Deltech Fitness sit up a bench.

Roman Chair Hyper Extension Bench

This exercise equipment works on strengthening of the core muscles by also targeting the back muscles and glutes. The equipment is recommended for home use because it can be easily assembled and provides a safe platform whereby one can work on their abs. Examples of roman chair hyperextension benches include; Marcy JD -3.1 roman chairs, Hyperextension bench cap strength roman chair, Valor fitness adjustable back extension among others.

Features of a  Good Roman chair

These are the features that make a good roman chair;

  • Stability – A good roman chair should be made with a high-density form and should have a wide backboard which distributes the stress from the lower back.
  • Adjustability – A good roman chair should be easily assembled and also have an adjustable footrest for comfort, and one that can also be folded with ease
  • Good grip – A good roman chair should have easily extendible hand grips.
  • Material – A good roman chair should be rust resistant which can be easily achieved by powder coating it.

Benefits of Roman chairs

  • They can be customized and adjusted to meet one’s physical needs. It contains a lot of back extension variations which a trainer can adjust to their desired mode.
  • They can be used to improve posture through back extension exercises which will stretch and strengthen the lower back muscles in ways other exercises cannot.
  • The chairs also help to strengthen the whole body by targeting not only the back muscles but also the glutes, hamstrings, the abs, arms, and the upper back.
  • Roman chairs can also be used for strength training through exercises such as squats and deadlifts which improve the core strength and also boost fitness. Deadlifts help in strengthening the lower back by reducing the pressure that causes pain.

Advantages of Roman Chairs

  • Help relieve back pain caused by injury or diseases.
  • Help one have a good posture
  • Help prevent diseases such as a hernia and joint problems.
  • Help improve breathing through the strengthening of one’s core muscles.

Disadvantages of Roman Chairs

  • Some roman chairs have shorter handles such as the Powerline top classic model.
  • Some roman chairs have paddings that are very rough. An example is the Marcy roman chair.
  • Some roman chairs are too short which makes them hard to use by all people. An example is the Stamina AB /hyper bench pro.

Gopius Adjustable Roman Chair

This roman chair can be used for different workout exercises such as lower back, glutes, abs, and hamstring. It can be easily assembled so one can buy for the home office, and they are usually inbuilt to handle heavy weights up to 220 pounds.

Stamina Pro Hyper Bench

  • This chair can be used for different workouts for building the core strength and also tightening the glutes, ham and back muscles through upper and middle body workouts.
  • It is well developed and designed and has a reachable hand grips.
  • It is heavily padded to support the foot, thigh and your back.
  • Has been built with a durable material and can easily be adjusted.
  • It contains a bench that offers thigh support which can fit any length and pivoting foam rollers to support one’s legs while working out.

Marcy Roman Chair

It has an extra-large backboard for comfort and leg folders which have dual foam that are adjustable for ankle support. They can also be used to build the core muscles. Has padded handles and cushioning which help to ensure that one doesn’t hurt their feet and ankles by maintaining maximum comfort and less stress.

Deltech Fitness Sit up Bench

This chair is suitable for people who are working on their upper body. The chair is suitable for people who want home equipment because it can be easily assembled. It has a solid frame made of heavy gauge steel tubing and an extra thick padding which makes it suitable for small area spaces and also ensures the user is comfortable.

TKO Sit-up Bench

It is used for strengthening the core muscles and can also be used at home for people who are busy and don’t have time to go to the gym. This equipment can be easily assembled and has a light frame which can fit in the home area or office. It was designed to teach new users on how to workout using these chairs and can be used at home with no supervision.


X Mark 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable  Decline AB Bench

This was built to strengthen and tone one’s muscles and build the core area. It can be easily mounted and dismounted using a support handle. It contains an extra thick Dura guard vinyl cushion to make users comfortable and also make the equipment last longer.

Why Does One Need to Buy a Roman Chair?

  • A roman chair helps one to get rid of lower back pains which are caused by weak muscles.
  • If one tends to sit for long hours in front of a television or a computer it can lead to back pains, therefore a roman chair comes in handy.
  • In order to strengthen other areas of the body such as the glutes, abs, back, spine and also one’s posture.
  • To prevent lower back pains.
  • Helps one shape their hamstrings, butt, abs, and waist.
  • Helps improve stamina in sports.
  • Helps one be able to do weightlifting.

Why buy a Roman chair 

  • It offers relatively fair prices compared to other online shops.
  • It offers a faster delivery process which takes between one to five days depending on which country you live in.
  • Depending on the manufacturer they may offer discounts and free shipping on goods purchased worth a certain amount of money.

Pricing of Roman Chairs 

Roman chairs vary in prices because the prices are determined by the features and quality of the products. Some roman chair manufacturers are offering discounts and free shipping so the prices will differ.

Here are some of the prices of 5 of the most sought-after roman chair;

  • Marcy adjustable hyper-extension roman chair available at $89.9
  • Gopius adjustable roman chair available at $67.99
  • Stamina Pro Ab core bench available at $299.99

Bottom Line

A roman chair is an asset for people who want to be fitness fanatics and for people are mostly encouraged to purchase a roman chair. They are available according to different budgets or one can sign up for a membership card in a gym to work on their core, glutes and overall maintain a good body posture.



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