Ruckpack Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Ruckpack?

In the rapid changing of our climate today being physically healthy is a very important thing. If you are physically healthy you can be free from any diseases and sickness. There are a lot of ways in order to achieve a healthy body. You can eat healthy food such as vegetables, fruits, and other nutritious food. You can also workout, run, jog and even go to the gym once in a while. Most especially you can also take multivitamins and minerals in order to achieve a healthy body.

There are a lot of multivitamins or energy drink available in the market. Not all of them have the same effect and same help in our body. In choosing the energy drink or vitamins that we will take, we should be more careful. Some of them have a negative impact on our body.

One of the top energy drinks that you can buy is the Ruckpack. Ruckpack is one of the most famous energy shots in various countries, because of its effectiveness and the nutrients present on the bottle. Another great thing about Ruckpack is that it is not only an energy shot drink, but also it combines with a nutritional supplement.

Ruckpack is created by Marine Special Operations Forces in the battlefields of Afghanistan. Ruckpack is created to make sure that anyone who drinks it would be ready in all activities that they will engage in. Especially for those who are doing extreme activities and extreme jobs. Ruckpack doesn’t focus on a single thing. Except from providing energy to the users, it also provides great nutrients and impact to the users.


Unlike any other energy drinks that have limited help or impact to the body. Ruckpack wants to make sure that they provide a quality energy supplement that would meet the needs of the users. Ruckpack wants to provide all the nutrients needed in extreme activities. Ruckpack is not just only a bottle of energy drink, because it is a bottle of nutrients. Nutrients those are essential in strengthening the muscles and the body in order to perform more activities. Also, Ruckpack wants to focus on real nutrients that our body need that creating ad rink with a lot of artificial stimulants. Ruckpack wants to achieve an energy drink that would meet the needs of the consumer, but also to achieve the good effect of their drink before and after the consumption of the product. There are some energy drinks that contain a big volume of artificial stimulants, which is very bad in the body. It is also the reason why they include nootropic support in all aspects.


Nootropic is a substance that our brain needs in order to function in maximum capacity. Every second of the day we are using our brain in order to perform the activities we wanted to do. In order for the brain to continue functioning properly and efficiently is to make sure that it is receiving the nutrients it needs. This is why the Ruckpack is created and it is what they called Nootropic. Nootropic is the basic nutrients that our brain needs in order to function properly. Also, nootropics are essential nutrients to balance the abilities of the body. Thanks to Ruckpack energy drink they created a drink to make sure that those who take energy drink will receive those nutrients. Unlike any other energy drink, they only provide energy to boost nutrient. Ruckpack is a full package an energy booster and brain function enhancer.


Ruckpack also wants its consumer not just only to buy and buy, then drink. They want their consumer to be more careful in choosing what they are taking because there are some products that provide false descriptions and ideas. Ruckpack believes that an educated consumer is a conscientious consumer.

Who Is Ruckpack For?

As described earlier, Ruckpack is a combination of energy and nutritional drink. And ruckpack provides great nutrients that our body needs in order to perform properly. Ruckpack is a caffeine-free energy drink that is best suitable for athletes, people who went to the gym all the time, and people who belong in the army. Why? Because these people are the usual user of energy drink. They are doing more complex and extremer activities than a normal individual. For athletes, yes it is very appropriate for the athletes who are doing training every day. Not just only it provides energy that they need in order to do their sport but also it helps their brain to focus more. Remember that a good athlete is not just only physically strong, but also mentally stable and Ruckpack can provide it to them. For gym goers or bodybuilders, holding kilos of dumbbells is never been that easy especially to first-timers. For people who are experts in weightlifting, it is just a matter of simple things. But of course, they also need energy, because they weren’t able to lift the dumbbells if they don’t have enough energy. That is why they need an energy drink, and Ruckpack is the best for them to provide the energy they need.


Ingredients are the key in creating the most effective and efficient energy drink. Ruckpack is packed with all the nutrients that an individual will need in order to perform extreme activities. Ruckpack is composed of the nutrients that is properly studied and understand buy the creator, in order for the product to meet the needs of the consumers. Most Ruckpack consumers are those who are doing extreme jobs and activities such as athletes, bodybuilders, and those who belong in an army. Ruckpack come to this drink in that is very helpful to them. Ruckpack physically and mentally helps the consumer all the time. Taking a shots of Ruckapck everyday has positive impact on the consumer. Here are some of the nutrients present in Ruckapck that you need to know:

  • AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC. AlphaSize Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC) it is one of the most usable nutrients in the world because of its wonderful effect in the brain of every individual. Ruckpack adds this nutrient to their energy drink to give their promise of creating drink that is not only an energy drink but also a drink that will help the consumers’ brain to function well. AlphaSize Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC) is the most common nutrients that every athlete need in order for their brain to focus on their sports and to function properly when they needed to use it. A sport isn’t just about the ability, but also your techniques. With great brain that is supplied with great nutrients Ruckpack is what you need. This nutrient is also providing the brain for not to be easily felt exhausted. Especially to those activities that require a lot of time and patience. The reason why they came up in putting this ingredient in Ruckpack is because they wanted to make sure that the body of the user will be strong and at the same time he will gets the full pack energy they need.

AlphaSize Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC) is also needed for the fast cell to cell communication of the cells in order to provide what the body needs such as agility, extra strength and power and many more.

  • Theanine is also one of the most important nutrients in our mind because whenever it is present in the body it provides a fast stimulus to the brain. This is what most of the athletes and combat fighter need. Caffeine and theanine is the best combination of what the body needs, but as Ruckpack promise they want to create a caffeine-free energy drink. Thanks to Theanine whether caffeine is present or not it is very helpful. There are also researches says that Theanine is helping the brain to increase the alpha wave brain production. In which it is responsible in making the brain alert in all circumstances. Also, theanine helps the central nervous system to lessen the effect or impact of the caffeine in it. It is the most common nootropic pairing for cognitive enhancement.
  • MicroActive® CoQ10. This is one of the secrets of Ruckpack. This nutrient provides antioxidant in the body needed for more productive and less stressful activities. Ruckpack contains MicroActive® CoQ10 that helps aid mitochondria in energy production. If the energy is properly created and always present in our body in order to perform properly. This nutrient also helps the body to avoid free radicals.


Ruckpack wants to make his promise true that’s why it is best for you to consume this all the time, because of its positive effect on the body and the brain. Ruckpack is not just only a drink but also a nutritional supplement in order for the body to cope up extreme activities. Especially for those who are doing extreme activities needed it so much. A good energy drink doesn’t only provide energy but also great nutrients for the entire body as well.

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