sadik Hadzovic

Is Sadik Hadzovic on steroids? We found out! (Updated July 2019)

Who is Sadik Hadzovic?

It comes as quite a shock that Sadik Hadzovic is actually an American bodybuilder.

Sadik Hadzovic and his family originally moved from Bosnia & Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia) post the war. And it suffices to say, he has made the most of the States so far. Since he has moved to the states, he’s earned the title of becoming a men’s physique champion four times.  He also has the victory of 4 IFBB events under his belt, which includes the one at the Arnold festival in the year 2015.

sadik Hadzovic



Popularly known as Men’s Physique

Sadik Hadzovic is quite popular for all of his appearances in the men’s physique category, especially at Mr. Olympia, where he was placed at the second position on more than one occasions, coincidentally losing out to his biggest competitor- Jeremy Buendia at both times. Men’s physique is the category for guys who flaunt the aesthetic look – something like in the Jeff Seid style. It is a coveted category and to be in the second position is also a huge honor. Sadik Hadzovic is still one of the most widely known bodybuilders out there. These guys are known to be muscular and display a v-taper as well as a tiny waist. Although they have never made the image of elite bodybuilders, they’re way above mere mortals, hence putting them in a class of their own.

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Surprisingly, their actual weight, as well as the weight they appear to carry in the form of their muscle, is quite different.  These men do not weigh as much when compared to how muscular they are. For instance, the champion Jeremy Buendia weighs just about 164 lbs on stage. This proves that if you are gifted with a really tiny waist along with small joints, then your muscles need not be extremely large to look huge.

A switch to Classic Physique

Since he has lost out to Buendia on more than one occasion, Sadik Hadzovic has gone on to switching divisions to Classic Physique, where one requires a lot more mass. However, this is one transition which has not helped him secure the much coveted and awaited first Olympia title (as of yet) at the first position. However, he has been placed third in the same category.  Additionally, Hadzovic is also sponsored by the supplement company GAT, along with Big Ramy.

What are Sadik Hadzovic stats?

To carefully scrutinize the fact whether Sadik Hadzovic is really on steroids or not, let’s start by analyzing his stats to understand this accusation better:

  • Height: 5 ft 11 (1)
  • Weight (on stage): 190lbs/86kg
  • Off Season: 210lbs/95kg (2)

Now the main question that arises is that a man who looks as chiseled as a Greek God cannot just attain the perfect body naturally. But, is he one of the gifted few who has attained this enviable physique without any extra supplements or has he take steroids to get here. Let’s start by comparing him to the former Ex-Mr Olympia champion, Mr. Frank Zane:

Is he really as Big as Frank Zane?

Frank Zane’s stats:

  • Height: 5 ft 9
  • Weight (on stage): 185lbs/84kg
  • Off Season: 200lbs/91kg.

Although, Sadik Hadzovicis 5 lbs heavier than Frank Zane when it comes to his on stage weight, he is also about 2 inches taller than the ex-Mr Olympian champion, which makes both of them almost identical regarding size as well as proportions. It’s quite a well-known fact that Frank Zane aka ‘The Chemist’ has taken steroids to reach here. However, some people accuse Sadik Hadzovic of being on steroids because of the same reason. Since he is of the same size as Frank Zane.

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But this alone cannot back up or be credible enough to prove whether someone is actually on steroids or not. During Zane’s era, there was an extremely few numbers of people who took bodybuilding very seriously. It was only after the release of Pumping Iron that this number soared. Now, there are millions and millions of more people who are not only obsessed with bodybuilding but have also helped take it forward as quite a sport.  As a result, this sport has ‘genetically evolved’.

In simpler terms, it is because of more people who are lifting weights, that we can find a lot more genetic freaks who find it much easier to build muscle as compared to the past generations.

So now that he has reached the same position, you can actually see that Sadik Hadzovic hasn’t gained any size in the past four years (if any), which is quite normal for an experienced lifter who has built his physique naturally.  The only noticeable difference which came as quite a shocking fact was that Sadik is not actually retaining as much water in the year 2016 and his conditioning has become much better, when you carefully see the enhanced muscle definition, especially while paying attention to his delts.

Our verdict on Sadik Hadzovic: Completely natural

After doing a lot of research, we think that Sadik Hadzovic simply has a lot of crazy genetics. When analyzed carefully, you can see that he does not have any gyno, balding or anything else which can be considered as a symptom or be indicative of the fact that he is taking steroids. In our experience, big guys who are natural actually make 90% of their gains very early when it comes to their bodybuilding career. After this, they don’t really grow much bigger. Sadik Hadzovic has shown enough evidence of his natural gains and shut down the critics efficiently. We love how he grows every season and surprises the world with his dedication.

He is an extremely hard working man who has ensured that he follows very natural ways to attain his dream physique and reach the kind of body he aimed for. He has worked very hard to win the categories he participates in and is followed religiously by people who wish to make a body like him naturally. Also, his genes might have a big role to play in his victories and in his journey of becoming one of the most successful men’s physique guys that there is! When it comes to bodybuilding, there are always rumors and baseless allegations. These baseless allegations based on random comparisons cannot prove that he is not a natty, especially if he has gone out of his way to tell people that he has achieved this feat purely through natural means. Those who take steroids are often ridden by their own guilt and would not come out saying they are natural. However, Sadik Hadzovic has proudly announced to the world that he is a proud natty and would like others to follow suit.

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