SARM S23 Reviewed: A Strong SARM you should try!

History of S23

S23 is one of the latest SARMs that just hit the market. In this review, you will get know everything about the product, its history, benefits, side effects, and if it’s safe to use or not.

S23 is an active androgen receptor modulator that doesn’t cause BPH and other prostate-related side effects. Theoretically, S23 helps in gaining lean mass and strength like other SARMs.

Research shows that S23 is a potential male contraceptive that helps in the reduction of spermatogenesis and, it doesn’t have any side effects linked with hormonal contraceptives.

It is gathered that S23 was primarily produced to subdue the production of sperms, not to stimulate gene expression, which causes muscles building effects. Muscle building is an unintentionally added benefit which may come up at the risk of some extreme side effects.

What is S23?

S23 is a new drug under the name category “SARMs” – Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. SARM is similar to testosterone through hormone receptor binding in specific body parts.

Like other SARMs, S23 aim at the bone and muscle tissues to promote bone health and muscle growth, respectively. While testosterone causes prostate enlargement, S23 does not because it doesn’t target prostate tissue. Although it is reported that S23 decreases the size of the prostate.

S23 is gradually gaining popularity in the bodybuilding community as it is very effective at decreasing fat and increasing muscle mass with little side effects. Nevertheless, S23 can drain testosterone levels with users who undergo post-cycle therapy (PCT).

The product, S23, is attracting more interests continually for its potentials to control birth-rate in male. The test carried out in rats led to 100% infertility all through. The infertility stimulant is temporary and can be reversed entirely as soon as the drug is stopped.

The effects of S23 also cut across women. Research shows that women who use S23 have their sexual motivation increased. Other likely uses of S23 are: increases bone density and prevents muscle loss.

Important Notice: No human study has been carried out on S23. Hence, it’s not approved for human use. Presently, the World Anti-Doping Agency has banned all SARMs in professional sports.


  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Reduces fat mass
  • Potential birth control in male
  • Likely to increase bone strength
  • Likely to increase female sexual motivation
  • Has little side effects when compared with steroids


  • Long-term risks are not known
  • Testosterone reduction
  • Testicle shrinkage
  • No studies on human

Dosage of S23

SARM S23 is an active compound with an extensive range of results throughout its cycle. It has a half-life of 12 hours which some consumers misinterpret as dividing the dosage into two forms. Whereas a protective measure is essential while taking S23.

The most effective dosage of S23 is 20 -30 mg, but that’s based on some factors like being overweight; having extra calories accumulated in your system.

If you’re taking S23 for bulking purposes, then an ideal dosage is 10 – 20 mg. This is the best dosage because you may not experience any side effect. Also, it is beneficial to take the total dosage of S23 regularly in two divided form.

Benefits of S23

The anecdotal evidence and scientific research have shown that S23 is likely the most potent SARM in the market. Some of the benefits gotten from users include:

1. Helps Build Lean Muscle Mass

A clear result from the users has shown that S23 helps in building lean body mass and also help to gain better retention at the end of their cycle.

2. Increases Strength and Stamina

Users also report a significant increase in speed, stamina, and endurance whenever S23 is cycled. It means a longer, harder, and meaner workouts with optimum results.

The lean muscle building and natural fat-burning properties of S23 give users the privilege to optimize high-intensity workouts. Although S23 has one downside, it increases anger. As reported by a user, the anger could be due to the intensity level of approaching workouts during S23 intake.

3. Helps with Fat Loss

Taking S23 helps reduce fat loss and fat oxidation.

A study conducted on rats shows that the product, S23 can reduce the percentage of the fat in rats’ body. And at the same time, increases the mineral density of the bone as well as the lean muscle mass. The study shows further that high dosage intake of S23 increases its fat-burning properties efficiently, leading to a massive reduction in body fat.

4. Shows Minimal Water Retention

The report shows that the consumption of S23 doesn’t lead to any water retention or bloating. It means users are still able to retain their muscle gains even after a complete cycle of S23. Hence, several bodybuilders adopt S23 during the cutting phrase for being beneficial at the final stage.

5. Develops a Hard Muscle Aesthetic

At the cutting phase of your workouts, consider taking S23 because it will help you build grainy-looking muscles. The type of hard muscle aesthetic created by S23 cannot be achieved with the conventional steroids – a reason why most bodybuilders prefer S23 during their preparation for events and competitions.

Side Effects of S23

Possible side effects of taking S23 include:

1. Testicle Shrinkage

According to some bodybuilders, they observed that their testicles were shrinking when they were taking S23. A report from another scientific study shows the same side effect. Instead of S23 to increase testosterone, it decreases it. But, it’s a temporary side effect, the testosterone will become normal again when the cycle completes.

2. Testosterone Shutdown

Users report that the closest drug to conventional steroids in the SARM market is the S23. This claim makes it potent and unique with temporary side effects. S23 decreases testosterone levels at a very high rate, which makes some users begin to supplement it with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) to fight the resulting deficiency.

Interestingly, this side effect is temporary and will be resolved once the S23 cycle is completed.

3. Darker Urine

Users also experience a darker urine color, which also ends at the complete of S23 cycle.

4. Aggression

Users have also noticed increased anger while taking this product. It’s probably not the best option for people that have anger issues in history.


S23 is the ideal product for increasing fat loss, getting textured muscle, and retain lean muscle at the end of a cycle. However, using this product comes with some unavoidable side effects. While the downsides stop at the end of the cycle, it may not be at once.

S23, secrets of the bodybuilders’ lean muscle!

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