Serovital HGH Review 2018-Does it Work? (Updated July 2019)

What is Serovital?

The human growth hormone has been a controversy for a while now. This is a controversy that dates back to 1990 when an article in the publication New England Journal of Medicine revealed the results of a study in which HGH was used in 12 men over the age of 60. The results indicated an increase in the lean muscle mass in the body. The levels of minerals in the body were also increased. Since then, the uses of the hormone as an anti-aging have been constantly examined although the scientists themselves at no time claimed Serovital to be an anti-aging drug.


A recent publication in Shape magazine seemed to indicate that actors and models in Hollywood that were advanced in age but still managed to look young were using human Growth Hormone. Currently, it is hardly a secret that famous stars in Hollywood are using the controversial treatment to make them look deceptively young.

Popular belief
The reason behind the use of this hormone is the fact that many people believe it to be the alleged “fountain of youth”. They seem to believe that it contains numerous benefits that play a role in reversing the aging process. Among these benefits are:

  • Increase in the levels of lean muscle mass in the body
  • Reduced levels of fat in the muscles
  • Increase the mood generally
  • It is believed to eliminate wrinkles in the body
  • HGH is also believed to heighten the sex drive in people.
  • It is also believed to tighten skin that is saggy.

 Serovital Features

Scientifically, HGH is single chain hormone that is a peptide. Naturally, HGH is produced by the brain, specifically the pituitary gland and is released by the brain into the bloodstream. The hormone has numerous natural uses including:

  • It generally stimulates growth by facilitating cell reproduction and regeneration.
  • HGH is also a stress hormone. It has the effect of increasing the levels of glucose in the cells and breaking down fats in the cells thus freeing them up to be converted into glucose. It is this function of breaking down fats that make is reduce the fat levels in the muscles effectively increasing the lean mass in the body.
  • HGH is also involved in the production of IGF-1.

A version of HGH is used in the treatment of growth deficiency in children. It is, however, only given under doctor’s instructions and in limited quantities.

Serovital HGH is a company that produces a compound that increases the levels of HGH in the body. The company realized that as the body continues to age, the levels of HGH produced by the pituitary gland rapidly decline. This means that you lack the numerous benefits of HGH in the body including:

  • When the hormone penetrates the cells that contain fats, it causes the release of fats from these cells resulting in shrinkage of the cells.
  • When the hormone goes through the muscle cells, it results in an increase in the lean mass of the cells. This results in a lean and more toned look.
  • The hormone also does miracles on the skin. It causes an increased blood flow to the skin resulting in a faster take of nutrients to the skin. This increases the production of collagen to the cells resulting in a healthier looking skin. Your skin is left looking smooth and taught.

These features are what led some to believe it is the way to combat aging hence the name “fountain of youth”. As the body grows the elves of this hormone decline rapidly. Because of this, people have been seeking ways to replenish the levels of this hormone in their bodies even as they age.

In the past, people in pursuit of this elusive hormone resorted to controversial injections that cost a heavy penny. The average cost of these injections was estimated at about $1500 per month. Not what you would call cheap. These injections were only available to the ultra-rich and the controversy around them was unfathomable. Scientists feared that introducing the synthesized HGH to the body would go a long way to upset the natural production of HGH in the body. This could have disastrous effects.


The natural increase of HGH in the body

In recent times, however, there has been the discovery of a natural means to increase the levels of HGH in the body. This is a less controversial method of increasing the levels of HGH in the body. And this is a method that increases the levels of HGH in the body by up to 600%. This was a discovery that baffled many that were made by some of the most respected scientists in the world. The presentation was made in the Annual Scientific Meeting that was held in San Antonio in Texas.

Upon the presentation of the findings in this meeting, the findings found themselves in an array of other scientific meetings including; the 21st Annual Academy of Women’s health that was held in Washington. The findings of the scientist made headlines all over as they showed the possibility of an orally induced compound that had the capability of increasing the amount of growth hormone in the body by up to 600%.

The formula 

The compound that the scientists discovered was processed and put in a package and was called SeroVital. It was sold by the company known as SanMedica international. Despite all the hype that centered on the release of Serovital, the sales were highly limited and the operation largely remained an underground operation. This remained the case until the product was released on national television.

The release on television featured the success of the products in the patients who were given the compound that was produced as SeroVital. The blend of specific amino acids that they were given resulted in a spike of HGH by at least 6 times the original amount. So accurate was this information that the United States issued, not one, but thirteen patents to protect the copyright of the product. The outburst that followed the release of this information.

After the release of this information, the demand that ensued overwhelmed the company that made it. The amino acid formula that was among the highest patented in the U.S was hard to keep in the shelves. The operation went from an underground operation to a phenomenon that took the country by storm. Anybody with an interest in delaying the signs of aging was on the hunt for the product.

However, Serovital was always the proprietary product and so the development was limited. The prices were still quite stiff so not many people could afford it. The product was released over 20 years ago and since then, there has been thorough research done on the product and it’s growth hormone increasing properties. Now they have come up with a natural way to increase the levels of HGH in the body at a lower cost than before with higher levels of effectiveness.

The company has now been in the business for a very long time. They have developed their product through the years and have come up with better much better and more informed ways to get the most out of their products. The prices have also dropped significantly for the benefit of their customers that they value so much. There have been a number of SeroVital hgh Reviews wit5h different views about these products.

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Shape Magazine Serovital hgh Reviews 

The Serovital review for this magazine was done by a qualified doctor namely, Dr. Amy Heaton. She is the director of scientific affairs in the SanMedica International. She made the following review:

She said there are two methods to increase the levels of HGH in the body. Those are injections and SeroVital. She indicated that taking the pills is not the immediate antidote to curbing the effects of old age. The pills are only a part of the solution. In addition to taking the pills, you need to live a healthy lifestyle that you require to delay the aging process. As part of your lifestyle choice, you should take a healthy diet. You also need to do regular exercise to keep fit. Remember that delaying the aging process is something that includes keeping your entire body young and functional from the inside out.

The doctor also notes that to ensure maximum absorption of the amino acids compound you require to take the pills on an empty stomach. So this should be either the first thing you take in the morning before anything else and they do not take anything within the two hours that ensue. Alternatively, you could take the pills two hours after you have had your last meal just before you go to bed.

The doctor also connotes that although the method is considerably cheaper than the injections, it is also not really cheap. As much as prescribed HGH injections are expensive, SeroVital is also quite expensive because the treatment will cost you at least $100 per month.

She says the company claims the treatment will boost the mood of a person, reduce the levels fat in the muscles, eliminate wrinkles, tighten saggy skin, increases the energy levels in the body and increases the levels of sexual drive.

Benefits of Serovital HGH

You might ask whether the treatment is worth the $100 per month. The answer would have to be yes, it is. The following is why;

  • The treatment is guaranteed to work in collaboration with your healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the levels of wrinkles in your body.
  • This has the effect of also tightening skin that was previously saggy.
  • The amount of body fat in your body decreases rapidly
  • The treatment also results in stronger bones.
  • It also results in a better mood.

In addition to all this, the treatment gives you plenty of energy and also a lot of sex drive even in your advanced years.

The medical field claims that the treatment features that are listed by the company are just heresy. However, the results from the people that use the treatment would beg to differ. The levels of HGH have drastically improved. And admittedly, taking a product with the capacity to make you feel decades younger, not years, decades, should surely be given a shot.

Downsides of Serovital

Albeit all the sales talk was given by the company, there are a few drawbacks to be taken to note regarding the use of the product. They are:

As with all products, make sure that you consult your doctor. This is to avoid any cases of allergies and to determine whether you need to take the product.  The study that led to the discovery of the miracle-working pill has yet to be peer-reviewed. It was presented in the according to places but it is yet to be subjected to peer Serovital reviews. The researchers claim that they are in the process of making a write-up for peer reviews.

The study that was conducted was only done on 14 people. This is not a large number of people and the variables are limited.  In the study that was conducted, the levels of HGH that spiked were highest only 2

As much as the test measured the levels of HGH in the body, they did nothing to measure the levels of fat in the body, levels of testosterone and wrinkles making the credibility of their assertions questionable.

The study was also not done on people in their 50s and 60s who are likely to have reduced levels if HGH in their bodies.  Except for the study that led to the emergence of the drug, there is no other known research that has been done to assert the credibility of Serovital.  Also in the recent packaging of the product, the initials HGH have been removed and replaced with three lines.

Conclusion on Serovital

Serovital is highly hyped in the market. It was the feature on television that boosted the company to all the sales that were made. Serovital promises to be the cure for reversing old age by increasing the HGH levels in the body by up to 600%. However, beware of the drawbacks of purchasing the product.



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