Simeon panda

Is Simeon Panda on Steroids? We found out! (Updated July 2019)

Who is Simeon Panda?

For all those who follow the bodybuilding world, Simeon Panda is quite popular. For all those who don’t know him, well he is one of the most popular English bodybuilders from London, who boasts of one of the most aesthetic physiques in the world. Simeon’s rise to fame is largely attributed to his huge upper body mass, combined with an incredibly tiny waist. Oh, and the fact he claims to have achieved this feat completely naturally.

Simeon panda
It is a lesser known fact that his muscles have earned him a Musclemania PRO card, which gets him in the same league alongside the likes of Ulysses and Chul Soon. Commercially, this has been of advantage to him because he has also managed to land a sponsorship with supplement giant – MyProtein. As a result of claiming completely natural means, he’s actually gained over 4.7 million fans on his Facebook page ( which is higher than Phil Heath, Kai Greene, and Sadik Hadzovic). On the other hand,  Simeon’s received quite a bit of backlash online; accompanied by people calling him a liar as well as a disgrace to the industry.
These negative comments are a problem because some people actually believe that he is on steroids and all of these accusations are based purely because of the size that he so proudly boasts of. Let’s look at this objectively:

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Here are Simeon Panda’s stats (1, 2):

  • Height: 6 ft 1he
  • Weight: 230lbs
  • Estimated Body fat: 7%

Simeon’s measurements (approximate):

  • Arms: 21 inches
  • Chest: 50 inches
  • Waist: 31 inches

These are huge measurements for somebody who has achieved all this naturally and many people who look at Simeon may quickly just feel that he’s on steroids. Here we are analyzing whether there’s actually any substance behind these steroid accusations, or is Simeon really telling the truth?

Evidence That Simeon Panda IS on Steroids 

There are plenty of experts that are of the opinion that Simeon Panda is on steroids.

They back this up with the fact that he weighs the same as Arnold Schwarzenegger used to weigh in his prime and the governor has admitted to taking steroids. But the issue here is that these experts do not know that Simeon and Arnold are actually not of the same size and there is no proof of the fact that they have the same stats.

Unfortunately, stats are often inflated; and most of the times they’re completely incorrect. When further research is done, it is found that in reality, Simeon Panda actually does not have the level of muscularity which Arnold boasted of had when he won Mr. Olympia Simeon would further need to enhance his physique with a good 40lbs of lean muscle to come in the same category as the Austrian Oak.

For example, Arnold had a 58-inch chest, which is almost 8 inches bigger than Simeon’s. He also used to have 22-inch arms, which is exactly 1 inch more than Simeon. Although, 1 inch doesn’t sound like a lot it visually definitely makes a huge difference to your biceps, especially in the case when it’s all solid, lean muscle tissue. Also, it does not really even matter if Simeon is equally big, or even surpasses the size of Arnold, It does not automatically point out that means he’s been taking steroids.

During Arnold’s reign, bodybuilding was hardly even considered a sport. It was only after when Pumping Iron has aired that this sport became extremely popular.  Arnold did not only change the common opinion from“ Those guys are really creepy”, to “This looks like and is actually a really interesting sport”. Ever since it became increasingly popular, and it meant that men with amazing genetics now started to participate in the sport. With bodybuilding’s fan base continuing to rapidly expand, the potential for bigger bodybuilders is constantly on a rise.

Musclemania: The issue with Weak Drug Testing

Simeon Panda is popular for competing in the bodybuilding federation known as Musclemania.

When discussed in Chul Soon’s steroid analysis, Musclemania drug tests have turned out to be extremely easy to beat. This is only because they test the competitors right after performing in the events, which means that the athletes can strategically plan exactly when they need to come off steroids and pass the urinalysis test – because they know about the date. So even though, it is possible to clear Musclemania drugs tests even if you are on the juice, it does not have any solid evidence which suggests that Simeon Panda is actually on steroids, as he definitely could be passing these tests even as a natural. In reality, there’s no actual evidence which suggests that Simeon is on roids. It’s unfortunate that people are only accusing Simeon Panda of using steroids because of his enviable size. Actually, there’s no credibility which backs up these claims in any way.

There is quite a lot o Evidence proving that Simeon is Natural

Gains Timeline

Naturals definitely have quite a distinct time window, when it comes to gains, all you need to do is look at how much muscle mass has been gained over the course of their life. Whenever they start lifting weights, they grow quite a lot initially, but then they end up on a plateau. After this, they experience gains at a much slower pace. Typical steroid-users, however, have a very different type of gains timeline:

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First, they start with making newbie gains, then they do plateau, after which they make huge gains, especially after they start to take steroids.

Here you can have a look at Simeon’s gains over the years:

  • You can see that even though Simeon Panda has not added a lot of mass, ever since he has experienced his newbie gains.
  • He’s just recently learned how to diet and as a result get more shredded.
  • This is an extremely natural looking gains timeline. If after the year 2006 he carried on becoming more and more bigger, then Simeon Panda would definitely agree to steroid-use.
  • However, he has stayed the same size for the last 10 years.
  • All of the aforementioned points prove that Simeon has world-class genetics.

Tiny Waist is actually one of the evidence

It is a known fact that a waist that small has never been seen on somebody so big. The structure of Simeon’s waist is quite impossible to achieve on anabolic steroids. Even though, one may not need to take human growth hormone and insulin (which is notorious for causing asteroid gut), taking any product which is a steroid is sure to cause a thick, blocky midsection. Even Arnold’s waist was actually 3 inches wider than Simeon Panda’s, at exactly the same height as well as the body fat percent.

  • Simeon Panda waist: 31 inches (2)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s waist: 34 inches (4)


Simeon Panda has also passed a Polygraph

Polygraph is popularly known as a lie detector test. He actually went ahead and arranged this test himself after a lot of hate started bothering him.
This specific lie detector test was carried out by Don Cargill who popular for being the NADAC senior examiner, chairman of the UK and European polygraph association and also boasts of a membership of the American polygraph association. Basically, in short, he’s the guy you actually want running a polygraph if you want maximum accuracy.

Don has not only worked on the Trisha Goddard show and performed polygraphs during murder cases which have resulted in a conviction, but has also helped someone being released from prison.

The aforementioned polygraph Simeon took did not only have a 98% accuracy but is also 3% higher than standard polygraphs. Simeon Panda has even published a YouTube video with Ulysses publicly claiming that he actually wasn’t on steroids. Although this does not serve as conclusive proof, it is actually the lengths he’s going, which are indicative of somebody who isn’t guilty.

He did not need to go through the hassle of testing himself or even come out addressing this particular topic on video.

If anybody was actually on steroids and still claiming to be natural, then they definitely wouldn’t put themselves in such stressful situations. They would not go to the extent of lying on video and continue to pretend to be natural when they are not; especially when nobody is forcing them to do it. Instead, these people would lay low and stay extremely quiet about it. On the other hand, if they were complete naturals and people kept on saying that they weren’t; they would in all probability go and take a load of drug tests which would prove that they are not exactly afraid to come face to face with these accusations on video. It is extremely nice to see what Simeon Panda has done. It does not only prove that he is a completely natural but also shows how hard Simeon Panda has worked to reach the position he is at today.

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