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Simply Fit Board Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is the Simply Fit board?

Balance boards have been in the market for a while and the market is currently full of balance boards in all shapes and sizes. So how do the boards work and is there any connection between them and workout? Well, all boards have been found to help with balance and balance boards are considered great for balance training. Balance boards have been used extensively to help people improve their posture and rehabilitate injuries that affected balance. Recent studies have also shown that these boards can be used to condition the body and for muscle strengthening.

simply fit board

While balance boards are designed to work the same way, some stand out and deliver greater results than others. Among the most popular balance boards, today is the Simply Fit Board, a simple device that many have used to increase their balance, strengthen their core muscles, and best of all get rid of belly fat. Below is a detailed Simply Fit Board review that looks at this board in detail, how it works and how it benefits its users. The review also summarizes user reviews from people who have actually used the balance board and have shared their views and sentiments on different online platforms.


About Simply Fit Board

Thanks to a successful pitch on shark tank, many people got to know how this board works and the workouts that users can engage in. There is no denying that there is a lot of hype surrounding this board which explains why this is the hottest board available today and almost every shop selling fitness devices are stocking it. Fortunately, this board works and many have incorporated into their daily regimen.

The Simply Fit Board is a plastic device designed to help users strengthen their core muscles. The device also makes it easy for users to trim belly fat. When used together with weight, this weight has been found to help a great deal where arms’ toning is concerned.

This device comes with a balance-board design. The Simply Fit Board is made using a special plastic that allows users to rock back and forth just like in a balance board. The special plastic also allows users to twist from one side to another and this movement has been found to help a great deal in strengthening core muscles and getting rid of belly fat.

The board surface features handle for easy carrying and retrieving from storage, and a non-slip surface where you should put your feet. The feet area is clearly marked so it is easy to know exactly where your feet should be for optimal balance. The board surface is quite sturdy and can support up to 400 pounds. The device comes with a solid construction and though simple, many have used it to successfully trim belly fat and strengthen their muscles.

The board is available in 5 bright colors which provide adequate options for most users. The board also comes with a user guide and a variety of free workout videos designed to help users make the best use of this small device.


What makes the Simply Fit Board standout?

  • Weight Limit

Balance boards are simple devices though some are built better than others. The Simply Fit Board stands out for a number of reasons. For one the Simply Fit Board comes with a 400 pounds weight limit which is much higher than the limits you will find on most boards in the market. This high weight limit means that people who are on the heavier side can use the board without compromising its integrity.

  • Price

This board is also reasonably priced and for a board of this quality and construction, it is sure worth every penny. It helps that the board also comes with free videos that will help users know which workouts will help them strengthen their core muscles and get rid of the muffin top.

  • Design

The innovative design and interesting colors also make this board stand out. In a world full of wooden boards and dull-plastic boards, the Simply Fit Board is like a breath of fresh air. This board comes in five bright color and users have the freedom to choose which of these colors appeals to them.

The board also comes in a slim design that stores easily and can fit in the tiniest of spaces. The board measures 26 by 11 inches and the plastic used to make the board is 0.75 inches.


  • Usability

This board is safe for use by people in most if not all age group. Anyone who can engage in simple workouts such as walking or swimming can incorporate this board into their workouts.

From Simply Fit Boards reviews, it is clear that some people have a hard time in the beginning since the Simply Fit Board moves when one is not fully balanced. Fortunately, the same users say that within a short duration they learned how to balance and being on the Simply Fit Board was fun and somehow felt like surfing.

There is enough information on how users can overcome the balancing challenges they encounter in the beginning. By following the information provided, users can learn the ropes and perfect their balancing in a few days or a week at most.

Though users can even lift weight and engage in other workouts while balancing on this board, it is important for users to concentrate on balance first. Every other workout should be introduced gradually and care should be taken to reduce the likelihood of injuries.

How to use the Simply Fit Board

For best results, this board should be used on carpeted floors. If your floor is not carpeted, you can put a small woven rug under your board. This will safeguard the Simply Fit Board and also protect your floors from scratches. Placing this board on bare floors will make it slide and this is generally unsafe as maintaining balance will be an uphill task.

Place your legs towards the edges of the board. There are clearly market circles where the feet should be placed for optimal balance.

Once you step on the board, start to twist at the waist to strengthen your core muscles and burn some belly fat. Ensure that your knees are not moving and focus on keeping your posture right to ensure that you do not lose balance. You can check out the available Simply Fit Board videos available to see how you should be moving your waist and arms for best results.

This board is designed to work on leg, stomach, and arm muscles. Every movement on the Simply Fit Board will work on these 3 areas and your efforts will determine the results you get at the end of the day. If you need to tone your arms, you can increase the intensity of your workout by incorporating weights. Start with small weights and increase this gradually. Just ensure that you do not go over comfortable weights as this can compromise your balance. You can also increase the speed of your movements while on the Simply Fit Board.

Balance is easy to lose when you are on the Simply Fit Board especially when you are getting used to the board. You can hold on to a chair or table to get balance and prevent accidental falls when working out. With time, you will be more confident and you will know the right posture to maintain during your workout. Once you are confident, you can take your workouts outside or any other convenient place for you.


Simply Fit Board reviews

  • Light and portable

You can carry it everywhere where you go and easily store it. Though this board can withstand a lot of weight, it is among the latest boards in the market. The board also comes in a slim design and there are handles put in place to ensure convenience during transportation.

  • Actually works

This device is backed by numerous positive reviews by people who have actually used it and found it to be beneficial. Both people recovering from serious injuries and those looking for a healthier and better-looking body used it to get the results they desire.

Most users say that they can feel the strain on the muscles several minutes after getting on the board. This only proves that the board works as promised and is a great addition to any workout routine. It helps that most users reviews are positive and even the negative ones confirm that the board actually works to help work out 3 key areas in the body.

  • Wealth of information

Unlike other boards where you simply buy the device and figure out how to use it on your own, there is a lot of information for users and those who are just curious about how this board works. There are more than enough videos that users can use to exercise muscles and different body parts. The Simply Fit Board also comes with a simple user guide that makes it easy for users to familiarize themselves with this fitness board.

simplfy fit board infographic

Cons of Simply Fit Board

Requires a lot of balance and this is something that many people struggle with. On the positive side, the manufacturer offers guidelines on how to maintain balance and ensure that you do not fall off the Simply Fit Board. The fact that a lot of balance is needed when working out on the board also means that aside from helping with muscle strengthening and weight loss, people who struggle with balance can use the board to improve their balance.

Some users have complained that the Simply Fit Board cracks after everyday use. This way attributed to a substandard batch that was released to the market a while ago. This issue has, however, been rectified and many people who use this board continue to enjoy their board and use it in their workouts on a daily basis.

To be on the safe side, ensure that there are static items such as tables and chairs near especially when your body is not in perfect condition. If you are recovering from an injury, holding on to a table or chair in case of pain in the injured area causes you to move and lose your balance.

From the above review, it is clear that the Simply Fit board is a worthy investment. While these boards are quite limiting in the number of workouts you can use them for, the company making the Simply Fit Board provides a variety of videos that users can use for inspiration. The goodness of videos is that you can simply watch, see how each workout is done, and replicate the same to get the results that you want.

Working out on this board can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. It helps that this is a small device that you can use for your indoor and outdoor workouts. As long as you put a rug under the Simply Fit Board when working out on smooth floors, you can work out in any part of the house or even outside. The fact that the Simply Fit Board also comes cheap means that you can add this interesting workout device to your home gym without having to dig deep into your pockets.

Just like any other workout device, results are not guaranteed and you have to put in the hard work to see any noticeable results. You will start to feel the pressure on your leg, core, and hand muscles a few minutes after your workout but it is your efforts that will determine how well you will feel and look at the end of it all.

It is also important to remember that you should always start small and gradually increase your workout if you want to safeguard your body against injuries and burnout. No matter how excited you are, allow your body to get used to the movements especially if you do not engage in regular exercise. All in all, this is a great device that will help you tremendously improve your balance even when you are recovering from injuries. If you want to strengthen your core muscles and get rid of belly fat, this device will also help you as long as you engage in the right workouts and integrate regular exercise and a healthy diet into your lifestyle.


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