six star testosterone booster

Six Star Testosterone Booster Review 2019- Pro’s & Con’s

What is Six Star Testosterone Booster?

Getting a working testosterone booster is a lot harder than it sounds. From commercials and online reviews, you can get the impression that all testosterone boosters are absolutely magical with nothing but good things but this isn’t always the case. A lot of people have spent hundreds on testosterone products, and not many have something to show for it. Others have, in fact, ended up with adverse effects leaving them with long-term medical complications. You can’t afford to leave any stone unturned because that can quickly move you from wanting to gain muscle mass to trying to survive another painful day.

One of the T-levels supplement available in the market today is the Six Star Testosterone Booster. Here is everything you need to know about this product.

six star testosterone booster

When you clock a certain age, around your thirties or earlier than that for other people, your body naturally drops the production of Testosterone. This is something that everyone knows and expects, but not many of us appreciate what its effects are. You see, a reduction in testosterone leads to a decrease in stamina, energy, sex drive, and lean muscle mass. As if that’s not enough torture for a single lifetime, you get more belly fat! This is plain crazy and that’s why most Testosterone companies are coming up with these boosters. Six Star manufacturers, for instance, promise to optimize your body’s testosterone levels and improve your sports performance within seven days! That sounds a little absurd but let’s give them the benefit of doubt.

Six Star Testosterone Booster is a natural supplement featuring an anti-catabolic complex. The supplement’s formula aims at preventing muscle loss while increasing the amount of free testosterone in your body. It also tries to maintain a sane balance between cortisol and testosterone with the primary focus being on improving the latter. That’s what the manufacturers claim to be the purpose of the supplement, but when you go through the ingredient’s list, the picture is different. In the list, you won’t see any Tribulus, Zinc, or D-Aspartic Acid which are the typical ingredients known to increase testosterone levels.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Ingredients

Before we even go deep into what’s contained in this product, we should tell you straight up that it looks under-dosed and weak.

The main ingredient in the supplement is Boron Citrate. Boron used to be a very popular testosterone supplement decades ago, but over the years, its use has been reducing due to the introduction of new and better compounds. Six Star Testosterone booster works by using Boron Citrate to reduce Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. This, in turn, leads to an increase in free testosterone in the system that is now available for use in improving energy and stamina levels. Boron is also useful in promoting the growth of lean muscle mass, improving bone density and easing arthritis problems. Other ingredients used include:

  1. Calcium – There is 45 mg of calcium in each serving of Six Star Testosterone Booster. Clinical studies have shown that 35mgs of calcium per kg of body weight can increase testosterone levels within three to four weeks. This is a spectacular performance, but the levels of calcium in this supplement don’t seem to be enough to make such a difference. There’s only 45 mg of calcium, and that’s just too little.
  2. Rhodiola Extract – Studies indicate that Rhodiola enhances fat loss, helps to fight oxidative damages and can increase brain and general cognitive functions. In the past, this herb has been used to relieve fatigue, depression and stress issues. Some athletes use it to boost energy levels and overall performance. Six Star Testosterone Boosters contains 36mg of Rhodiola extracts. It, however, does not play any particular role in increasing testosterone in the body.
  3. Gingko Extract – Gingko assists with fighting inflammations and freeing radicals. The herb is excellent in doing all these but are they really your priority when all you want is an increase in testosterone in your body? If I am buying a T-level booster, I’ll be a little less concerned about these effects and more about where it leaves my testosterone levels. Another problem with the inclusion of this ingredient is its dosages level. To thoroughly enjoy the above-mentioned benefits of these extracts you will need to consume at least 120mg of it. Guess how much is added in Six Star…..2.7mgs! You then have to wonder what was the point of adding it if they weren’t going to make enough of it to deliver results.

Benefits of using Six Star Testosterone Booster

There aren’t many benefits to look forward to in this supplement, but maybe one thing that can be attractive is its price tag. The supplement is quite affordable, and this is a good thing if you are operating on a tight budget but worrying if you try to be objective. It is considered too affordable for raising questions regarding its quality. Perhaps, the reason for this pricing is because they know the product is not filled with enough ingredients to give you the results you are looking for. The deal here seems too sweet to be true.

You can also consider its availability as a benefit. We all know of some supplements that you have to travel for miles to get a certified distributor. Or the ones that are exclusively sold online and can sometimes take up to 30 days to be delivered. This is very exhausting, and at some point, people give up and stop using them altogether. Six Star Testosterone Booster can be found in almost any drug store near you. This is convenient and will give you more time to focus on your workouts.

Disadvantages of Six Star Testosterone Booster

One of the biggest cons of this supplement is the lack of a well-known Testosterone boosting ingredient. As pointed out, this supplement doesn’t have any zinc, Tribulus and D-aspartic acid. The whole point of taking it is to promote your T-Level but when the best ingredients of doing so aren’t included then how is it a testosterone booster in the first place?

Side Effects of Six Star Testosterone Booster

Very few adverse effects have been reported about this supplement. One could even argue that it’s too weak to cause you any problems. A few users of this supplement have, however, complained of at least one of the following issues; acne, headaches, and sleep disturbances. One bodybuilding forum claimed that these effects could be solved with an increase in water intake. We cannot conclusively tell you whether this solution works or not.

How to take Six Star Testosterone Booster

Six Star is packed in a bottle containing around 60 capsules. The recommended dose is two pills taken twice daily. You should avoid taking more than eight tablets within 24 hours even though the supplement is known to be weak.

Where can I buy it?

If there is one thing that shouldn’t worry you about this supplement is where to get it and how much it will cost you. Six Star Testosterone Booster is available in local stores like Walgreens and Walmart and is also available in online stores like Amazon. A bottle goes for around $10. One bottle of this supplement should only last you two weeks if you take the supplement as directed.

User Testimonials

Here is a sample of reviews from some of the people who have tried out this supplement:

“It’s a good product unlike most other fluff items retailing on bodybuilding websites. Unfortunately, I started noticing water retention, so I had to stop using it.” – By Joseph N

“It’s not a terrible product given its price. My stamina and energy have increased reasonably since I started using it. It’s not the best supplement I have tried, but it is a bit better than spending $100 on other fraudulent products.” – By Anonymous Amazon Client

So far it’s been a month since I started taking it and I’m yet to see anything positive. It feels like an oversized container filled with little pills that don’t seem to have any impact whatsoever.” By Joe

“This supplement works, but it’s not anywhere close as to what they advertise. Its effects are very minimal!” 


This supplement is not a bad option considering its price. Several users online have testified that it does deliver the promised benefits. If you therefore only have a few dollars to spare then it might not be a bad idea to get the supplement.

Past experiences have shown us that cheap is somehow always expensive. By looking at its low price, you can right away think of two problems. One, it’s either the product isn’t efficient which will mean that you have to keep buying it for months to enjoy its benefits. This can, in the long run, turn out to be more expensive than buying one useful supplement. The next problem is that it could be made up of substandard ingredients. This is a serious concern because it means you could just be wasting your money and time eating something that’s of no value. It could also be a problem regarding how safe the cheaply acquired ingredients are.

For this reason, I’ll pass on the product and look for something more potent with actual T-Level boosting ingredients even if it means adding a few dollars to my budget.

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