smooth move tea

Smooth Move Tea Review – Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

What is Smooth Move Tea?

The makers of this tea are Traditional Medicinal from California. Smooth move tea focuses on eliminating constipation. This is a common problem observed in many people. There are many factors involved in constipation occurrence. One thing to remember is that it is healthy to attend nature calls twice a day. If that is not happening, then try to pinpoint the problem and consult the doctor. It is good to find constipation problem at early stages because solving this issue is easy at that time. Smooth move tea usage has no limits of age. From children to aged, everyone can use this tea. Let’s discuss this smooth move tea and see how it helps in solving constipation.

smooth move tea
smooth move tea

Smooth move tea overview

  • Natural ingredients are used in this tea. No preservatives or chemicals are used. Senna leaf, Fennel root, Ginger Rhizome, Orange peel and licorice root are some of the ingredients used in Smooth move tea. Out of all, Senna is effective and known for relieving constipation. It is a laxative and generally, laxatives are known to pump the intestine working and get the bowels moving.
  • As we are dealing with the digestive system, it is pretty important to consult the doctor before consuming. Tea packets should be placed in a cup of hot water and let it be there for 15 minutes. Drink the smooth move tea at night time and as per the reviews, immediate results are observed. Within 6-12 hours, Smooth move tea does its job and stomach gets cleared. Generally, this tea should be used for 7 days only. This is a herbal tea and it’s not a solution for long term.

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How does Smooth move tea work?

  • The Senna leaf is the main ingredient which effectively works on intestines. We know that there are small and large intestines present in our body. Many enzymes are released from liver and pancreas to digest the food and the nutrients from food are absorbed by intestines. It is the work of large intestine to push bowel to the rectum. During constipation, intestines will not work effectively resulting in storage of waste.
  • Senna stimulates the intestines and makes sure bowels are pushed out of the body. With the mix of other ingredients, the majority of side effects are reduced. Consume Smooth move tea right before bedtime and as mentioned earlier, working time requires around 6 to 12 hours. In the morning, you can feel the alarm of nature’s call.

Why constipation occurs:

Constipation occurs due to low protein and fiber diet, less intake of water, no physical exercises and consuming excess junk food. No or less movement of bowels takes place in the stomach which results in pain and lot of discomfort. More waste is accumulated day to day and if neglected, at the later stages it would be hard to recover. Because of constipation, weight gain is observed.

There is saying, “No matter how skilled you are, if you are not confident in yourself you will not succeed”. The point I am trying to stress is the feelings. Majority of people feel sad and depressed with constipation which affects day to day activities and the productivity of works. We all agree that it’s not that good but many natural remedies to try and with Smooth move tea, the problem is solved a lot easier and in less time.

Smooth Move Tea Side Effects

  • It is not good to use smooth move tea for more days because the body may get used to the product and stop functioning its natural way. This means that if tea is not consumed, then the process of removal of waste will not be performed by the body. Taking the example of sugar patients, the sugar levels in the body increases if the tablets are not taken. Insulin is required to control the levels which are released by the pancreas.
  • Now the situation turns out to be that when the tablets are taken, pancreas works effectively and releases insulin. Now insulin controls the sugar levels. In this case, the gland is not working so that’s why we have to take tablets but the situation is same. If Smooth move tea is used for more days, intestines get used to it and will not work if smooth move tea is not consumed.
  • Just like a coin has two sides, Smooth move tea has good and bad effects. Smooth move tea is an effective solution for constipation is a good side and the bad side is it may give side effects. There are certain conditions under which this tea should not be taken. If you have diarrhea, stomach pains, gas trouble then it is not advisable to consume this smooth move tea. The effects vary from person to person.
  • According to reviews, some people expressed their happiness towards smooth move tea as it worked like charm. Whereas some of them reported that Smooth move tea has not worked and they suffered stomach pain and gas troubles for more time. Traditional Medicinal clearly stated that people with specific conditions like stomach ache and diarrhea should not use this tea.

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Ways to avoid constipation:

  • 8 glasses of water a day, some fruits and a protein diet is a healthy lifestyle. But how many people will follow? Leave about all, at least 8 glasses of water per day is also difficult for some people. Adding to this, unhealthy food habits like taking junk foods and cool drinks will lead to constipation issues. One problem with the human body is that we find out the problem when the situation reaches to extreme zone. It’s very hard to treat at these levels because the organs are already either damaged or nonresponsive.

Overview of the Digestive system

We consume food. A digestive system consisting of small and large intestines which will break the food and start digesting with the help of enzymes. Kidneys purify and filter the waste ready to be sent outside the body. This is an overview of the cyclic process done inside every human being. For the people suffering from constipation, kidneys filter the waste but the system which sends it out will not work effectively.

As this is a cyclic process, it gets accumulated over time and if bowel movement will not happen, where will the waste go? It gets stored in the stomach itself. At some or other times, we all felt the experience of severe pain in stomach whenever nature’s call is not done. That pain does not come for a day or two but if it comes, consult the doctor immediately.

Consume the smooth move tea on daily basis for a week. You can feel a lot better as movement is clear and waste is getting out of the body. Adding to this, drink more water and do not drink cool drinks and eat junk foods. Eat more protein-rich foods so that the flow started by the tea will continue without using any more supplements. Exercising will improve the blood flow and keeps the body fit. Do not take this tea without doctor’s consultation. Smooth move tea is a blessing for people suffering from constipation. A healthy diet and regular exercises are also equally important. This has earned such a good reputation that many nutritionists prescribe Smooth move tea for patients.

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