The Best Snoring Aids in 2018 (Updated July 2019)

What are snoring aids?

These are devices that have been manufactured in order to help with the irritating sound that comes out when a person is snoring while asleep. Snoring is caused mainly by the narrowing of the nasal passage.  This narrowing of the passage restricts air from flowing which results to the sound of snoring. The sound can cause inconvenience to other people.  This is why these snoring aids were invented so as to help in muffling the sound or even stop it all together.

Since time memorial, snoring has been a problem for individuals and couples all over the world.  At times, the snoring would get worse to a point where it could even affect the whole family since the sound could spread and affect even people who are sleeping in other rooms.

To curb this issue, snoring aids are used to help ease the breathing or close the mouth altogether, which ends up helping the air passages to be open enough to maintain normal breathing without making the irritating sound.

Features of Snoring Aids

There is a wide range of snoring aids.  Some are made of silicon which is magical grade material that is soft and comfortable to use. This can make them durable for a long time. Examples include snore vents and mouth guards, just to name a few.

They are travel size so they can be carried with a lot of ease without any struggle. They are usually made with materials which can be washed and dried easily at home.

Some snoring aids are made of hypoallergenic materials that make it easier for people with various allergies to be able to enjoy the products too.  An example of such snoring aids is the nose vent.

There are some snoring aids that are meant to be used only for a short period of time.

There are snoring aids that are made of latex; people who are allergic might get adverse reactions from using such products.  An example of such a product is the nasal strip.

The good thing about these snoring aids is that the manufacturers consider making them with a variety of sizes so as to accommodate a wide range of their customers.

There are different forms and shapes of snoring aids. They include;

  • Chin straps

These are straps designed to keep the lower jaw in an upward position to make sure that there is enough dimensional space in the airway at the same time reducing air velocity and soft tissue vibration causing sound transmission. This helps a lot in reducing snoring and in some cases even eliminating it completely.  It encourages better breathing patterns by ensuring that the user breathes through the nose instead of using the mouth when sleeping.

  • Spray for nose and mouth

This spray can be made from herbs. It is used to treat snoring by spraying on both the nose and the roof of the mouth before sleeping. The spray may come in a range of bottle sizes. However, the taste of the medicine can be unpleasant to some users.

  • Mouthguards

This device is usually made of silicon or soft plastic. The device is put in boiled water to soften it and then fitted to the snorer’s upper and lower jaws after it is cooled to be worn when sleeping. Hyper salvation can occur and morning discomfort is also noted by some users sometimes. It can be fitted to any jaw size because of its flexible nature. It can be uncomfortable to wear for the first time.

  • Nasal dilators

A nasal dilator is designed and manufactured using a flexible plastic called polyesteramide. This device is made in such a way that it can be inserted into the nostrils with a lot of ease; however, it takes some time for the users to get used to them.  They are designed in a way that they would not come into contact with the mucous membrane and cause an irritation or a nosebleed.

They come in two sizes to fit people with small and big noses. They help in keeping the nostrils open and preventing them from closing soon to prevent a snorer from making any sound.

  • Snore Chin Up Strips

These are self-adhesive strips that keep the mouth shut. They prevent the mouth from opening while sleeping.  These strips are designed to help a snorer breathe naturally through the nose instead of the mouth. They have a comfortable external support that helps in keeping the mouth closed.

  • Oral Shield

This product is specifically designed for people who snore with their mouths wide open.  The device Shields breathing using the mouth while asleep which helps to prevent the snoring process altogether. It is not designed to bring the lower jaw forward and this makes it comfortable. It is molded in hot water by the user for it to obtain a comfortable fit in the mouth.

  • Nasal Strips

These are self-adhesive strips that are fixed on the outside of the nose to keep the nostrils open during sleep. Mostly they help people who suffer from nasal stuffiness.

They provide relief from snoring, nasal congestion due to flu, allergies, and colds.

  • Anti-Snoring Pillows

These pillows attack a sleeper’s urges to snore since most chronic snorers sleep on their backs while facing upwards and leaving their mouths wide open,  jaws relaxed and dropped backward and the tongue slipping to the back of the mouth which causes the blocking of the airways. When the airway is blocked in this position, a person tends to snore. This is where the snoring pillow comes in.

Common features that these pillows have are:

  • They are made from hypoallergenic materials which makes them safe to use even for people who have sensitive skin.
  • They are washable and dryable at home
  • They portable, therefore one can easily carry them anywhere.
  • They are shaped to align the head and the shoulders which snoring aid in maintaining an open airway and sideways position
  • They are shaped to fit the body perfectly while sleeping on the side.

The idea behind these pillows aiding in snoring is that once a snorer is positioned on their side, they generally stop snoring. They are designed to keep the user sleeping comfortably sideways.

  • Nose vents

They are scientifically designed to strengthen and expand the nasal passage which will maximize the air that flows in. This prevents the body from having obstructions in the throat that causes the sound of snoring.

The vents are inserted into the nostrils when the user wants to sleep.  They can be unnoticeable.

Advantages of Snoring Aids

  • They are user-friendly
  • They help in fixing the snoring problem.
  • They are affordable
  • They have a wide variety to choose from
  • They are healthier to use.
  • Some snoring aids can be durable to last a lifetime.
  • They are portable

Disadvantages of Using Snoring Aids

  • Some of them can be costly in the long run since there are snoring aids that are used for a few days, which leads to frequently buying them. For example the nasal strips.
  • They might cause some allergic reactions since some are made of latex
  • Some snoring aids are uncomfortable to use. Example of such is the nasal dilator.


Best Snoring aids products

  • Breathe right nasal strips.

They are drug-free and clinically proven. They help relieve nasal congestion which results to better breathing while asleep.

They reduce or even stop snoring by getting instant relief from a cough, cold and allergies.

  • Snore care nose vents

They offer warm and comfortable feeling so the user won’t feel irritated while sleeping.  The material used is medical grade silicone which gives comfort to the user at the same time maximizing the airflow through the nasal passage.

  • Somni fix sleep strips

These strips help the mouth to stay shut while sleeping but at the same time it has vents that can help the user breathe through the mouth when necessary.

They are easy to use and very comfortable in the skin.


Amazon strives to offer the best prices to customers in order to get value for their money. The pricing of the snoring aids ranges between 7dollars to 30dollars depending on the item. You can check out more about the prices on the site as this is just an approximation of the price and not quite accurate.

Conclusion on Snoring Aids

Snoring can be irritating and at the same time uncomfortable. This is why it is best to come up with a lasting solution to the problem as soon as possible. Before investing in any snoring aids device, make sure you rule out other medical conditions which might also be the result of the snoring. This is because snoring can be caused by a lot of factors. Also, when buying snoring aids, make sure you buy one that will be suitable for you.


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