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Sole F80 Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is the Sole F80?

If you are looking for a high-quality and reliable treadmill, then Sole F80 is among your best options. This treadmill is designed to offer everything you would ever ask for in a treadmill. Talk of performance, durability, ergonomics and all the tech stuff necessary to push your workouts to the next level. The running surface is large enough to accommodate people of various heights and weights without worrying about tripping off the treadmill. Above everything else, the operation is smooth and quiet making it super ideal for home use. To make it even more convenient, it’s designed in a foldable manner that allows you to fold and store it away taking up so little space. The Sole F80 is a premium treadmill that’ll give you the best experience possible making your weight loss and fitness journey a memorable one.

Here are some of the notable features which should help you understand why the Sole F80 is an ideal treadmill for any household.


Sole F80 is fitted with one of the most powerful treadmill motors in the market. Actually, it’s tough to find treadmills with a 3.5 CHP motor within this price range. The outcome of such a motor is an incredibly high speed that will be key in intensifying your workouts. With the motor, the speeds can go as high as 12 mph helping you to burn more calories for faster weight loss. Sole treadmill’s motors are always very popular, and this is due to their long-lasting nature. The motor in this treadmill is as durable which enables users to enjoy its benefits for longer periods without having to dig back into their pockets for improvements or replacements.

LCD Console

The Sole F80 comes with a 9 inches Backlit LCD screen where you can monitor your progress. You’ll be able to see how many calories you have burnt, the speeds, time spent on the treadmill etc. The console also allows you to customize the treadmill’s settings depending on what your workout goal is for the day.

On the sides of the consoles, you will see music ports and stereo speakers. These will make your workout experience an entertaining one. There is also a Bluetooth connection capability which can either be used for entertainment or transfer workout data from the treadmill to any other device.

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Workout Programs

Sole F80 comes with ten inbuilt workout programs each of them designed to offer a unique challenge towards achieving your overall fitness goal. Among the ten programs is six classical workouts, two cardio trained programs and the other two are user-defined, i.e. you can customize them the way you want. These programs can be broken down into Cardio workouts, Hill workout, manual workout, fat burn workout, interval workout, strength workout and two heart rate workouts (60% and 80% target heart rate).


With the inclination set at 15%, you are guaranteed to get a real challenge on the Sole F80. It’s not as big as 45% or similar figures that are found in bigger more costly treadmills, but it still does a great job. For its price, 15% is quite decent, and your muscles will hugely benefit from this.

One downside we identified about this treadmill is the lack of decline. You don’t get a chance to go below 0% which can be quite limiting to individuals that love training while running downhill. Maybe in future, they can make improvements and include this feature.

Bluetooth Heart rate Tracker

Bluetooth heart rate monitors provide an incredible opportunity to keep track of your heart rate without having to run while grabbing the grips. Yes, the grips worked alright but if you are planning to run for long periods then holding them can become tiresome and also limits you from doing several other activities like say, scroll through your tablet or phone while jogging or walking on the treadmill.

We should also tell you that the grips in the Sole F80 are a bit too low which can be problematic for 6ft+ people. The Bluetooth monitor will hence have them all covered without any struggling or inconveniences.

Accessory Tray

There are five different accessory trays two at the top and three located below. You can keep your water bottle and several other accessories here. One problem we noted from these trays is that most of them are located way too low which makes it difficult to pick an item when you are running. If you are over 6ft, you may be forced to lean to reach this tray.

The Build Quality

The Sole F80 is as solid a treadmill as they come. The build quality for this machine is designed to withstand even the heaviest people who need weight loss and fitness programs the most. It is also thanks to this sturdy nature of the treadmill that it can accommodate people weighing up to 350lbs!

The base area is very strong minimizing wobbling when you are running on it. It’ll comfortably withstand robust workouts for extended periods whether you are training for a triathlon or marathon.

There is, however, a chance that any accessories put on the treadmill will be a bit unstable particularly if someone weighing more than 300lbs is running on the treadmill.

The treadmill’s frame, deck, and motor come with lifetime warranties while the electronics and other parts are covered for five years.

What’s the noise output?

For household equipment getting a quiet machine is always ideal. It allows you to wake up early and work out without inconveniencing anyone else. Quiet machines are also beneficial in that by minimizing the noise you will get a more conducive working environment eliminating unnecessary fatigue and headaches.

The noise output in this machine is relatively low. The noise coming from this machine depends on how fast the treadmill is running which can be broken down into 1mph the wind fans produce 61db, 6mph produces 70db while 12mph makes only 78db. Sole F80 performs well in minimizing noise. With this machine, you can comfortably workout while your child is sleeping in the next room.

Sole f80 Technical Information


  • Height: 58”
  • Length: 83”
  • Width: 37”
  • Weight: 265lbs
  • Running belt: 22” by 60”

Notable Features

  • Easy Assist folding system that helps you stand back and watch as the treadmill folds effortlessly on its own
  • Comes with a patented rack and pinion system that’s fitted with a safety lock which secures the treadmill in place when it’s being used
  • Designed with cushion flex whisper decks that reduces impact and promotes comfort and machine quietness
  • All-zinc coated flywheel that prevents vibration on the jogging/running surface
  • A perfectly welded frame that’s durable and strong to withstand people of different weights and heights
  • The 2-ply rubber belts are double woven and covered with nylon backing and placed on the middle PVC layer for smooth and durable performance
  • The treadmill features 2.75 inches rollers whose bearings are sealed for smooth, quiet and non-static motion. It’s also fitted with copper ground wires
  • 5CHP motor provides a speed range of 0.5 to 12 mph
  • Cooling fan
  • MP3 compatibility
  • A maximum supported the weight of 375lbs

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  • Its foldable nature reduces the amount of space it occupies making it ideal for home use
  • Easy Assist system saves you the hassle of having to fold the machine manually
  • The large running surface is much bigger than other competing treadmills. Serious runners, athletes and tall people can comfortably enjoy its services
  • The 375 pounds weight limit is massive which is a great thing because it accommodates heavier individuals who need weight loss more
  • The ten built-in programs will help you achieve your fitness goals much faster
  • The remarkable cushioning helps to reduce impact by up to 40% making it much safer to run on than on outdoor surfaces
  • Features such as Bluetooth heart rate monitoring, stereo speaker system, cooling fans, and automated inclinations also make the Sole F80 an amazing pick


  • The Sole F80 does not provide an option of downloading new workout plans, and this is limiting
  • Most users also found the side rails quite short and inconveniencing

The verdict on the Sole f80

The Sole F80 is designed with the latest technology and features needed for productive jogging, walking or running. The motor is powerful, and the speed range is just as brilliant. We also really loved the quiet nature of this treadmill, and above all, its weight limits are extensive enough making sure that almost no one is locked away from using it. It’s for such reasons that the Sole F80 is among the top picks in the market right now recommended to athletes or any other individuals in need of a reliable fitness machine.

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