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Stacker 3 Review 2018-Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

What is Stacker 3?

The culture we live in today promotes large portions of food, fast service and there’s a wide variety of foods in every supermarket, many of which are processed. All these factors and more make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight, which makes it even harder to lose weight. With busy yet mostly sedentary lifestyles many people look for easy and quick solutions to their problems. However, weight loss is a tricky thing. It’s a lot of hard work, patience, and healthy eating, but there are many ways to see weight loss – fad diets, supplements, fat burners, etc. There are hundreds of weight loss products on the market in many different shapes and forms.

Some of these products use proven clinical ingredients and methods that assist you with weight loss, yet many others are total scams that will likely do nothing to help. Here we are looking at a popular weight loss supplement in the weight loss and diet industry – Stacker 3.

stacker 3

How Does Stacker 3 Work?

Stacker 3 is a dietary supplement that is meant to work as a fat burner and assist with weight loss. The supplement includes mostly natural ingredients. Stacker 3 is a slightly controversial supplement because its predecessor, Stacker 2, was banned by the FDA. This supplement is ephedra free which is a good thing.

Ephedra is a fairly common ingredient in fat burners but it comes with serious side effects and in some cases, potential fatalities.

Stacker 3 is meant to be taken 3 times a day after meals. The pills use a proprietary blend of ingredients along with other ingredients like caffeine to help facilitate weight loss. The supplement uses a variety of established herbal ingredients that are commonly used for weight loss. The ingredients together are meant to help provide extra energy, burn fat and suppress hunger.

Who makes Stacker 3?

Stacker 3 is made by NVE Pharmaceuticals and has been making Stacker fat burners for many years. Over the years they had to replace Stacker 2 with Stacker 3 due to the former being banned by the FDA.

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NVE Pharmaceuticals is a well-established brand for herbal dietary supplements. They have a wide variety of fitness products, most commonly in the form of dietary supplements.

Ingredients in Stacker 3

Stacker 3 uses a proprietary blend of herbal ingredients along with a couple others. They come in a capsule form and because of that, there are also additional ingredients that help contribute to the makeup of the capsule.

Stacker 3 includes the following ingredients, taking a closer look will provide you with an understanding of how the ingredients work separately so that you can understand what to expect with a combination of those ingredients :

  • Chromium – This is derived from chromium picolinate which is a naturally occurring mineral in certain foods. This ingredient works with insulin in the body to helps metabolize carbohydrates. In Stacker 3 it is available at 34mcg per pill.
  • Green Tea Extract – This ingredient is a well-established, proven and effective fat burner. The polyphenol in the green tea extract can be classified as catechins. The catechins and caffeine interact to help create a fat burning effect.
  • Taurine – This is a naturally occurring amino acid that is abundantly available in some parts of meat and fish. Small aunts of taurine on a regular basis has been shown to help in weight loss. It also helps control glucose levels, helps with heart disease, and is important for good eye health.
  • Garcinia Cambogia – This tropical South East Asian fruit is touted as a miracle ingredient that blocks the ability to make fat and suppress hunger, making it a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements. It also potentially could help regulate blood sugar and keep cholesterol levels in check.
  • White Willow Bark – Although this ingredient is popular as a home remedy against fevers, pain, and inflammation it is also said to help promote weight loss. It works for weight loss when it is combined with other fat burning ingredients to help improve their efficiency.
  • Chitosan – This ingredient is commonly derived from shellfish. This ingredient can help with weight loss as well as reduce cholesterol. Chitosan also provides anti-ulcer properties.
  • Caffeine – This ingredient is not part of the proprietary blend and is available in the product in a significant amount. It helps provide energy


Other Ingredients include – Gelatin, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Red #3, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red#40 and FD&C Yellow #5.

Advantages of Stacker 3

Stacker3 uses some potent, proven ingredients to help assist and facilitate weight loss. Green tea extract, taurine, caffeine are all great ingredients to include in a fat burner.

This fat burning supplement is probably ideal for people looking to boost the effects of their workouts. Many people looking to lose weight suffer from lethargy and lack of sufficient energy. The caffeine provides more than enough energy which definitely needs to be blown off, and so would be ideal for individuals that are planning on taking supplements to help boost workouts and burn fat effectively.

It’s really great that the product keeps the list of ingredients to a minimum and uses mostly proven ingredients.

The product is super affordable with 20 capsules available for $7 reduced from $10. A larger bottle of 100 capsules is available at an even bigger discount of $20 reduced from $30. This price is available on the website. The product is also available on other online platforms.

The product comes from an established company and that means you can rest easy knowing the manufacturing practices are safe and the final products undergo quality control testing.

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Things to Watch Out For

There are several things that are a let-down about Stacker 3, and a few things that should be noted if you are considering this product for your weight loss needs.

The warning label on the bottle of the supplements is a little concerning. Although the product uses natural ingredients it is HIGHLY recommended that the dosage should not be increased in an effort to improve results as this will not work. The warning label also warns of potential side effects which is a good thing as it is making customers aware. At the same time, this is concerning because a product using natural ingredients should be safe to take. Which is true in this case but only if you stick to the recommended dosage.

The product is likely not suitable for vegetarians as it contains shellfish. This also means that it is vital for anyone looking to use this product to read the warning label and ingredients carefully to avoid allergic reactions. It is also not a completely natural product because of its use of colors and additives to make the capsule.

The addition of chromium seems unnecessary because the mineral is easily available in quite a few common foods like black pepper and potatoes. You would also need a very small amount to meet your needs. There is a small amount in the pill but at the recommended dosage of 3 times a day after meals, it is likely you would get more of the mineral than your body really needs.

The proprietary blend does include some wonderful ingredients but because the blend is proprietary it is hard to tell how much of each ingredient is available in the product. Even if you assume all ingredients are added equally (which is highly unlikely) some of the truly effective ingredients like Green Tea Extract are present in too low a quantity to be truly effective even considering the 3 pills a day dosage. With one pill containing about 305mg of the blend, it doesn’t seem likely that all ingredients are available in the required amount. Often companies that use proprietary blends do so to avoid having to share how much of each ingredient went into the supplements. It is a red flag that lets you know that the supplement is unlikely to have the required amount for real effectiveness.

Another ingredient in the blend of Chitosan does not have enough proof that it can help with weight loss – especially without some change in diet and exercise. The warning label also warns to consult a doctor before taking the supplement if you are on medication for any existing medical conditions.

While there may not be enough of some ingredients, Stacker 3 might have too much of one. At 250 grams three times a day, that dosage of caffeine is perhaps too high. 400mg of caffeine is considered safe, but at nearly 750mg of caffeine dose per day, it is definitely on the high side. Caffeine is an excellent ingredient in the fat burner but people with caffeine sensitivity might want to avoid this supplement all together. While others might want to watch out for signs of overstimulation which can be uncomfortable. If the dose was a little lower it would be safer and provide better energy. This is just a case of too much a good thing.

Final Say on Stacker 3

The product while natural certainly has some things to keep in mind. The reviews for the product are mixed as with most supplements of this nature.

This product does actually have fantastic potential if it is used as a supplement to a healthy diet and workout program. It will help you see results faster and provide you with plenty of energy for the regular workouts. However, if you plan on using this alone without changing diet or adding adequate exercise, you will most likely notice higher energy levels than you know what to do with and not much of a significant difference in weight loss. It might still happen, just much slower and with little to no guarantee of any lasting effects.

Stacker 3 is affordable and a good option once you seriously consider the limitation to see if it suits your lifestyle and fitness journey. There are many similar products on the market that could prove to be better alternatives.

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