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Steel Supplements Review 2018-Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

Steel Supplements Review

The supplement industry is booming and the demand for performance enhancing supplements is higher than ever. People are now more and more eager to push their limits and be the best possible version of themselves. To accomplish that, they are now even willing to experiment with supplements and steroids at times. As a result, the markets are flooded with all sorts of possible products that claim to change your life overnight and no surprise that people happily consume these products. If you are willing to step into the supplement game, educate yourself regarding the supplements that you are about to introduce to your body. There are multiple companies out there, claiming that their products are the best and some are very convincing, so let us dig deeper and find the truth.

Steel supplements are one such company that has an array of products ranging from supplements to enhancers that tend to all your supplement requirements. Steel supplements are based in the USA and are one of the few companies that offer a functional customer service along with its products. Their website says, “Steel Supplements are designed with your goals in mind. Build muscle, lose weight, stay more focused, get more sleep – we’ve got something for everyone. Clean, results driven, no BS products that actually work. In other words, we’re legit AF. We’re forged in Steel, backed by Science, and made in the USA. We are dedicated to using only the highest quality ingredients, devoted to helping you exceed your goals, and to push you past your fitness limitations!” So if we are to understand correctly, steel supplements are selling quality products or at least claiming to.

Let us take a look at their product range. Their products and services are grouped into four parts- Supplements, Meal plans, apparel, and accessories. In their Apparel and Accessories sections, have T-shirts and Tank tops, and bands etc. all of which are ‘steel’ branded. These branded goodies range from $5- $25. Their Meal plan section provides a 4-week meal plan that claims to create an absolutely effective plan to go along with your exercise regime and comes at $199.99. Taking a look at their supplements now, they have almost all kinds of supplements that are available to aid your workout goals as well as sexual health, mental precision, and overall wellness. Let’s look at some of their most popular products:

  • 4-Andro: This is one of the most popular products of Steel supplements and is testosterone booster that claims to improve your strength, vitality, libido and sexual wellness. 4 Andro claims to give you a muscular fullness and muscle growth that is difficult to achieve organically. It also claims to provide a faster recovery time. The most important feature of this product is the Estrogen inhibition that avoids gynecomastia in men. It is sold at $89.99 on the Steel Supplements website.
  • Pre-workouts: Steel supplements have multiple pre-workout supplements that claim to provide an energy boost along with a mental boost. These supplements come under various product names such as Charged AF, Pumped AF, Amped AF etc. All of them differ from each other slightly in terms of results and ingredients but all claim to improve your workouts multifold. Pumper and Charged are sold at $49.95 while Amped is sold at $54.95.
  • Recovery supplements: Steel supplements have two important recovery supplements which are Ada2Bolic and Rested AF. These supplements claim to not just improve your recovery but also to cut down the time and make you prepared for the next workout within hours. Ada2Bolic is their capstone product and claims to improve performance along with recovery for the users. It is sold for $69.95 and comes in three different flavors.
  • Mental support: Steel supplements sells a mental support formula by the name of Focused AF which claims to increase productivity and remain calm in stressed situations. It sounds like a nootropic because it is. One of the active ingredients in Focused AF is noopept, which is one of the strongest available nootropics on the market. Steel supplements claim that Focused AF is one of the best over the counter formulas available for mental support. Focused AF is sold for $54.95 for 60 capsules on their website.
  • Whey: There are two primary when products by Steel supplements- Whey ISO and Whey PRO. Both of these products are designed to improve muscle mass and enhance gains in a short period of time. Steel supplements claim that these products are free of lactose, gluten, fillers or impurities. Whey PRO is sold at $39.99, whereas Whey ISO is sold at $49.95.
  • Veg and Vegan: Steel Supplements seems to be taking the all-around concept way too seriously as they have Veg and Vegan products available in their catalog. The Veg PRO and V-BCAA, Vegan are targeted towards a niche market and is sold for $29.99 and $39.95 respectively.
  • ATP-Fusion: This Creatine supplement by Steel is yet another brand in the creatine market. Creatine is high on demand due to its muscle building capabilities and almost all companies have a supplement with Creatine in it. The ATP Fusion is stimulant free and is sold at $28.95.

Steel supplements have various other products but these are some of its most popular and bestselling ones.


The issue with Steel supplements is that there aren’t too many reviews available for its products. On the other hand, the reviews on the Steel supplements website are all 5-star positive reviews which makes it difficult to believe as not all products suit everyone equally. However, the pre-workouts and the Whey proteins by Steel supplements have a generally good reputation in the market. Although some people experience side effects such as jitters and difficulty in urination, most of the products are effective to its claims.

The verdict on Steel Supplements

Steel supplements are one of the well-known companies in the market that has a wide range of products easily accessible for those looking for faster gains. Most of the products by Steel supplements are high result driven products which are said to be effective by most of its users. However, there is an acute lack of reviews regarding most products. On the other hand, the prices of Steel supplements are on the higher end and are not justified completely by the results. These reasons make us believe that although not a sham, Steel supplements can be compared with its competition with scrutiny.


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