Stimul8 Preworkout Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

Stimul8 Overview

Staying healthy and fit is the dream of every individual. But, when it comes to actual implementation, most of us fail to accomplish it either because of their busy schedule or due to weight issues. Everyone has a notion that only by visiting the gym a person can get the desired body shape and form. Well, this is true for the people who are already having a significant physique are planning to build their muscles. But for the ones who feel dejected either due to underweight or over-weight, for them Finaflex has introduced its pre-workout stimulating product Stimul8. The product has already created a buzz on the market. Well, as we all know, there are thousands of pre-workout products that are available in the market. So, what makes stimul8 special? To answer, this Finaflex has firstly used natural ingredients in the composition of stimul8, and secondly, unlike other products, Stimul8 not only helps in increasing the energy level but also is a proven product in shedding those extra kilos from your body. This much-hyped product acts as a stimulant in escalating the energy level which is required before a working session. Those who are underweight or are suffering from obesity, Stimul8 can work wonders to your body.



What is Stimul8?

Finaflex, in the year 2009, introduced its natural pre-workout supplement known as Stimul8. This supplement helps in boosting up the energy level in the body. Workout, as we all know, is an extensive strenuous exercise that involves running on a treadmill, weight lifting, cardio exercise, etc. So a person, first of all, needs to be physically active in order to undertake such amount of stress. If he/she is underweight, then their dream to have a perfect physique can never be accomplished. And obesity in itself is a disease that invites a lot more of other perils such as thyroid, diabetes, hypertension, pain in legs, etc. So with such complications how a person can attain a great shape as well strengthens their muscles. With all these questions in mind, Finaflex device Stimul8 is the best answer. No other supplements have received such high acclamation like this product. And what sets it apart is the presence of natural ingredients that have a negligible side effect on the body. Other Pre-workout supplements are often accompanied by problems such as hormonal change which can have an adverse effect on your body. So let us now dive into the ingredients which Stimul8 is made up of!

The composition of Stimul8:
Stimul8 contains a mixture of the best-of-the-breed components that are specifically designed to help in providing energy as well as help in reducing the fat. The components that Stimul8 includes are as follows:

  • beta alanine,
  • 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine,
  • green tea extract
  • theobroma cacao seed,
  • hordenine HCl,
  • rauwolfia vomitoria,
  • Advantra Z,
  • b-phenethylamine HCL.

So let us now get a closer detail about the three main components that predominantly functions in establishing stimule8 as one of the leading pre-workout supplements.

This is a famous non-essential amino acid and is mostly present in all of the bodybuilding supplements. The function of beta-Alanine is that it helps in improving the performance of athletes, helps in building lean muscles mass, and increases your endurance. Consuming it regularly helps in developing lean muscle mass and gives you the desired shape that a customer who has been working hard on workout wishes for. Beta-Alanine is a clinically tested and scientifically proven product in helping a person with effective bodybuilding results. This product when added to the mixture of stimul8, further enhances the product’s capability to render the desired output to its clients.

Caffeine is a household name, and every one of us is quite well versed with its beneficial effect. So, such a rich ingredient when combined with a pre-workout stimulant can work wonders for your body. Caffeine, as we know, has the rich property of enhancing cognitive functions and further helps in boosting up the energy level. This high energy level is what people look out for when they hit their workout sessions. The workout is an arduous process, and a lot of calorie gets burnt in this process and often after doing ten minutes of the workout, clients feel worn out. So an energy booster is what they need. A steaming hot cup of coffee or a better substitute of this having stimule8 which contains an adequate amount of caffeine. Caffeine can be seen in most of the products that are available in the market. So, the side effect of caffeine is only that you will feel a high level of energy! And is exactly stimul8 focuses on? This ingredient is a proven and trusted material by scientists that have no effects on your body.

  • Citrus Aurantium Extract

Along with proffering energy and improving the strength of the muscle, what stimul8 also ponders in is the weight loss segment. And aptly fitting in this requirement is the ingredient Citrus Aurantium Extract commonly termed as the Bitter orange extract. Oranges are loved by one and all during winter and all of us are known about the potential benefit that oranges render to our body. Going by this research Finaflex, in their product stimu8, added this component that will benefit those people who look up to the workout session for losing subsequent weight. Body fats are the most unwanted thing that not only makes your shape odd but further it can become a cause of acute diseases like high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, or thyroid. So it is increasingly important to keep a check on the body weight. An adult should have the proper body weight. A person falling into the category of underweight or overweight is at high risk of inviting several diseases in the future. So obese people find workout as the most effective methods to lose their weight and in this process stimul8 acts as a benefit. Apart from helping people to lose their weight, this bitter orange extract also helps in dealing with other medical ailments such as constipation, acidity, or diarrhea. This ingredient is also clinically tested, so there is no harm in the consumption of this product.

So, stimul8 is not just an ordinary pre-workout supplement. Its medicinal value is also what people should keep in their mind while purchasing this component.
Let us now have a look at how stimul8 functions when it gets mixed with the body.

How does stimul8 work?

Stimul8—a natural pre-workout supplement with added medical benefits is an advantage for those who are opting for a workout session. Not only does this product help in proving adequate energy to the body before a workout session, but it also has properties that help in reducing body weight. Along with this the ingredients also functions to provide better metabolism to the body. So the question is how does stimul8 perform all these multi-tasking jobs together. The answer lies in the main component of Stimul8, i.e., Thermogenesis.

Stimul8 is a blend of Xtreme Shredding matrix and Thermogenic Ripping Matrix and is the key to stimul8’s effective success in providing adequate energy to the body as well ripping those extra fats from the body. Thermogenesis helps in accelerating the process of reducing the weight. It heats up the body from within, and that heat is the inducing factor in reducing the weight.
Apart from this, people who have a good physique intake this product to build up their muscle strength. So, Beta-alanine powered Xtreme Shredding Matrix eases this work. Going by its name ‘shredding’ it doesn’t refer to loosening of body weight. Rather its function lies at the workout session at the gym. This particular component, when mixed with the body, provides energy, strength, and endurance to the body. This eases your workout process, and in turn post, you work out a client doesn’t full thoroughly exhausted. So in this way, not only stimul8 helps in improving the muscle mass but it aids in reducing the fat as well.

How should you consume Stimul8?

After knowing its potential qualities as a proven pre-workout stimulant, stimul8 is the only product that is ruling in this market. This is mainly due to the rich composition with which stimul8 is made up of. The natural ingredients of stimul8 prevent the occurrence of any side effect on your body. And even if it occurs, it is a minimal one with no such severe impact. So after learning about stimul8, it is important for the users to know how to use this product. The steps below describe its usage:

  • Take 250ml of water in your glass
  • Add one scoop of Stimul8 in that and mix well
  • After it has been mixed properly consume it prior 30 minutes before your workout session begins

After 30 minutes, the user will automatically feel an abundance of energy in his/her body. Other than this it will also strengthen your body muscles and aid in reducing weight. In this process, the body will lose the fat faster than in any other workout session. The components present in stimul8 heats up the body from within, which renders in losing the fat faster.
So after the said period, when a user hits the treadmill or goes to lift the dumbbells, he/she doesn’t feel devoid of energy, which they otherwise used to feel without stimul8. The natural ingredients present in stimul8 are what makes it a unique product in the market. It has been much hyped of late and has a strong online presence as well.

Advantages of Stimul8

After studying all its robust functionalities, Stimul8 emerges as the most profitable product in the market for those who are opting for a workout session. Hitting the gym is not an easy task, especially after a long tiring day at the office. An energy booster is what our body craves for. So before going to gym consume this pre-workout supplement for effective results post workout. Let us have a quick look at its advantages.

  • Stimul8 aids in strengthening lean muscle mass
  • It adds a great shape to your body structure
  • It induces a high level of energy, strength, and endurance in the body
  • The Thermogenesis which is present in stimul8 gets added up to the body heat and helps in quickly getting rid of the extra kilos and bulging fats
  • The components of stimul8 have medicinal value as well. The bitter orange extract in stimul8 aids in treating problems such as constipation, diarrhea or acidity.
  • Stimul8 helps to increase your metabolic rate and renders in the proper functioning of the body.
  • And the most important advantage of stimu8 is the presence of the natural ingredients that make it a lucrative product for the users.

Disadvantages of Stimul8:

  • Even with all the high potentials in inducing adequate energy and providing quick relief from the extra fat, Stimul8 has certain disadvantages as well
  • As this product aids in both reducing weight and strengthening muscle, so a person who is already underweight cannot use this product. This will only render him/her energy sufficient for the body and not as high to conduct a workout session
  • The composition in which it is taken needs to be kept in mind. A spoonful of Stimul8 for the beginners can be detrimental to their health. This is because the amount of energy that it produces can often accelerate the pumping of heartbeat and leave a person panting for breath. In such a scenario, medical assistance is highly recommended. So before using this product, it is important to check your capacity and consult a medical practitioner for fixing the proper amount. Body rates differ from person to person. So for some while, a full spoon of stimul8 is required, for the others, it might be just half a spoon.
  • People who are suffering from diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, or thyroid or have any other pre-medical history should consult a doctor before going for stimul8. As it induces a high level of energy in the body, so people having heart ailments can fall prey to a cardiac arrest or it can shoot up the blood pressure level in the body.
  • Stimul8 shouldn’t be consumed by any pregnant women. The high level of energy and thermogenesis can be detrimental to the unborn child’s health. The heat that gets induces in the body can harm the fetus and also put the life of the mother at risk.
  • An older adult, i.e., people who are 60 and above years of age, should avoid having any such energy supplements. These people are often at a greater risk of inviting several other diseases as their immune system is not as strong as their a youngster
    So, before opting to purchase stimul8, it is essential that a person undergoes a proper medical guidance. With all the advantages and potential benefits, Stimul8 too has disadvantages as well. So choose wisely before going for this supplement.

Where can you buy Stimul8?

Stimul8 has a wide presence in the online market. So if you are planning to buy this product then search any online store like Amazon, eBay India, etc. They can also come in lucrative offers for the beginners.


What is Stimul8?Stimul8 is a clinically proven natural pre-workout supplement that aids in providing energy, strength, and endurance to the body. It also helps in reducing body fat and eases the process of losing weight.

What is stimul8 made up of?
Stimul8 consists of natural ingredients like beta-Alanine, Caffeine, and Citrus Aurantium Extract (popularly known as bitter orange extract). All these components are scientifically proving with no adverse effect. Also, these products aids in treating some medical ailments as well.

Does Stimu8 have any side effect?
A very popular question in the mind of every new user is related to a product’s side effect. Although every product has certain side effects, stimul8 has so far not shown any adverse kind of it. But proper usage of Stimul8 is essential for its smooth functioning. Some people also report on its bad taste.

Is Stimul8 really beneficial?
Well, yes stimul8 works. With all the natural ingredients and positive result, this product is one of the best choices as a pre-workout supplement.

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